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Kimberly Becker Author Interview

Count and Play with K Dot follows as a friendly ladybug that wants to make friends and teach her new friends how to count to ten. What was the inspiration for this children’s book?

The inspiration for writing this children’s book was my father, John, who taught me that counting numbers was exciting and fun.

Ever since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, being physically active, having a vivid imagination, and asking endless questions were personality traits my dear mother could not handle alone. Therefore, my father was nominated to take me with him to work every day. John was a skilled contractor who built remarkable residential properties and custom homes but was also an education enthusiast and avid reader. Growing up on construction sites enabled me to learn the process of building things from scratch, the art of creativity, the details of coordinating colors, the value of friendship, how collaboration is vital, how teamwork makes dreams work, and the importance of determination.

I learned to count numbers by hammering nails in straight lines into scraps of lumber on numerous construction sites. As John taught me to utilize the hammer and nails properly, he created exciting counting games along the way. John insisted that I count the number of each nail out loud as it hammered into the wood. John’s games were simple and fun, making counting numbers memorable and rewarding. His simple but effective method of teaching to count numbers was the inspiration behind the book Count and Play with K Dot, Learning Numbers 1-10 is More Fun with a Friend!

I was impressed with how much detail you were able to put into the artwork and still keep it simple. What was the process like creating the illustrations for this book?

The process used for creating the illustrations for Count and Play with K Dot was specific and intentional. Once the storyline completed a clear message, I designed artwork that depicted my vision of K Dot’s story. Searching for art that expressed my imagination and vision took time, care, and consideration. I specifically designed K Dot with exaggerated eyelashes, big playful bows on her antennas, unexpected elfish boots on her many legs, and a warm smile that enhanced her whimsical character. After K Dot’s character came to life, I intentionally designed the storyline artwork on each page to compliment her simple and colorful style with bright and bold colors that enhanced her playful personality. I chose to implement five insects as her companions during the story, and they remain in every K Dot book as her insect friends in the Learning Garden where she lives.

What inspired you to become a children’s book writer?

Becoming a children’s writer has been my long-awaited dream for over thirty years that has finally come to fruition. Reading to my son during childhood sparked the idea to write children’s books focused on learning while still being joyful, entertaining, and fun. I imagined a spunky, spirited, teeny-tiny ladybug as a relatable character for him and every child to enjoy. I created K Dot to be an enthusiastic friend that likes to play learning games by inviting her new friends to learn and play together. My focus was to inspire every child’s imagination with stories filled with colorful characters and simple art that enhanced their fun, playfulness, and motivation.

Will there be more K Dot books on other topics?

The K Dot Learning Fun Series consists of three books with many more books encouraging learning fun on the way very soon. Count and Play with K Dot, Learning Numbers 1-10 is More Fun with a Friend is the Counting Numbers book, Find ABCs and Play with K Dot, Learning the ABCs is More Fun with a Friend is the ABCs book, with the Find Colors and Play with K Dot, Learning the Colors is More Fun with a Friend being the Colors book. All three books of The K Dot Learning Fun Series are available on Amazon for children to enjoy.

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Do you want to COUNT and PLAY with K Dot, The Little-Bitty Learning Ladybug?

Learning is more fun when it’s done with a friend!

Introduce the numbers 1-10 with a playing game that includes a new friend, K Dot. She is a teeny-tiny, little-whittle, sassy-frassy, bright and brassy ladybug that loves to play learning games with her friends!

Children are invited to count and play with K Dot, “Hi, friend. Let’s count from 1-10 and then do it again!”

K Dot’s enthusiasm and whimsical personality make learning fun, “Learning games are fun to play with a friend like YOU!”

Have a fun adventure in the learning garden with K Dot and her insect friends.

K Dot likes to play the game Hide-and-Seek. Can you find her hiding behind the numbers 1-10 and also hidden in other places to enhance the counting fun? K Dot’s insect friends join in the game and want you to count them too!

Learn the numbers 1-10 while you count and play with K Dot, The Little-Bitty Learning Ladybug!

Count and Play with K Dot, the Little-Bitty Learning Ladybug is a wonderful gift for all children 0-3, Baby Showers, Christmas stocking stuffers, Birthday presents, Grandparent gifts for any occasion, Pre-school fun, Friends, Teachers, Neighbors, or Family Members!
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