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Silvano’s Redemption 

Tessa wakes up and finds herself in a strange ship surrounded by robots and lizards. When Silvano, a cyborg commander of the space vessel Freedom, rescues her, tension quickly builds between them. Follow these star-struck lovers as they go on a thrilling adventure in space.

For thousands of years, the human alliance has held cyborgs like Silvano as enslaved people. Now they are trying to hunt Silvano down. While on the run, Silvano and Tessa develop a relationship despite their differences. The alliance wants the cyborgs under their control and will stop at nothing to ensure humans are in control. Will Silvano and Tessa be able to defeat the alliance and live happily ever after?

Silvano’s Redemption by Denna Holm is a steamy, action-filled, suspenseful novel that you will not want to miss. Holm’s work immerses the reader completely into this cyborg-filled futuristic world. This well-written book does contain some graphic scenes between the characters in a few parts, but they do not overrun the story.

Holm’s worldbuilding skills are fantastic, giving readers a look at our possible future. The details of the physical environments and the social and political climate make this world highly believable. The characters are exceptionally well written, and the tension between Tessa and Silvano grows as the reader learns more about them. I definitely found myself attracted to the commander at one point or another.

As for the ending, I would have liked to of known more about what happens with Tessa and Silvano. I felt the author left a lot of loose ends; perhaps there is a second novel in the works. I feel like there were characters on the Freedom that have a story of their own to tell.

Silvano’s Redemption is an imaginative cyberpunk science fiction novel that will take readers into a reality that is not entirely improbable. The fact that this reality could happen will have readers on edge with the action and adventure of an intergalactic chase. As the main characters struggle with figuring out the budding romance between them, questions of morality and the direction of the future will have to be answered.

Pages: 440 | ASIN : B09V8919CB

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