About the Literary Titan

There is a story out there for everyone. Even if we never meet we are connected by the stories we tell. We can share worlds, believe in characters, and dream about stories that only exist in our minds. The Literary Titan provides unbiased, informative, and engaging book reviews that help authors and readers make that connection.

Literary Titan is an organization of professional editors, writers, and professors that have a passion for the written word. We review fiction and non-fiction books in many different genres, as well as conduct author interviews, and recognize talented authors with our Literary Book Award. We are privileged to work with so many creative authors. Thank you for visiting our website.


A perfectly executed story that leaves you wanting more. Highly recommended.

An expertly crafted story where the faults are few and far between.

An entertaining read with minor faults.

Brimming with potential. Just needs a good edit.

Well… this rarely happens. We find something good in every story.

We are located in Irvine, California

  1. Thank you for the suggestions. I added new categories to the drop down menu on the right side bar. It should now list all the different star ratings.

  2. nataliescharlesworth

    Hi! Thanks for following! I’ve followed you back and I’m looking forward to seeing more reviews and interviews!

  3. Thank you for following LibrarianAlone! I love your site…so eclectic, too.

  4. Oh, I remember the good old days when I read for fun. But right now I’ve got lots of authors counting on me to review their work and I don’t want to let them down.
    What about you, do you review books only by request at your site, Around the World in 2000 Books, or just books you want to read?

    • I just do what I want to do. I’m undertaking a project to read the best or most influential literature from every country in the world, so I created my own list and am now reading my way through it. I did take suggestions from non-American friends, but at this stage the list is pretty much set. My blog is only a couple of months old so I’m not sure I would have any requests anyway!

  5. Thank you for following my blog today! I love your site. It looks interesting and exciting!

  6. Best review descriptions I’ve ever seen! I can’t wait to get a food poisoning review!

  7. Hello Hungry Monster! Thank you so much for the follow.😊 I’m loving your blog and I’m looking forward to catching up with your reviews.

  8. Thanks for the like and the follow ☺ I look forward to reading your reviews.

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  13. This is a good blog, I’ll be coming back often. I may ask you to review some of my writing at some point.

    PS. please don’t eat me 🙂

  14. Thanks for the follow. You have set up a unique way to review books, that’s great!

  15. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog! New follower here *waves* Maybe one day when I finally write the 100s of books in my head, I will ask you to read them!

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  18. Hi! i was wondering how to submit my book for review (the free version). i was in the middle of doing it and then got side tracked and now i can’t find it anymore. thanks!

  19. Love the concept of a monster devouring books. It’s the healthiest diet, isn’t it? Keep it up!

  20. Thanks so much for following my blog, Last Darkness, Last Earth! I look forward to any feedback you have. And love your idea of promoting fiction authors!

  21. Thanks for following my blog – much appreciated! (The Haunted Historian)

  22. Since I’m a foodie (food is always featured in my novels, can’t help myself), I love your rating system.

  23. I read your profile about Burgess Meredith and the Twilight Zone. Just don’t break your glasses.

  24. Thanks for the follow! Love your rating system!

  25. Many thanks for the follow. Like many others here I love your rating system!

  26. Thank you for visiting my LibrarianAlone blog and reading about The Trumpet of the Swan. I have a quiet blog, with little traffic, so each and every visit makes my heart leap!

  27. Thanks for checking out my website, Nostalgia City Mysteries at http://www.baconsmysteries.com. I have a new mystery coming out in Sept.: “Desert Kill Switch.” Will query you about a review, and in the meantime I will sift through your reviews for a good summer read.

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  30. I’m honoured that you like one of my book extracts. Thank you.

  31. hello, thanks so much for visiting my blog and liking my post, The Tune of Life. Looking forward for lots of reviews.

  32. Very professional and informative! An amazing site for all writers and journalists, expert and novice.

  33. It’s been great working with you and getting expert and thoughtful feedback on my writing!

  34. Literary Titan is a good outlet for any writer who wishes his or her voice to be heard. Very professional and courteous service done by true and dedicated masters of their field. Thank you Literary Titan for solid and honest reviews of my books. I will definitely work with you again!

  35. Thank you for the series of likes! I really do appreciate them. Working hard here!

  36. My brother recommended I may like this web
    site. He was totally right. This post truly made
    my day. You cann’t imagine just how so much time I had spent for this info!

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