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People Are Finding TRUE Healing

Randall Hansen Author Interview

Triumph Over Trauma is a well-researched book sharing information and stories from real people on the positive benefits of using psychedelic medicines; why was this an important book for you to write?  

Stories are one of the most powerful tools for sharing information, and they have been used forever by cultures to share important history, rules, people, etc.

While the factual content of the book is important to counter the 50+ years of lies fed to us about these psychedelic medicines, I knew that humanizing the process and having people share their vulnerabilities and need for healing would be extremely powerful.

And the idea was to find the greatest diversity of storytellers as I could – with the idea that every reader could identify with at least one of the storytellers, either based on age, gender, ethnicity, trauma.

Finally, and this will sound odd to anyone who has not had a psychedelic experience, but I had no plans to write a book about psychedelics, but during a beautiful LSD journey, the outline came to me in what we call a “digital download.” So, the medicine pushed me to write this book… because these medicines WANT the world to heal. 

What is a common misconception you feel people have about psychedelics that you hope this book clears up?

Do you have all day?

Seriously, as an educator, my main goal with the parts of the book that I wrote was to fix/correct all the misinformation and outright lies we have been fed since the 1970s.

But beyond the lies, an even crazier part of this story is that several of these medicines were being used as part of psychotherapy in the 1950s and 1960s – with AMAZING results. And there were many research studies done during that time as well … and ALL of it simply vanished after psychedelics were made illegal.

The biggest misconception? That these substances are dangerous, addictive, and just recreational.

TRUTH? People are finding TRUE healing; people are enhancing/expanding their spiritual lives/awakenings.

Psychedelic substances are not addictive; and most people do NOT need to be on psychedelics forever, as with antidepressants. In fact, psychedelics are proving very successful at STOPPING addiction in people addicted to alcohol, tobacco, opioids.

The TRUTH is that these substances are indeed medicines that are dramatically healing people – like the 23 stories in the book.

What were some ideas that were important for you to share in this book?

  • Frequently asked questions (with answers) about psychedelics
  • The truth about why psychedelics are illegal – as well as the changing legal landscape
  • Medicine options – macrodosing (hallucinogenic effects) and microdosing (no outward experience)
  • Discussion of the major psychedelics, how they work, and all the details to know about each substance
  • Examples of how psychedelics have completely transformed people
  • Detailed glossary of psychedelic terms
  • Additional resources for people wanting more – books, documentaries, websites

What is one thing that you hope readers take away from Triumph Over Trauma

That there is HOPE! That there is TRUE healing.

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Imagine that you had no ill effects from past trauma: no depression, no addiction, no thoughts of suicide. Imagine there are substances that have been used as healing medicines for centuries – substances that have been illegal in the U.S. and around the world for more than 5 decades because of questionable politics of the War on Drugs.

Thousands of research studies regarding the potential benefits of psychedelic medicines have now been produced (both from before the ban and from more recent times) – and the results are astounding. Soldiers healed from the traumas of war (PTSD), adult children healed from intergenerational traumas from parents and grandparents; abuse victims relieved of their guilt, shame, anger; depression-sufferers released of their prison of sadness and the need to take antidepressant medications; agnostic people discovering spirituality.

What you’ll find in this book is all the information you need to begin your journey of discovery into whether one or more of these psychedelic medicines may help you. You’ll find several chapters covering all the basics of psychedelics, from their fascinating history to how these medicines work to how and what you need to move forward with intentionally using psychedelic medicines.

Find yourself in one or more of the 23 stories that people from all spectrums of life graciously share here. These stories range from people seeking clarity about their future to wanting to heal from their pain to freeing themselves from addiction to diving deeply into the Divine. These tremendous stories will move you to places you may have never visited – where you’ll find self-love and acceptance – and a perhaps a path for your own transformation.

Finally, while macrodosing (full-on hallucinogenic experience) with these psychedelic medicines for healing is the major focus of the book, there is also a chapter and several stories on microdosing for healing; the advantage of microdosing is that the dose is too small to produce any perceptible effects.

Core Message of Triumph Over Trauma

Who: This book is written for those among us who are hurting, depressed, angry, and lost; for those seeking new treatments and true healing; for those searching for a higher purpose or a connection with the Divine; and for those simply curious about why the topic of psychedelics is seemingly everywhere.
What: This book is the perfect mix of the latest information and research results on the use of psychedelic medicines as well as the true and authentic transformative experiences of people from diverse backgrounds.
How: The individuals willing to share their deeply personal stories so that you can learn from their experiences are the true heroes here – and are the backbone and power behind this book.
Why: We are in a healing crisis, but psychedelic medicines are quickly moving into the mainstream, and the next year or two will be pivotal in terms of the availability, access, and regulations/laws related to these medicines.

Triumph Over Trauma

In Triumph Over Trauma: Psychedelic Medicines Are Helping People Heal Their Trauma, Change Their Lives, and Grow Their Spirituality, the reader is educated about psychedelics, shown how to use them, and taught about facts that are not shared in schools and on the media. Randall S. Hansen uses 23 stories to demonstrate to readers the positive impact psychedelics have on humans and why more people need to be open-minded about them.

Psychedelics are recognized to be hallucinogenic drugs that sometimes alter one’s perception and cognitive processes. In this book, Randall S. Hansen, throws light on the basics of psychedelics, answering frequently asked questions, and stating unknown facts. One of the things I love about how Randall S. Hansen started his book is the Matt Zemon quote he shared. The quote reads, ‘I am convinced that psychedelics are not a panacea, but they can play a role in healing and connection, both for the people that choose to use them and for those that do not.’ This quote is inspiring, and it acknowledges the healing elements of psychedelics.

Triumph Over Trauma is an eye-opening read. The author starts from the basics, discussing the best psychedelic medicines for newbies, how to source them, positive effects, the different kinds of psychedelics, and even the dangers. Randall S. Hansen is candid in his writing and does not write about fantasies or unproven theories. This book is a great read and incredibly excellent for anyone dealing with trauma. Whether it is trauma from work, home, childhood, or any mental condition, Randall S. Hansen, in detail, writes about how psychedelics can help you.

This book is divided into four parts. Part one of the book is an introduction for those unfamiliar with psychedelics. The second part of the book is my favorite. In this part, the author writes about experiences with 23 people. These are real stories told, and one can feel the healing the people in the stories share. The positivity radiated through these stories is marvelous. I appreciate that their stories were not too long but short enough to inspire and radiate the positivity readers that are hurt and those that have been dealing with past traumas need. I mostly enjoyed the stories and transformation journeys of Ryan, Todd, Charles, Hunt, Alexandra, and Jessica. Part three is on microdosing while the last part has the author summarize, and mention other vital information not discussed in the book.

Randall S. Hansen’s book is the ideal for your healing, wellness and positive transformation. After reading this book, you get a new perspective of psychedelics and feel refreshed. I recommend this book to readers that are struggling with traumas, those seeking treatment, and readers that are curious about psychedelics.

Pages: 290 | ASIN : B0BNLWHSHL

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