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The Philosophy of Vice

The Philosophy of Vice by [Vasile Ghiuta]

The Philosophy of Vice is an enlightening book that explores the realities of life, people and their personalities and how social norms get practiced. The author writes in depth about a variety of topics, covering science, religion, humanity and other disciplines. Reading Vasile Ghiuta’s work is a delight as the author gets you to focus on different topics as you learn about the diversities in life. I like the approach the author took when writing the book. After introducing a topic, the author gives a simple definition and then goes on to discuss the topic in detail.

The first chapter contains the definitions of a variety of words, including ‘philosophy’ and ‘vice’. Defining these terms was important for the reader as the two formed the basis of the discussions in the book. Once the reader understands the terms, the author goes further and subdivides the two topics, talking about different classifications and comparing them to related subjects. This style of writing gets the ready to fully comprehend the message that the author is passing. Every topic covered in the book is crucial but there are a few topics that stood out for me.

Some of my favorite topics were about morals and vices, consciousness, identity and vice, and religion and vices. The topic on religion and vices is eye opening. Religion is personal to many people and so discussions revolving around the topic can be sensitive to certain individuals. The author was however objective, not looking down on any religious folk and instead highlighting important subjects and how religion affects everyone. One thing every reader will appreciate about Vasile Ghiuta is how the author writes everything based on facts and proven theories. The author simplifies complex concepts to the satisfaction of both seasoned and young readers.

The Philosophy of Vice is a sharply observant and thought-provoking book exploring various topics from the authors unique philosophical views.

Pages: 187 | ASIN: B0917V6GRX

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