Gary The Go-Cart: Wind Blows/Carbon Comes out of the Closet

In B B Denson’s first book, Gary the Go-Cart: Wind Blows, Gary is hard on his luck. He wants to be helpful and make special deliveries for a living. The only problem is driving uphill. He has no engine power to make it up those steep inclines, so Gary goes on a journey of discovery and finds the perfect energy source to get him up those tricky hills.

Denson’s book sends an important message to kids about the environment and how important it is to do your research when going green. When one option may work for someone else, it does not always work for everyone. This book is light-hearted and kid-friendly. The book provides a good wholesome environment for kids to learn about difficult topics. While I thought the story was charming, I found it a little confusing that the pinwheels represented windmills, but I know that this makes it easier for children to understand.

In Denson’s second book, Gary The Go-Cart: Carbon Comes out of the Closet, Gary is told he cannot emit carbon fumes anymore. So, he buys himself this handy-dandy new carbon machine that will store all his carbon in the closet. In his struggle to store his carbon, Gary finds he loses more and more money every day to the carbon machine. Gary needs to think long and hard about why it is so important to store his carbon.

Carbon Comes out of the Closet is an interesting story on a hot topic that is the cause of a lot of debate lately, and it is important to be very clear when discussing the subject as there is a lot of nuances that have large effects. Carbon Comes out of the Closet does an admirable job of trying to distill a large and complex idea down so that children can understand it. While it answers some questions, it leaves others up to parents, but I would have appreciated a child appropriate answer to why Gary decides to stop storing his carbon. This is an amiable story with a charismatic protagonist that attempts to answer a variety of tough questions.

Overall, I found both books to be adorable and could be the starting point for a good discussion about the environment. The author uses rhyming couplets for both books to keep children engaged. The illustrations are also well drawn and eye-catching and I think children will really enjoy looking at them as their parents read the story to them.

Pages: 70 | ISBN: 0997588365

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