The Broken Justice System

Marta Nater
Marta Nater Author Interview

Villains For Justice tells the story of what happens when citizens take justice into their own hands. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

As a growing child of harsh inflicted abuse, I have always wished for a hero to come to my rescue to change and fix the broken justice system. Unfortunately, due to child protective services failure to aid me and my siblings, we kept on suffering constant daily abuse from our father. Child protective services has failed one too many times by not improving in their methods for the better, and that is the reason why many children have died while in their own watch. There are actually thousands of children nationwide who are subjects of child abuse cases. Based on these facts, I was inspired to write about fictional villains who aid the innocent young victims, finding some kind of solace. This book was also created to bring to light matters such as these by advocacy. This particular book is slightly different than other books because it positions the protagonists as villain’s who fight for better improving methods for both children and women and against a rash of injustices that need to be addressed by the proper channels.

Your characters were all creative and intriguing. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

All my characters were created with a specific purpose. My first character Nina Dansk was created to bring out the failures of the child protective system, therefore later taking actions against them in order to be heard. Nina had suffered the loss of her whole family including her beloved dog mainly due to her abusive step mother and her sister rapist. Nina’s father couldn’t handle the stress and pain of his daughter’s rape and death and passed away shortly thereafter. This drove a teen Nina to became distant and frigid with her step mother who she view as the cause of her families lost and pain. Nina avenged her families death with no regrets nor remorse. Once Nina got her psychologist degree she worked for a child protective agency and she began changing the way she saw the laws when it came to how children were being handled. Against all the odds against her, Nina continued with her quest to achieve justice and making an example out of her brutal attack on child abusers, pedophiles and rapist. The following character, Jerico Raven, he was taken about to a loss upon the death of child Blair, once he began his investigation into her death he discovers hidden secrets and agendas that lead back to law enforcement involvement. It was with the help of both his good friends Lieutenant Danny Rojas and Shadow Claw that Jerico was able to get his life back in track eventually but not before suffering a great deal. Character Cora Rollins was the worse and most difficult villain to bring down. Experiencing two prior rapes plus her own uncle’s rape as a child, Cora grew to dislike all men. Cora went more against pedophiles and rapist demanding changes or else. Cora had won the New York public over as she was cleaning house unlike the proper authorities were. In real life, some villain’s are like superhero’s because they fight for a good cause but their causes sometimes don’t align with the norms of life and that is what had caused so much division and perplexity with these characters development. This book is the first novel that begins with an effort to try and achieve rightful justice when the law isn’t upheld properly, and we’ve seen this happen time after time.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Well there are a few but the most important one to me really is the advocating the characters bring up about these issues regarding child abuse, pedophiles and rapes. Sometimes we often wonder why people go as far as to take the law into their own hands, well this fictional book provides the answers to that question. There are thousands who have suffered like me as my siblings out there who don’t know or realize that there exist and there is help out there. The main point of the book is not to keep silent, but to make a stand, and let yourself be heard. And even if that means that one has to go all the way to the supreme court to he heard and try to make some kind of improvement fair change. It is only through advocacy that one can be heard, noticed and succeed in accomplishing it’s goal.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

It is a book under the name “The Return Of The NY Villains For Justice” which is the second novel following this one. The book brings in and features a new villain who joins the team in his cause for justice against his own race. The book will also reveal shocking and unexpected discoveries about the villains themselves. Even though the book continues to highlight the story of each villain and their different struggles for rightful social justice, the book will also highlight the importance of not taking matters into ones own hands but instead go through the proper legal justice ways required by the law. Book has been out as of August 10, 2021.

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The Return of the NY Villains for Justice is the second novel in this series by author Marta Nater. It highlights the story of each villain and their different struggles for social justice. Amadou fights for black lives and prejudice within the law enforcement system in the Bronx (and all over the country), Nina Dansk and Cora Rollins (along with the beast Shadow Claw) fight for harsher punishments for pedophiles and rapists, and Jerico Raven and Danny Rojas fight for order in their precinct. The villains are very passionate for justice and will stop at nothing to achieve it, no matter the consequences.

Callie Awakens

       Callie Awakens: Book I by [Rip Converse]

Callie Awakens, by RIP CONVERSE, follows a teenage girl, Callie who takes us on a suspenseful coming of age journey that would make a great action movie or Netflix series. Catherine Addison Babich, known as Callie, knows she stands out from other teens her age in a few ways, one of which is her determination to be treated equally to her brothers and her aspiration to become a steamboat captain like her father. After a number of very disturbing incidents, she realizes she is not only treated differently from the boys and men in her life, but also that they can be a real threat to her. Her mom married poor and her Aunt Nancy managed to build a successful empire and lived a very different lifestyle to Callie’s. When she goes to visit Nancy her life changes in a number of ways – the most important being that she starts an Israeli form of martial arts with Eva, who becomes a friend and ally.

Callie’s transition from a normal teenager to an action superhero begins when she rescues a young girl from the clutches of an MS 13 gang. This is thrilling and sets the tone for the rest of the novel. The gang has made kidnapping young girls and doing unspeakable things to them part of their business model and Callie gets caught up in this dark underworld. Readers slowly get wrapped up in the story as Callie gets wrapped up in this seedy world. Using her martial arts skills, and her surprising strength Callie partners with the police, at great personal risk to herself and her family, to take the gang down. It’s this combination of skill and grit that makes her character intriguing and fun to follow.

I enjoyed the book and it was an easy and pleasant read. While I enjoyed the story I felt that Callie a perfect character – she is small yet strong, good school marks, polite and respectful, picks up martial arts and excels really quickly, can ride a powerful motorcycle and drive boats, then she also has business sense all before she is 18. As this is the first book in a series we could be just seeing the set up of Callie as a character but I would like her to be a bit more relatable.

Callie Awakens is an action packed story with a plot that is gripping from the beginning. This is a crime thriller that is propelled by an intriguing character that begs to be explored further. I can’t wait for book two.

Pages: 500 | ASIN: B097QPZD5K

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Really Happened To Me

Oriano Galvanini
Oriano Galvanini Author Interview

The Saga of the Phoenix is a riveting adventure story with a unique blend of genres. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

A few years ago, after spending most of my life abroad, I decided it was time to moor permanently ashore and retire to the countryside. Now, at my tender age of 76, it occurred to me to write. Not because I am an old man who is bored, on the contrary, living in a large old country house, I would find pastimes as a bricoleur at will.

One day, arranging old books on new shelves, I came across a radio engineering manual (not only was it obsolete but I think incomprehensible to anyone who deals with electronics today, unless they are also interested in archeology) that was served, in the mists of time, to take the state exam at the Ministry of Telecommunications in Rome and to obtain the patent of radio officer for merchant ships. Leafing through it with a bit of nostalgia, I confess, I began to think that this figure has not only disappeared for many years but, nowadays, few people know what it was doing on board a ship.

At that moment I said to myself that it would be nice to tell about it, not only because that role was part of my life for years, but also because, in those years, no ship in the world would have been authorized to sail without a radio officer on board. I therefore decided to describe and tell circumstances and events that occurred at sea and on shore, seen through the eyes of the protagonist, a young radio officer.

Halfway through writing the novel, I wondered if I wasn’t boring the prospective reader with adventures that, while interesting at first, became repetitive. Each storm is more or less similar to the others. All evenings spent ashore in an exotic port are alike. Human relationships on board are always the same, governed by an essential hierarchy. So I decided to insert a bit of mystery into the story, referring to my interest in the history of the universe and in astrophysics, which have always fascinated me as a curious self-taught person.

The characters in your story are intriguing and well developed. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

In the first chapters the story is practically autobiographical. Giorgio’s experiences really happened to me. What happens next is a possible future that I would like to have experienced alongside characters who act for the good of humanity in an authoritative, if sometimes authoritarian, way. Encounters with alien beings have always fascinated me and I tried to imagine them as if the Terrestrians were always intent on bringing peace to other worlds but giving priority to their civilization for survival even if at times they may seem ruthless. In the novel there are several protagonists as Giorgio’s life ended, I like the idea that his mission is continued by his descendants who will follow in his footsteps and who will have as their goal, the mission of the Phoenix in the universe.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

In the first volume, the Terrestrians seem to be the most evolved in the universe and are confronted with less evolved civilizations. Even more in the second volume, they will be practically the dominant species in the known universe, until something unexpected happens. In many science fiction novels, aliens invade the Earth, they are hostile, they try to destroy the human species. The conflict usually takes place between the evil and stronger aliens against the good and weak Terrestrians, who only at the end with some stratagem they manage to win. (as it happens in Independence Day movie, Netflix’ series Falling Skies and many other novels.) In my saga the opposite happens: the good and strong Terrestrians want to force the weaker and not always bad aliens to conform to their view of the universe. Eventually the question will arise as to whether it is right to impose peace by force even if it is for the benefit of all others. No one should be able to claim to possess absolute truth, but perhaps someone does.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am writing the second volume where the Terrestrians will face a ruthless and cruel civilization and will have to force it into a peaceful coexistence with all other species. The dominance of the Earth in the universe will, however, be questioned by the incorporeal entities who had initially given birth to the Phoenix, on Earth and other worlds and who will ultimately prove to be the very foundation of the universe.

Most likely, the second volume will be published by December 2021.

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During one of his trips to Brazil,in the 1960s, the protagonist, receives via radio a communication in Morse in which a mysterious Russian, embarked on a Yugoslav motor ship moored in Rio Grande do Sul, asks him for a meeting, on his arrival in that port, expected after a few days. During the interview, which the young man had accepted out of curiosity, the Russian offers him a vague collaboration with a transnational organization with not very clear contours. He refuses but the Russian to convince him announces that the next destination of the Bayhorse, the ship on which the young officer was embarked, would be Jacksonville, Fl, USA. Since no one could know at that time, at the moment he does not believe him and thinks of a joke even if for inexplicable reasons. When a week later the captain of the Bayhorse communicates the next destination and it was the one indicated by the Russian, the young man changes his mind and wants to see his mysterious interlocutor to deepen what he had been told previously. During the second interview the Russian is not much more detailed in the explanation but he specifies that in the on-board pharmacy was placed an object that the young man should deliver on his arrival to a person in charge, who would also provide him with full details of future cooperation. Driven by his innate curiosity he accepts and, once in navigation, with difficulty he manages to find the mysterious object hidden in the on-board pharmacy. After the delivery on arrival, the person in charge of the withdrawal does not have time to dwell on explanations but informs him of another similar object to be delivered to the next port, Bombay in India, where every aspect would have been clarified.During the meeting in India, he was asked to collaborate with this organization, the Phoenix, which operates worldwide and has unlimited financial resources and technologies unthinkable in those years. He was chosen because he was deemed fit for the task they would assign him, based on some mental analysis to which he had been subjected without his knowledge. It accepts as it fully agrees with the objectives that the Phoenix showed it wanted to achieve in the long term. After some trips, he is asked to leave the Bayhorse and reach the underground base of the Phoenix, in a desert of the USA. In the base he discovers a world unknown to him and wonderful. The technologies at their disposal were so advanced that in the 1960s no one would have even guessed. What amazes him most is the system of transferring information from a computer archive directly into the human mind. Gradually its position grows in importance in the organization, until it reaches the highest levels of management. At that point it is clear to him many political, economic and social events that have occurred in the last fifty years that had been communicated to the masses adapted for political, economic or military purposes. The ultimate aim was to achieve, for all the inhabitants of the planet, a coexistence and a shared well-being and to guarantee to all an individual freedom which, however, was prevented from becoming a prevarication for others. At that time it was still a utopia but, in the course of the next hundred years, the goal that the Phoenix had set itself would be fully achieved. The protagonist at the age of seventy retires with his wife to a ranch in Arizona and his place will be taken by his son. But only his grandchildren will see the results of his work. The Phoenix finally achieves its goals and, more than a hundred years after its mysterious birth, reunites the entire planet under a single government. At this point, one of its leaders asks himself the question of how the Phoenix was born and by whom it was created. The discovery will be disconcerting but also fascinating and will lead the descendant of the young Marconist officer to discover, in the depths of space, many secrets of the universe.

With A Little Mystery

Terrence Scott
Terrence Scott Author Interview

War of the Cha’cict follows a corporal who is infected with an alien virus and must race against the clock, and the enemy, to complete an important mission and be cryogenically frozen. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

I am a fan of space opera/adventure stories. To me, the rich environments provide a great way to speculate on human reactions when confronted with issues beyond the normal. I have always been fascinated by aliens and future technologies and used these to challenge my main character. The War of the Cha’cict was the vehicle for my attempt to to take a “regular” human being and confront him with a multitude of issues happening close together. Poor Jared was confronted with life-affecting, often complex situations which tested his emotions, morality and decision-making. An undeclared war with an alien race seemed a good launching point to explore topics of space warfare, Artificial Intelligence, alien cultures, with a little mystery, and some romance thrown in.

Jared is an interesting and well developed character. What were some driving ideals behind his character’s development?

Personal growth – What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. A willingness to make decisions for the greater good over personal gain. In addition, Self examination and the ability to change opinions when presented with new facts.

This was an action packed story. What scene did you have the most fun writing?

Jared’s escape from from the doomed scout-ship and his awakening on the asteroid.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m currently working on the second book of this two-book series. I hope to have it completed by the end of November of this year.

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An alien race, the Cha’cict, attacked Amalgamated Planets’ outer colonies without warning. Jared Connell was drafted into the military to help humanity’s fight against the alien enemy. During a battle to retake an occupied colony, Jared was mortally infected by a virus from a Cha’cict bioweapon. Now, his only chance at survival was to courier critical intelligence to military headquarters in exchange for being put in cryogenic suspension until a cure might be found.

Unfortunately, an enemy war vessel was chasing his barely space-worthy ship, and his time was running out. As if things couldn’t get any worse, a chance encounter with a colossal asteroid’s energy field looks to have severely damaged his ship. He wondered which would get him first, the Cha’cict warship or the unusual energy field. In either case, at least he wouldn’t endure the prolonged, painful symptoms as he succumbed to the alien virus. However, unknown to him, this was not an end but instead an unexpected beginning.

Scroonathan: A Diwali Story

Scroonathan: A Diwali Story by [Ram Tirthdas Daryanani]

Scroonathan: A Diwali Story by Ram T Daryanani takes the story of A Christmas Carol and views it through a contemporary Indian lens. We see the typical character of “Scrooge” in an entirely new light. Scroonathan is an excellent businessman, and the story opens with the death of his firm partner, Balaji. Scroonathan is a shrewd and frugal man who values money above all else, even the lives of others around him and the celebration of Diwali.

Many of us are familiar with the story of A Christmas Carol, and it’s so refreshing to see these same themes explored through Indian society. It shows that selfishness and cruelty can be universal, yet they can also be unlearned as we welcome generosity into our lives. As we see Scroonathan turn down kind words from those around him, it’s clear that he has shut himself off from joy. However, the ghosts of his past come to visit and set the record straight, and the story becomes a beautiful exploration of character growth.

I found Scroonathan: A Diwali Story to be a touching retelling of A Christmas Carol. This book allows a classic story to live on in the contemporary world and creates a shared experience between people of all nationalities. It teaches everyone to be thankful for what they have and generous with what they share, to ultimately live more fulfilling lives.

I would have liked to see even more descriptions of Scroonathan’s home and life in India. I think the setting makes this story so unique, and as someone who has never been to India, I was fascinated learning about how Scroonathan reflects the same experiences of the original text in his homeland.

Scroonathan: A Diwali Story by Ram T Daryanani is such a unique take on a story that has lasted throughout decades, and I think everyone could benefit from reading this book and experiencing a different cultural connotation. I loved learning about Diwali while simultaneously feeling the life lessons associated with the classic tale.

Pages: 98 | ASIN: B09C6L6Z47

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The Death of Content As King

The Death of Content as King: How a Data Democracy Has Revolutionized Marketing, by Jon Hinderliter, explores how content is no longer as dominant as it once was and goes on to explain how data now monopolizes marketing. This book is a well researched and thorough guide to help people embrace this new ‘data democracy’ which represents the true voice of the consumer.

Jon Hinderliter has put together a book that dives deep into the details and expounds on the ways in which data is better for marketing than content. Hinderliter brings in some of his own personal experiences that illustrate the different points being made throughout the book. I thought they were interesting and a poignant addition to the book. He explains what content is and why it is considered ‘the king’. A variety of topics are covered in the book such as platforms, social networks, targeting the journey, as well as adding things you didn’t know you would need; which for me was basically the majority of this book as I found this book unveiled issues I didn’t know existed and provided effective solutions to those problems immediately. He moves on logically from there to building your democracy to privacy and wraps it up with what’s coming next. I felt the topics were well rounded and thorough.  Hinderliter expertly shows how you can use data to target and personalize what you are putting out so that you can create purposeful and specific content that is designed to succeed in the new world.

The Death of Content as King: How a Data Democracy Has Revolutionized Marketing is a must read for anyone working in marketing, public relations, advertising, or any entrepreneur that wants to succeed in this new world. Filled with detailed and actionable advice, this book provides value in more ways than one and is a critical tool in the digital age.

Pages: 238 | ASIN: B08Q1X44KX

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Judge, Jury, Executioner

Judge, Jury, Executioner by [Mitchell P. Jones]

Revenge thrillers will never go out of fashion because we’ve all been there before. It’s a formula we all latch onto because we know what it feels like to be kicked when we’re down, and to fight back when we get up. This is why cult classics like John Wick and Kill Bill unfailingly provide a sense of catharsis even though they’re essentially stories we’ve heard before: Villain hurts hero, hero strikes back. 

Mitchell P. Jones’ Judge, Jury, Executioner comes from the same tradition. It’s about Nathan, a disillusioned twenty-something with a deeply pessimistic worldview – that is, until he meets his equal, Anna. What starts out with a conversation over crappy coffee and sandwiches at the office café turns into a deep romance. But just as light is finally entering poor Nathan’s life, Anna is abruptly snatched away from him. Now he must go on a rampage to uncover the truth and save the only person he truly loves. 

This riveting psychological thriller starts out strong with charming scenes between the two lovers. It’s written in a third person perspective so we get access to Nathan’s brain as he helplessly falls in love. These sections are so relatable that it’s difficult not to look back at your own brushes with romance while reading them. It also helps that they’re all at the start of the novel because it helps us build a solid emotional connection with these troubled souls. The violence that takes place near the end of the novel wouldn’t be as satisfying if it weren’t for these romantic scenes. Jones is clearly a talented writer with great sense of plotting. There were some sentences that I felt went on longer than they should but it didn’t stop my interest in the story. Other parts are stiffly worded, like when Nathan and Anna’s conversation was “firmly fixed on social psychology” and when Anna jokingly remarked, “You didn’t really think that someone of my class and standing would really be interested in someone like you, did you?” 

Minimal flaws aside, Judge, Jury, Executioner is a worthy addition to the revenge thriller genre. Get yourself a copy and brace yourself for the bloodbath because this is an edgy thriller that I couldn’t put down. 

Pages: 133 | ASIN: B097HPW68P

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A Journey with Malmo to the Ends of the Earth

A Journey with Malmo to the Ends of the Earth by [Elena Horas San Martín]

A Journey With Malmo to the Ends of the Earth by Elena Horus San Martin takes the reader to the remote and mystical country of Merryland. Here, the land is fruitful and bright and the inhabitants are joyful. The country is hidden away from any outsiders and can’t be placed on a map to keep it sheltered from the outside world. The only dark aspect of this beautiful country is the threatening rule that all residents know—anyone who crosses the border into Merryland will receive a deadly punishment.

A Journey With Malmo to the Ends of the Earth begins with the birth of Malmo, a natural resident of Merryland. His strange birth leads to people proclaiming that he will be a visionary. A threat comes to the island, warned by a prophet, and the people of Merryland are divided into those who fear the threat and those who want to fight it off. As many people begin to disappear, a new message is left for those remaining on Merryland, telling them that the answers to their questions lie beyond the borders.

This enchanting fantasy novel is full of mystery, and I loved reading about Malmo’s journey as he ventures past the border of Merryland. The creatures he meets make the story whimsical and intriguing, and I loved getting the opportunity to see the landscape that he crossed because it all seemed so imaginative. As he goes on to fight the evil that is plaguing his homeland, I found the air of fantasy and adventure to be truly immersive and so fun to read.

I would have liked to see more of Malmo’s childhood before leaving, so that we could see how he lives in Merryland and what makes is so beautiful. It’s clear that the island is very special, but I think the book could have benefitted with more description of the country.

A Journey With Malmo to the Ends of the Earth by Elena Horus San Martin is a whimsical story with fun elements of fantasy and adventure, and it would make the perfect tale to read to a young reader just starting to delve into the world of myth and fairytale. I recommend it to anyone who wants to read a story that inspires the imagination and whisks them away on a spirited adventure.

Pages: 130 | ASIN: B099SBTFY1

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