Our Author Services

Professional Book Review

  • A guaranteed book review on major websites
  • Literary Titan Book Award Entry
  • Participate in an author interview
  • Get guides to help you sell more books
  • Reach thousands of readers on our social media
  • And more!

Need A Lot of Reviews?

Affiliate Reviewers

Book reviews act as social proof. People on Amazon often don’t even consider buying a book that has no reviews. Readers need to have that social proof that shows them that your book is worth their time and money.

We provide several expertly crafted professional reviews from real people that instills confidence in potential readers and lends credibility to your work.

Book Trailer

Book Trailer Service

A book trailer is an excellent way to attract attention. The best thing about our trailers is that the video can be added to your social media and website. Let us bring your book to life in front of YouTube’s 1 billion active users.

Press Release Service

Expand Your Reach

Media coverage is the most effective tool in an author’s marketing arsenal. Our press releases are distributed to 400+ premium news outlets. We provide you with a full distribution report so you can see exactly who published your press release.

Video Advertising

Google & YouTube Advertising

Be seen by readers searching on Google & YouTube for books like yours. We will handle all of the technical details to put your video in front of a targeted audience of real readers.

We can promote your book trailer or video you have on YouTube.

Query Letter Writing


As professional writers and experienced reviewers we know exactly what it takes to sell someone on a book. We can write query letters to Literary Agents, Hollywood Executives, or even Libraries. Each novel is a jewel and we bring the shine to the surface for agents to see.

Need Beta Readers?

Beta Readers

Getting feedback from beta readers is a critical step that you must take before publishing. We provide you with a beta reader report from readers in your target audience. Better to hear it now rather than from all the one-star reviews on Amazon later.

Need Professional Feedback?

The Critique

A professional constructive critique is worth its weight in gold to any writer. Our goal is to give you valuable constructive criticism that will help you improve your manuscript and understand what level of editing you need before spending a lot of money on editing services.

3D Book Mock-up

Why would you want a 3D mock-up of your book?

  1. Use in advertisement campaigns
  2. Make great-looking book-banners
  3. As part of an attractive author email signature
  4. As marketing images directly on your author-website
  5. As part of posts on your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Video Book Review

The best way to promote your book is to get people talking about it, discussing it, and sharing it. The easiest way to combine all of these is to have a video book review on YouTube where popular BookTubers discuss your book.

Literary Titan has partnered with the popular YouTube Channel Discourse.

A short-link is a shorter version of the long URL that is used to direct people to your book’s web page. A short-link makes it very easy to share a link to your book on the internet.

Easily add a short-link to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your website, in your email, and anywhere else on the internet.

  • Twitter: uses fewer characters in your tweet
  • Instagram: as an easy link for readers to remember
  • Email: add it under your signature