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SAFE From the Pain

Safe From the Pain: Out of the Darkness Into a Life That’s Free, Happy, and Good is both a memoir and a self-help book by Poonam Bhuchar. The author shares with readers the physical and emotional pain and the trauma she has gone through. Through telling her story, she hopes to help at least one person going through similar things in life.

The author shares her story with us, starting from early childhood, and how she viewed life differently than most of her peers. She did her best to get good grades in England while also embracing her Indian roots and culture, knowing that her purpose in life was to have a family. As she continues her story, we learn about her horrible experiences with sexual assault, attempted suicide, arranged marriage, and divorce, and how she overcame all of this.  

Bhuchar brings light to issues that many of us face but don’t talk about, and she gives hope to those who need it. The author does a great job of not just speaking of these issues, but she also shows us that there is always hope and room for healing and growing if we can open our eyes and let go of the fear. In addition to all the trauma, she shares moral dilemmas that we’ve all dealt with at one point or another.

Bhuchar frees herself from all that she has dealt with throughout her life while also starting a discussion on significant topics that are still considered taboo or aren’t talked about enough. By telling her story, she captures not just the psychological parts of pain and trauma but overall the human experience, what it is like to be a girl/woman, what is expected from you, and how society views you and acts on it.

Safe From the Pain: Out of the Darkness Into a Life That’s Free, Happy, and Good is the self-help and true story that women need to hear to know they can survive. This book is an excellent read for anyone who feels alone or like they don’t have anyone by their side, and this book encourages us to reflect internally, release the negativity, heal and grow.

Pages: 92 | ASIN : B09M94Z8RR

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