You Want To Be An Entrepreneur

You Want To Be An Entrepreneur is an enlightening and inspirational read. Jeff Stoller writes about starting a business and flourishing amidst the many challenges entrepreneurs face. This book will motivate you to follow your dreams and show you how to become business-oriented and focused. One of the major things readers learn from Jeff Stoller’s life is that hard work and diligence never fail. Therefore, it is crucial to create a routine and stick to your goals.

The author makes this a relatable read by sharing his life experiences with readers. Many of the topics that the author touches upon are experiences that entrepreneurs have faced in all areas of business. The author’s love for business is palpable and his enthusiasm is infectious. The author uses a friendly tone throughout the book to educate readers in a way that a mentor would.

One of the many topics that I found extremely helpful touched on law. The chapter on law is a must-read for those not familiar with legal processes. Jeff Stoller starts from the basics and guides entrepreneurs on how contracts work, the essential legal advice you need when running a business, common law remedies, statute of frauds, and much more. In all instances the author uses layman terms to allow the reader to understand legal parlance.

The book covers an array of topic that I found to be beneficial; accounting, business plans, forms of organization, how to be the ideal entrepreneur, and in every topic Jeff Stoller knows how to balance information with storytelling to make the overall experience captivating.

The author shares success stories as well as failure stories. I appreciated the candid nature with which the author told his story as it allows readers to get a clear view of what it means to be an entrepreneur. The author opens the reader’s mind and brings to light the tough decisions and sacrifices entrepreneurs will have to make to become successful.

This is one book that I will refer back to time and time again. I found myself marking certain pages in the book to refer back to. You Want To Be An Entrepreneur is a must read for current or aspiring entrepreneurs as the author provides readers with practical tools and pragmatic advice needed to be successful.

Pages: 176 | ASIN: B014C4QUB2

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