Query Letter Writing


The hardest part about getting published is getting an agent, and the hardest part about getting an agent is writing a query letter that gets their attention.

Your query letter is the first thing that an agent or publisher will read from you. You have to succinctly and engagingly tell them about your book and show them that your book is exciting, unique and marketable. While you think your work is amazing, you have to convince others of that in a concise and organized manner. That’s a lot harder than it sounds.

That’s where we come in. As professional writers and experienced book reviewers we know exactly what it takes to sell someone on a book. We capture the content of a book and what makes it unique in each query letter.

We Can Write A Query Letter For Any Purpose

Literary Agent

A query letter that asks a literary agent to represent you or your work.

Hollywood Executive

A query letter addressed to movie producers asking them to consider your screenplay, or book as a screenplay.

Library Director

A query letter that asks a library to carry a copy of your book.

Next to your book, your query letter is the most important thing you will have to write. You simply MUST get it right. There will be no second chances when it drops on the desk of an agent or publisher.

We have written hundreds of query letters and know exactly what formula is required to give you the best chance of success.

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