Video Book Review – FAQ’s

Q: What is the Discourse YouTube channel?

A: Discourse is a YouTube Channel dedicated to discussing books. The channel is run by three people that each bring a unique perspective and personality:

  • Retha is an aspiring author, a medical professional, and the heart of the team
  • Tony is an author, a military veteran, an IT professional, and is the team’s video producer
  • Abel has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and is the team’s social media expert

Q: What will be discussed in the video?

A: Discourse videos have a free flowing discussion that could go anywhere, but it will always center around your book. If your book is fiction they will discuss the characters they liked, the setting, the events, and use topics from your book for further discussion. If your book is nonfiction they will discuss the ideas presented in your book, how well the topic is covered and have a discussion around the central message of your book.

Q: If I use the Video Book Review service am I guaranteed a positive review?

A: The Discourse team is dedicated to providing fair and balanced reviews. All video reviews contain the honest opinion of the Discourse team. Each review will focus on your book’s positive aspects, and may also contain things the team didn’t like. The Discourse team will have an in-depth discussion about your book.

Q: How long is the Video Book Review?

A: Each video is guaranteed to be a minimum of 15 minutes long, but the video could be longer.

Q: What if I don’t like the Video Book Review?

A: You can request to have the video removed.

Q: How can I share the video?

A: Once the video is posted on YouTube we will provide you with the video link so that you can share it on social media and/or on your website. We’ll also provide instructions for adding the video to GoodReads.

Q: How do I start the Video Book Review Service?

A: Submit the Video Book Review Order Form to get started. You’ll be prompted to provide some book information and a digital copy of your book for review. Once you submit your order you’ll receive an email notification when the Video Book Review is posted.

Have more questions? Contact us.