Book Trailer FAQ’s

Question: Do you create trailers for fiction and non fiction books?

Answer: Yes, we create trailers for fiction and non fiction books, children’s books and even audio books. The focus of the trailers are different. Fiction book trailers focus on conveying the books main idea in the most engaging and concise way. Nonfiction book trailers focus on promoting the books value and the authors knowledge and expertise. In both cases we always use thought provoking imagery and a professional soundtrack.

Question: Why do you charge such a low price when other sites charge hundreds of dollars?

Answer: Because we are more interested in helping authors promote their work.

Question: What information do you need to create the book trailer?

Answer: The order form will prompt you to provide some information about your book that will help us understand your book. This includes questions like; setting, tone, time, genre, etc. We also ask that you provide a summary of the plot points, your book cover, and any additional notes you feel are necessary for us to understand your work.

Question: Who creates the text or voice over script for the video?

Answer: You will have the option to provide the text or script to us, or we can write it for you.

Question: Do you use royalty free content in the videos?

Answer: Yes. All the high quality content used in your video will be royalty and license (CC0) free. You can use the video anywhere you like.

Question: Can I choose to post the video through my own YouTube channel and not have Literary Titan publish it?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Can I ask for revisions?

Answer: Yes. Two revisions are included with the service. We will always correct our own mistakes free of charge, but if you need more than two revisions there will be a charge of $5 per change.

Question: Can my book trailer have a voice over?

Answer: Yes. Choose our Premium Book Trailer Service and you can choose between a female or male voice, with a British or American accent. We work with industry professionals to bring you the best quality voice over. Our Voice Over Service fee is $30 for every 100 words.

Question: Can you write the voice over script for me?

Answer: Yes. We’ll write the voice over script for you and send it to you for approval before we start recording. Changes to the script after recording will incur a $15 fee per revision.

Question: What information goes in the description of the video on YouTube?

Answer: We put a link to buy your book on Amazon as well as your books description. In some cases we will also include a link to some of the media used in your video to adhere to the copyright license.

Question: Can I ask for more links and information to be put in the video’s description on YouTube?

Answer: Yes. We can put more information in the description for you. No extra charge! Just provide this information on the order form.

Question: Can I use my own music and pictures in the video?

Answer: Yes, as long as you own the rights to the content or the content has an open license (CC0).

Question: Can I choose all the images, text, and music that goes into the book trailer?

Answer: Yes. You can have as much or as little control as you would like. You can choose all the imagery, music, and write the script. Or we can do it for you. Or we can collaborate. We’re very flexible.

Question: Can I create a trailer that is longer than 60 seconds?

Answer: Yes. Our base price covers the first 50 seconds of the video and we charge an additional $30 for every minute after that. You can request this on the order form.

Question: Can the book trailer be posted on Amazon and GoodReads?

Answer: Yes. We will provide instructions that will help you post the video on Amazon and GoodReads.

Question: Do you provide the video to me in MP4 format?

Answer: Yes. We will provide the video to you in MP4 format, as well as provide you with the link to the video on YouTube which will make it easy for you to share the video anywhere.

Question: Can you create videos for TikTok and Instagram?

Answer: Yes. We can create book trailers for TikTok and Instagram in the appropriate 16:9 and 4:5 formats. You can select this option on the Premium Book Trailer Service order form.

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