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A Kinder City

A Kinder City, by Peter Taylor-Gooby, is set in a world similar to ours called Market World. It’s a world that has been shaped by what’s called ‘the Great Hunger’ which led to ‘the One Law’. Everything has to be sold for a fair price for the buyer and the seller. Giving gifts is a crime but Sarah wants to give to those in need. When David, a newly graduated police officer, meets her, his life is changed and he can no longer believe in the law as he once did. Together, they face off against Franklin, the richest man on Market World.

This novel brought to life how modern industry is affecting the natural world without coming across as preaching. Peter Taylor-Gooby creatively illustrates the differences that exist between the city and village life. There were differences such as the color of outfits, how one did business and differences between the characters.

Author Taylor-Gooby paints a vivid picture of the character’s surroundings allowing the reader to clearly picture it in their minds. I was surprised at how the protagonist, David, fell in love so easily and got swept along in the story. He went along with the events in order to win the love of a girl he barely knew. Which made for an intriguing yet a little unsatisfying read because I wanted to see David put up a little bit of a fight. There were several thrilling instances where David found himself having to get into Franklin’s, the antagonist, mill and out. I was holding my breath the entire time.

A Kinder City, by Peter Taylor-Gooby is an interesting story that tackles industry versus agricultural life in a way that doesn’t preach. The author provides a good balance of dialogue between characters and making it hard not like them.

Pages: 284 | ASIN : B09WYYM15L

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