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The Values of Life

Will Lowrey Author Interview

The Dog in the Hollow follows a reclusive man and an abused dog who form a special bond. Where did the idea for this novel come from, and how did it develop over time?

The book was largely inspired by dogs I have known in the past when working on caring for dogs from dogfighting cases. The two main characters are named after a pair of special dogs I once knew. The story of the hollow and the other dogs just came to mind based on these experiences and knowledge of dog fighting. I wanted Goose to bond with a human character as I believe showing people the power in that connection is meaningful. I thought of Clarence when thinking about the depth of people and how everyone has their own unique stories and troubles. The forest has a healing quality and I wanted to portray that through both Clarence and Goose. 

What was one scene in the novel that you felt captured the morals and message you were trying to deliver to readers?

The ending of the book probably best depicts this. Clarence is given the choice to resume a comfortable life in town, accept the accolades and the comforts of Mayfield, as well as at least a potential friendship with Loretta and being embraced by his colleagues once more. In the end, Clarence chooses to live a somewhat difficult life in the forest without civilized comforts in exchange for the peace and solitude it has brought him and most importantly, because he now has Goose’s love which amounts to far more than human amenities. The message here is that sometimes the values of life are not readily apparent and may not be what most would immediately consider. Clarence discovers this through the journey with Goose. 

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The connection between humans and animals is important, but especially the connection between them when they are each “broken” or damaged in their own individual ways. There is healing in this bond, but especially when the two can relate to the other’s plight and circumstances. This healing can transcend any human to human connection and I wanted to make this apparent. I also wanted readers to understand the suffering that animals endure which goes unseen and the resilience of animals subjected to such cruelties. 

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I just started another book and am working through an outline. It is the story of the bond between a dog and a pig. Many people often lean towards issues of dogs and cats, but I want to widen the circle of compassion and shift the focus to other species who are equally deserving of kindness and attention. 

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High atop the mountain, the reclusive Clarence Crandall lives in the solitude of a tiny shack nestled deep within the forest. In the valley below, the rustic town of Mayfield bustles with students from the local college.
Life in the forest is lonely but simple for Clarence. But when a dog named Goose mysteriously appears at the door to his shack with a troubling story of his own, Clarence is forced to return to Mayfield and confront the past he left behind long ago. In a mountain hollow far away, the fate of many rests on the journey of this unlikely pair.

The Dog in the Hollow is an endearing story of an unbreakable bond between man and dog and the unexpected path to redemption.  

The Dog in the Hollow

The Dog in the Hollow by Will Lowery is the captivating story of a dog named Goose, who has a big heart but is in a bad situation. Goose’s circumstances place him in disarray when his only option is to betray his instincts. While he’s never been aggressive, he’s part of a team of other dogs who live with a man, their owner, who’s cruel. After Goose loses a dog fight, his owner forgets to lock him in his cage in anger. Injured and traumatized from this event, Goose escapes the hollow and retreats to the woods, where he must learn to survive.

After making unlikely acquaintances in the woods, Goose is introduced to a man with a heart as gold, who decides to take care of him and give Goose a good home. Although Goose loves the man and his new life, he can’t help but think of the dogs he left in the hollow, and together he and the man face their past to fight for a better future.

Will Lowrey provides readers with an attention-grabbing read that is hard to put down. I couldn’t help but love Goose and his eagerness to risk his safe new surroundings to help his friends. Lowery did an amazing job creating Goose’s character, immersing the reader into his world, and helping us see life through his eyes. This book takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster as Goose discovers the difference between cruel owners and true companions. It’s a unique story that gives the reader a new perspective on finding love and kindness in the least likely places and finding the strength to confront those who cause harm.

The Dog in the Hollow by Will Lowery is a heartwarming and inspiring story highlighting the importance of animal rights and the unbreakable bond between dogs and their loving owners. This must-read book will leave you with a satisfying and fulfilling ending.

Pages: 198 | ASIN : B0BRH9LB95

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