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The virtual worlds of “Change”

N G Nelson
N G Nelson Author Interview

CHANGE is a riveting space opera following Major Markis and her journey to protect a young prince amid warring factions. What was the inspiration for the idea behind this novel?

I wish I could take credit for it. I actually went into the future and stole it from myself. …or is that Bill & Ted?

The idea for the novel came from 2 short stories. One about an Empire torn apart by dynastic rivalry, on the brink of civil war. The other centered on the experiences of two humans, abducted and sold into a life of forced labour on a fog covered death trap of a world. Neither story seemed complete in itself so I intertwined the two, with the aim of bringing both worlds together in the next book of the series. The crux of both storylines is that most of us take the stability of our world for granted. Yet, as we’ve seen over the last year, that stability can soon be ripped away. Almost overnight things can “Change”, and not in a good way. It’s about how the characters adapt to their new reality, how they survive, deal with the challenges and push through to the end.

The characters in your novel were intriguing and well developed. Who was your favorite character to write for?

My main characters: Patricea, Paul and Bernadette, because they create the action and draw the reader into their world. We experience their struggle and view everything that’s happening to them through their eyes. But then there’s Hellia Vallion. She is narcissism personified. No regard for anyone else, she acts solely out of self-interest every time. Hopefully a character you’ll love to hate. I know I do. Last but not least, there’s the Lady Orphalia Darteane – a totally deep red haired wild card. Is she from somewhere else – or was she born here, and life just made her this way? Who knows? Definitely a woman who would attract and yet terrify me. Yeah – I know I have no hope. But still…

What were some sources that informed the development of the universe you were creating in this book?

Well, when it comes to dynastic rivalry on an interstellar scale – Frank Herbert is the master. Of course, “Change” doesn’t come close to that – but “Dune” did inspire me. So much so, I had to set the first chapter on a desert planet, to pay homage and set the tone. I explore other worlds in the novel after that. The Phylean capital, and the fog shrouded swamps of Es-Ra, are nothing like Arrakis. Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation” trilogy was an inspiration too

Technology: I’ve read and I watch a lot of science fiction. One of the things I wanted to do was examine the availability of access to technology, depending on where you lived and where you were ranked in society. The rich, the military, think nothing of using teleportation. If you can afford it, you travel across tremendous distances instantly via Trans-spatial barge. If you’re less well off, you travel via Jump Drive, or Hyperdrive Transport. If you get abducted into forced labour, you just get put into stasis and travel to who knows where, via who knows how.

Speech marks: the editions of the books I have, written by Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke, all use single speech marks. I liked the look of punctuation lite, it felt smoother – so I used that when writing “Change”.

The virtual worlds of “Change”: The 1990 version of “Total Recall” was my inspiration when creating the virtual worlds of “Change”. Rather than having to be plugged into a rather large machine, I decided that total sensory immersion via bio-technical implants was the way to go. When someone transitions into the Network – I wanted the virtual environment to be indistinguishable from the real. Like “The Matrix” when you go virtual, there is no scent, no sound out of place, nothing out of the ordinary to tell you where you actually are. ‘Do you think that’s air you’re breathing…?’

I’ve mentioned some of my on-screen influences and favourite authors above, and I’m really grateful to them. There is no doubt the style and ideas influenced me when I was writing “Change”.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m working on the next book now. It will be a sequel to “Change – but I don’t have a title yet. All I can say at this point is that It won’t be “Change 2” – I can tell you that. My publicity team is comprised of me, so I’ve been busy obtaining reviews and advertising via BookBub. So far I’ve finished 10 chapters of the first draft of the new novel. I have a skeleton outline for each chapter – and touch wood, the writing is going fine. I hope to be able to publish it next year.

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Of the four Royal Houses, the ruling Sarajevias Dynasty reigns supreme.

This multi-layered story takes place across many worlds. You will be drawn in to the Machiavellian realms of royal court intrigue, double-agents, seduction, assassination, abduction & slavery, in an Empire on the brink of Civil war. Embedded neural tech connects citizens with the Network. TransGalactic News is the premier rolling news feed – keeping the Imperial populace up to date with “The Facts”, virtually and in the real. Of course, Truth is relative. With TransGalactic News – even more so.

Follow the flight of Major Patricea Markis as she attempts to evade the forces of the New Imperium, with her charge, the young Prince Kal Jerran. Immerse yourself in the nightmare world of Paul and Bernadette, abducted from Earth for a life of forced labour in the fog covered swamps of the planet Es-Ra. Life on Es-Ra for the majority, is nasty, poor, brutish and short.


CHANGE: Science Fiction: Abduction, Action, Dynastic Intrigue - an Empire on the brink of Civil War. by [N G Nelson]

Change by NG Nelson is the first book in a riveting science fiction saga. This fast-paced story takes place over many worlds. The novel follows Major Patricea Markis and her journey to protect the young prince, Kal Jerran. This is a captivating story of warring dynasties, there are themes of myths, legends, loyalty and deception. Allegiances are tested and questioned, and betrayal is frequent. Change is rife with action to keep the reader hooked, including violence, seduction and assassination. The continuous action ensures Change is an energetic read.

Change has numerous characters that narrate each chapter but overall the story follows the path of Major Patriciea Markis who is charged with the difficult task of protecting the young prince Kal Jerran and evading the forces of the New Imperium.  However, there are also many other important characters, such as Paul and Bernadette from Earth, Hellia, a journalist, Vel Toyan, Ral Dannan and Martial Varian. Nelson’s clever use of vocabulary and dialogue help to distinguish between the many characters and their worlds. The characters are further defined by the outfits and descriptions of body language and physical characteristics, ensuring each character is fully developed and easily distinguishable. The rich descriptions of the setting throughout the story appeal to the reader’s sense of sound and sight. The worlds are like characters in their own right. This is an epic space opera with a universe that feels large and intriguing, reminiscent of the Frank Herbert’s Dune series.

Like any good science fiction tale, the story is filled science fiction trappings: teleportation, inter galactic travel, and holograms. Coupled with this and interwoven into the story are the trappings of royal life; servants, military protection and ladies in waiting. These are further juxtaposed with the description and narration of Paul and Bernadette and their everyday life on Earth. These stark contrasts between lives add to the multifaceted story being told.

Change is an enthralling space adventure novel that will appeal to fantasy and science fiction fans alike. Thoughtful world building, intriguing characters, and high stakes ensure readers are consistently entertained.

Pages: 232 | ASIN: B08PTFP27D

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