Beta Reader Service

Do you need professional but brutally honest feedback on your book?

Beta Readers

Our beta readers will provide you with a beta reader report that outlines what’s working and what’s not working. Our beta readers are experienced writers that love to read, have a passion for books, and understand what makes a good book.

This is a great way to get targeted feedback from real readers. Better to hear it now rather than hear it from all the one-star reviews on Amazon later.

Getting another persons opinion is one of the foundations of the book industry.

Beta readers are vital in all stages of a books development:

    ⭐ In the middle of writing your manuscript to improve as you write

    ⭐ Before sending your manuscript to an editor to cut down on editing time

    ⭐ After implementing your editors changes to see what the impact is

    ⭐ Before publication to see what kind of reviews you would receive

    ⭐ After publication to continue to improve your book

The fact is, you spend so much time on your manuscripts that you can’t see it objectively. Most successful authors often have a team of beta readers.

Choose the Number of Beta Readers You Need

1 Beta Reader

  • 1,000+ Word Report
  • Reporting on the essential elements of your book
  • Delivered in 45 days


2 Beta Readers

  • 2 – 1,000 word Reports
  • Reporting on the essential elements of your book
  • Delivered in 45 days


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