Book Short-link

What is a short link?

A short-link is a shorter version of the long URL that is used to direct people to your book’s web page. For example here is a link to a book on Amazon:

Why use a short-link?

A short-link makes it very easy to share a link to your book on the internet. Sometimes people get overwhelmed when you share a long link, or the long link takes up the bulk of your message to them. You can easily add a short-link to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your website, in your email, and anywhere else on the internet. You can use it anywhere and everywhere that you would normally share a link to your book.

Some examples of when to use a short-link:

  • Twitter messages have a max of 280 characters. You don’t want all that space taken up by a long URL. A short-link uses fewer characters and looks cleaner.
  • Instagram does not allow clickable links in posts. A short-link is an easy way to share a link to your book that another person will be able to remember and type in their internet browser from what they saw on your Instagram post.
  • Email is a great way to share the short-link under your signature or a link in a mail message that doesn’t take up a lot of space.
  • Print media or other printed marketing material is not suitable for long links because it looks like a jumble of letters and numbers. Short-links make it easy for people to type the URL into their internet browser.

We’ll create the link to your Amazon book page for you.