Video Book Review

The best way to promote your book is to get people talking about it, discussing it, and sharing it. The easiest way to combine all of these is to have a video book review on YouTube where popular BookTubers talk about your book.

Literary Titan has partnered with the popular Discourse YouTube Channel.

Discourse provides in-depth reviews, book recommendations, and a good laugh. They have a passion for books and love sharing that passion with the world.

A Video Book Review is a great way to inform potential readers, reach a new audience, and an exciting way to get feedback about your book.

See what people are saying about your book.

Video Book Review

Discourse reviews fiction, nonfiction, poetry and audiobooks.

ツ A Video Book Review is a fantastic marketing tool you can use to inform new readers, and a great way to keep past readers engaged as anyone can participate in the video’s comment section and have a conversation with the Discourse team about your book.

The benefits of having a Video Book Review

    ⭐ The video will be available to billions of active YouTube users

    ⭐ Easy to watch and much more engaging than other formats

    ⭐ Add the YouTube video to your website to inform readers

    ⭐ A quick and easy way for book bloggers to share content about your book

    ⭐ Easily share the video on Facebook and Twitter to amplify its reach

    ⭐ A fun way to get feedback about your book

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