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Love Found In Jesus

Author Interview
Rodney Lyttaker Author Interview

Poetry to Heal is an inspirational and emotionally charged collection of poetry and songs. What inspires you to write poetry?

I fell in love with Jesus when I received Salvation through Jesus in 2012. I love to write to tell others about Faith/Hope and love found in Jesus. We all have stories to tell, I write to inspire others, to lift them up that when they read said poem they can relate to it.

What are some emotions you find your poetry often explores?

Uplifting as the readers/fans can relate to said poem and it touches them, when they are feeling down. When said poem is read they feel peace and love of Jesus Christ through them.

What challenges did you set for yourself as a writer with this collection?

Hopefully one day the right reader/producer will read my book and want to turn some of my poetry into a movie. One day a band will see my lyrics and want to work with me to put music to my lyrics and hopefully they will get airplay for the World to listen to.

Do you have plans to write and publish more works of poetry?

Yes I’m working on my 3rd book that will be a mixture of song lyrics and poetry.

This is a book of Poems, a couple songs written. These Poems and songs are written to Inspire and give joy to the readers.

The Poems are Christian based, also about letting go of a loved one.

Poetry to Heal

Poetry to Heal by Rodney Lyttaker is a collection of Christian-based poems and a few evocative songs that will inspire and comfort readers. It’s a curated collection of pieces on love, faith, grief, and gratitude, which are recurring themes throughout the book. The poems are short, impactful, and largely revolve around the author’s faith. Lyttaker’s poems are deeply personal, and his deep love for family and friends. The reader also gains a glimpse into the poet’s life and his nostalgic reflections on becoming a rockstar as a teenager, the tragic loss of his parents, and the devastation of Covid-19.

The poems are short, untitled, and appear to flow from one to the next so that the entire book connects each piece smoothly. The author uses wording that expresses his emotions and state of mind in a compelling way as he contemplates his faith while reflecting on the people he loves. I especially enjoyed the comforting words and passages throughout the poems and songs. Lyttaker expresses the same devotion to his faith as he does towards his father and family, which is refreshing and enjoyable to read.

I found the short sentences and concise writing ideal for expressing the author’s thoughts and emotions. A significant amount of gratitude and appreciation for life is a nice break from heavy reading, as Lyttaker’s style evokes more emotion and connection than thought-provoking analysis.

Poetry to Heal by Rodney Lyttaker is an inspirational and emotionally charged collection of poetry and songs. This book is direct in its content and theme of love, acceptance, and letting go of loved ones. It’s a well-written collection of poems and songs, with simple, easy-to-visualize wording and metaphors, with many references to nature, faith, and perseverance. It’s an easy read that’s enjoyable, simple, and comforting.

Pages 108 | ASIN 1664247041

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