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The World Has Never Been More Fragile

Janet Kravetz Author Interview

Sky Curse: The Chosen Five is a sci-fi and fantasy novel that follows five young adults, who are chosen to fulfill a Mayan prophecy and must locate crystals that will hopefully save the Earth. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

Sky Curse series aims to bring hope for Earth’s future, while analyzing causes that might bring its demise, like environmental chaos. It was important for me to bring up the mighty Mayan civilization that disappeared abruptly and the recent research that suggests that human-made environmental disasters had caused their demise.

The protagonist Cecilia is just like any one of us. She’s quite ordinary with a lot of problems of her own. At the beginning of the book, she has nothing to do with climate change activism. Until she gets hold of a mysterious crystal that gives her some magical powers. With her newfound abilities, she tries to save the world from an impeding apocalypse.

Readers say Sky Curse is a page-turner that…

  1. reads like “news from the future,”
  2. which helps understand the present,
  3. while learning from the ancient past (the Maya, Roman Empire, etc.)

As for the inspiration for the setup – many people, especially teens and young adults, suffer from climate anxiety, but unfortunately feel helpless to do anything about it. They give up. They call the subject “depressing” and steer away from it. They get depressed about their future and the future of the next generations. That’s exactly how I felt before I started writing the Sky Curse series. Sharing my feelings on the subject with the world made me feel that I’m actually doing something about it, however small. It’s an empowering feeling to have and it’s that exact feeling that I want to share with the world. I would like to start some empowering and educational conversations around topics that cause climate and even AI anxiety. This book aims to inspire sustainability-related action without causing any feelings of guilt or inferiority to the readers.

Did you create an outline for the five chosen ones in the story before you started writing or did the character’s personalities grow organically as you were writing?

I did a little bit of both. I had had an initial outline for their characters, but later I added intricate story layers to the manuscript during the editorial process. The new and improved plot drove the characters’ personalities to grow organically and dramatically with the story, while I was reviewing the storyline over and over again.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

This is a highly entertaining, action-paced novel that touches upon topics such as the environment, mental health and resilience (happiness and self-fulfilment,) the future of ai and technology, spirituality etc.

I believe that the world has never been more fragile than it is now, but it’s definitely worth saving. We live in unprecedented times when our sustainability efforts as well as our technological advances and failures will soon define humanity. We must discuss important questions: will humans soon live, work, collaborate, compete, and integrate with machines? Will humans become an interplanetary species? Will human cloning become the norm? If so, what would that look like? What are our collective and individual roles in imagining and then shaping this future?

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

First, lets’ mention my previous book. Reaching Beyond Ourselves: Leading a Spiritual, Peaceful and Diverse World is my poetry book that tells my own personal story of enjoying different cultures and speaking different languages on my journeys from Ukraine to Israel to Canada. You can find it on Amazon Books.

As for the next book – the outline of the second book in the Sky Curse series is mostly written at this point and the novel will be called Sky Curse: Trial by Fire. It will shed light on some of the unresolved mysteries of book 1, while presenting new mysteries and adventures. Expected to be available in 2023. Please subscribe to my website to get notification about its release.

Author Links: GoodReads | Twitter | Facebook | Website

The Sky Curse series follows Cecilia Miller, a coder of artificial dreams living in the year 2045. It’s a time when climate chaos has become the norm and the collective mental health of humanity has fallen to a grave state. The world’s population has grown to a horrific twenty-five billion people, maxing Earth to its limit. Most are planning to abandon Earth and leave it to its fate as they colonize a new world through Titan pioneering (those beings are called Universalists). However, there are those who still hold on to hope for Earth and a humanity untainted by AI (those beings are called Localists). As humanity struggles to survive, it seems like only technology can help, and Cecilia is determined to be the one to bring it about. When planet Earth faces apocalyptic events, she must summon her resolve and resilience if she’s to have a chance to save this world.

At the Threshold of the Universe 

War never changes, only the reasons we fight them. Reasons like love, honor, and vengeance. But what do you do when an old enemy, long thought dead, returns? What do you do when nobody comes to your aid and helps you in the fight? What do you do when all bonds of loyalty are broken, and you are left on the brink of collapse? In the far reaches of space, across the gulf of time, this is the position the Castus family finds themselves in. To have any chance of defeating their enemy, they must stand together or die alone.

At the Threshold of the Universe is the final book in the Song of Kamaria trilogy by T. A. Bruno. Set in the far future, it follows the Castus family and their struggle for survival against a formidable enemy. I thoroughly enjoyed this engaging story. Although I must admit, I was not aware it was part of a trilogy until I got about 50 pages in. However, those introductory pages were so good that they prompted me to go and read the first two novels. They were excellent. And this third one is equally as good, if not better.

As a huge sci-fi fan, I could gush all day about world-building, character development, and plot development in this story, but I’ll keep it short. Simply, it was magnificent. This story had all of the above and delivered it absolutely mesmerizingly. I felt part of the story from the beginning; I hurt and laughed as much as the characters. In this new age of sci-fi epics, this trilogy will surely be remembered as one of the greater ones. An excellent novel by a fantastic writer.

At the Threshold of the Universe is the exhilarating conclusion to this riveting saga. This science fiction space adventure will have readers on edge as they wait to find out if humanity will survive the war or if this is the ultimate end of everything they have known.

Pages: 526 | ASIN : B09TTRX349

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Liberator: The People’s Guard: Vol. 1

When duty calls, Tovarich Revanov answers. The zealous young man is a member of the Ruthenian secret police tasked with fishing out enemies of the communist state and clamping down on any anti-government uprising. This time, Tovarich has a peculiar mission: consenting to become a genetically enhanced state-sponsored hero. He approaches his new mission with his trademark commitment and gives his all to protect what he believes to be a just cause. But Tovarich soon begins to wonder if he is indeed on the right side.

Craig Weidhuner’s Liberator: The People’s Guard (Volume 1) is a fast-paced, action-packed novella that pits a totalitarian government against local rebels. It takes an interesting approach by featuring not just the regular tactics that totalitarian states adopt such as media propaganda but also unconventional tools like superheroes — quite imaginative, if you ask me. Weidhuner’s writing is direct and clear and reads almost like an action adventure comic that you can read to young kids at bedtime. This takes nothing away from the immersive experience the story offers, though. Weidhuner definitely has compelling ideas and I reveled in them. He excels at using his work to mirror the hypocrisy that dominates global politics and focuses on two superpowers which he doesn’t name but alludes to (you’d easily figure them out). He also does well at vividly presenting his characters. You can put a face to each key character and understand their personality.

Although Weidhuner got a lot right, and I enjoy the brevity of the story, I would have loved to have seen more depth in the plot and more time given to flesh out the fantastic ending. If you are down for some light reading featuring a good story you can blitz through in a few hours, you might want to check out Liberator: The People’s Guard: Vol. 1 because it is entertaining.

Pages: 98 | ASIN: B0BCPPDRPJ

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The Flight of the Mayflower – Book Trailer

2080:The world is dying. Travel into the future to a time when nothing is certain. Where terrorist groups have joined forces with biohackers developing a deadly bio-engineered disease that marches across the continents like a conquering army, leaving millions dead in its murderous swathe. Where drought and famine plague an already overpopulated globe and massive waves of refugees stream across the planet, seeking sanctuary.

Meanwhile, some of the best and brightest minds on the planet are feverishly at work – constructing mega-gigantic Space Arks to shuttle hundreds of thousands of people to a colony on Mars. And it seems like there’s more good news: world leaders announce that a vaccine is ready – so roll up your sleeves and get on with your lives. It’s all good; it’s all returning to normal.

But the truth is very different. In The Flight of the Mayflower, the first novel in The Deneb Chronicles, Dr. Daniel Radu – project manager for NASA’s Space Ark Mayflower – uncovers a global conspiracy of immense proportions. World leaders and the elite are readying themselves for a one-way ticket to Mars, leaving the masses clutching at empty promises. Defiant and unwilling to become another casualty, Daniel cooks up a scheme of his own. Joined by a team of global experts, Daniel and his colleagues brace themselves for a journey of a lifetime as they trek across the galaxy in a quest for survival.

Requiem for a Queen

Requiem For A Queen by Kaylin McFarren takes the classic tale of good vs. evil and gives it a sultry twist. As the Red War rages between heaven and hell, Lucifer is on the hunt for the prisoners that escaped him and his soulmate. Those who oppose him have scattered to various locations in order to evade capture or are injured from previous battles. But how are they going to win if they cannot help one another?

Readers of the entire Gehenna series will appreciate the way in which the author evolves her characters within each book and over the series. The conflict in the story is one dark fantasy fans will be familiar with but the characters are the reason you keep reading, their relationships are the reason you will find this book hard to put down, and your desire to just know how it all ends will keep you coming back to this book again and again. Every good fantasy novel has a good villain and Requiem For A Queen does not disappoint. I was enthralled with the Black Dragon.

This novel also takes the trope of strong female character to a new level with Samara giving birth by herself in difficult circumstances. This reminded me of the way Margaret Atwood handles the emotional turmoil that females face in her stories. When chapter one ended with ‘Lucifer’s child was coming into this world whether Samara was prepared or not,’ I had to make sure that I was prepared to read the next chapter because Kaylin McFarren holds nothing back and I was sure we were going to be in for a ride. The author is a master of scene details and situations really come to life once we’re in the thick of the action.

Requiem For A Queen is a fiery paranormal romance that will be devoured by long-time fans of the series. Excellently combining the paranormal romance genre and dark occult fantasy I was really intrigued by the lore and backstory built into this story. It always felt like this world was lived in and we are only just now discovering it. I enjoyed the way this story tested its main character and put her in desperate situations. I know it sounds awful but this is why I love fiction and Kaylin McFarren creates some compelling situations that are superbly entertaining.

Pages: 341 | ASIN: B0BBJTR8BD

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Jumping In And Out Of Reality

Tyler Beauchamp Author Interview

Freeze Frame follows a teen with PTSD who struggles to separate film and reality at times as he works through his trauma and makes new friends. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

“When quarantine started, I was living in a room with no windows. It definitely psyched me out at times, not knowing if it was light or dark, rainy or sunny. The mind can sort of wander in a place like that. I remember having these vivid daydreams after a while, and after one of them, it took me a minute or two to figure out if the daydream had actually happened. That’s when this image appeared of a boy who was constantly jumping in and out of reality. I had spent a lot of time working at a Free Mental Health Clinic in medical school, and that paired with my own mental health battles helped shape the boy’s story. Almost instantly, I knew I wanted to tell a story about a vulnerable boy overcoming trauma while highlighting key issues of youth mental illness today (social media, peer pressures, anxiety/depression).”

Will wants to be like the other teens at his high school but knows he is different and struggles to battle his mental illness while moving forward. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

“Certainly Will’s battle between passion and personal guilt drives the story and his development as a young man. When the thing that makes you happy is the same thing that’s tied to your worst memory…it can weigh heavily on your mind and how you move from the past. Ultimately, I chose to make the Coreless his saving grace because I believe it can take a village to help someone work on their own mental health. We may not be able to directly heal others who are struggling, but we can certainly offer support and love to help them get to where they wish to be. As a society, we’ve made incredible strides at de-stigmatizing mental illness, but we still have a ways to go. People often feel they must carry their burdens on their own, and my hope was through Will readers might feel more open to sharing their struggles and leaning on others for help.”

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

“In my opinion, children are the most vulnerable members of our society, a society by the way that runs at a sprint driven by social media. Children are surrounded by social pressures very few of us can even fathom. And I really don’t mean to say social media is bad. In fact, when used properly, I think it has the power to be our saving grace. But anything powerful can be destructive. I think sometimes we don’t think about just how much power a child with a phone wields, and neither do they. We don’t just need to teach children how to use these tools responsibly, but there needs to be better guidance behind the tools themselves to protect kids. Like I said, the tools aren’t bad inherently. A hammer isn’t bad. It can build a house. But it can also end a life. So that’s where the antagonist was born to combat these counterculture kids. I thought it would be really fascinating for a group of kids with today’s technology and interests to choose to make a movie in a more classic fashion. Setting their work as a competition against social media platformers just made the story more intriguing. It definitely gets meta at times, with a filmmaker losing his grip on reality and seeing films play out before his eyes. But writing the story from Will’s perspective in that way really allowed me to highlight how everyone lives out their own trauma in a unique way, and hopefully readers will see that.”

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

“I am currently working on a new children’s series that is sort of a “Magic Tree House” meets “Medicine.” More to come on this later, but each book will focus on a new bacteria or virus the way Magic Tree House focused on a new time period for each story. I’ve currently written a good portion of Book 1 with a few others outlined. It may take some time until it is available as I am finishing up medical school at the moment, but I hope for the first book to drop in the next year or two.”

Author Links: Instagram | GoodReads | Twitter | Facebook | Website

#1 Best-Seller in Coming of Age Fiction

A troubled boy. A mysterious past. An ever-changing reality.

Will Horner leaves his former high school behind for a fresh start. Soon, he will find the past repeats itself. Will begins his junior year at Pinehurst Academy, a neighboring Arts School. As an introverted, avid filmmaker, it seems like the perfect fit. However, Will hasn’t made any films since the incident. Instead, he’s been living them. His world is not always what others see. When his emotions take over, Will’s reality runs in danger of suddenly shifting. When he becomes too nervous, too excited, or too scared, the world before him transforms into a new reality, a real-life film. His father forced Will to stop making movies altogether, believing them to only bring on the episodes. When a new group of friends recruits Will for a major movie project for a grand prize, Will must decide if the film is worth the risk. With the help of his new friends, he will push the boundaries of his reality and try to move on from the horrors of his past. Can he escape his past before it’s too late?

Freeze Frame explores the mind of a troubled teen filmmaker who is plagued with the horrors of his tragic past. Jump into the mind of a shy Will Horner as he meets a new group of friends who bring him into the fold. Together, the group will butt heads against the Content Crew, a group of social influencers in the school led by the notorious Rodrigo Silva, creator of a widely popular YouTube channel. The two groups will battle to win Pinehurst’s Arts Night and the attention of creators nationally.
From the first page, let life become a movie and dive into Tyler Beauchamp’s debut novel, Freeze Frame!

It Became About Humanity

Mahayana I. Dugast Author Interview

Ekstasis, the Return of the Sovereign Heart, follows two people who connect on a metaphysical level and work to save humans’ free will. This original idea is intriguing. How did you come up with this idea and develop it into a story?

The idea of regaining access to freedom and self-empowerment, and changing our world from the inside-out, out was what interested me. With that, I wanted to explore the idea of sacred union, meaning the inclusion of our true nature (spirit) in a loving relationship, and transcribing this as a novel is what got me writing many drafts over several years.   

I originally thought that it would be just one novel, but as I was ready to put the book through edits, the nemesis of sacred union, human freedom and self-empowerment stepped in to be integrated, taking the shape of the dark side of sexuality, all the way to human trafficking.

Then my one novel idea became a trilogy. Then it became about Humanity and not just one couple.

So overall, I had to find ways of building a structure (thank you to my structural editor!) to make sure that it could take not only the contemporary aspect of the here and now where the tale is anchored, but also the cosmic and spiritual dimensions.

What was the inspiration for the relationship that develops between the characters?

Besides entertainment, storytelling can be a powerful vehicle for self-realization, healing, upliftment, etc. So the characters in Ekstasis go through significant experiences, moving through their ordeals, into healing, self-realization, and/or spiritual awakening, giving us an insight into what is possible.  

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Self-awakening, self-forgiveness, human sovereignty [meaning autonomy and freedom from mental programming], inner guidance, inspiration, reclaiming one’s own empowerment through the healing of past trauma, resilience, self-love, and enjoying true, sacred loving for a new outlook on sex and love.  

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Book II of the Ekstasis Trilogy, aiming for the end of 2024.

Author Links: GoodReads | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Bookbub | Website

Together, they are the keys to humankind’s original blueprint. Apart, will they find each other through the pages of time?

Mona Devek is driven by an innate knowing. As a walk-in from birth, her life’s unfolding twists and turns serve to awaken her to her potential and identity and to reconnect her with an ancient star tribe. But when she publishes a work of fiction detailing her spiritual quest, something inspires her to fill in the blanks left by her as-yet-unseen interdimensional lover.

David Wilkins is a firm atheist and has long given up on happiness. Devastated by the tragic loss of his wife and child, the former award-winning film director shelved an unread book his sister shared on account of its uncanny similarities to his own life. Then on one transatlantic flight home, he finally flips it open . . . and by the time he reaches the last page, he is no longer the same person.

As Mona uncovers more about her true origin and her reason for incarnating, she discovers that the entire free will of human beings is at stake. And as David’s creativity resurfaces and he plans a return to directing by making a movie of Mona’s best-selling novel, he is shocked when he learns that the author he has grown to love is in a coma.

Can their spirits rejoin in the physical realm and save humanity from oblivion?

Ekstasis: The Return of the Sovereign Heart is the inspiring first book in the Ekstasis magical realism romance series. If you like a visionary and metaphysical adventure, with relatable paths of healing, where trauma and loss are transmuted into love, then you’ll adore M. I. Dugast’s journey into the soul.

Buy Ekstasis – The Return of the Sovereign Heart to pierce the veil today!

Pythia in the Basement

Maybe you’ve thought that existence is a weird thing. The fact that you’re born, you grow, and you observe until one day, time runs out – and if you enjoy contemplating the meaning of life but want to bypass the delicateness of offending the layman, then this thought-provoking book is for you.

One of the chapters in this book summarizes Marron’s work perfectly: peculiar. A refreshing piece that will smack you in the face and make you laugh, Marron has embodied the absurdist fiction genre perfectly as we follow the experiences of character leads, Colin and Roger.

The author has created authentic characters that were enjoyable to follow while avoiding the sugar-coated hero cliche. Colin is abrasive. His flaws were openly stated and visually displayed throughout the book; through workplace affairs or openly stating that he possesses hedonistic tendencies, yet his character supports BLM and hates being late. The confluence of these ideas made his character very intriguing. I really enjoyed how this character comes together. Roger on the other hand is a polymath dubbed both a bullshit artist and poet. I loved the passion embedded into him and felt he was the perfect storm of knowledge, chaos and questioning the system. Together the two juxtaposed conspiracy theories of all sorts.

A special commendation must be made to the short chapters, its hook was executed brilliantly. The writing style was punchy, shocking and prevented the reader from being able to form an opinion about the characters too quickly. It enhanced the matter-of-fact tone that intelligently explores philosophical themes in a no-nonsense fashion, all whilst set in a world with little care about the purpose of existence. Each chapter was loaded with dialogue and insights into topics like Sharia law, drugs and human sacrifice. While providing plenty of entertaining and food for thought the story ends just as quickly as it takes off.

Pythia in the Basement is a fascinating story with compelling characters and sharp satire that explores some provocative and intriguing ideas.

Pages: 237 | ASIN : B0BKDF7B4S

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