Book Review Service FAQ’s

Question: If I use the Book Review Service am I automatically entered into the Literary Titan Book Awards?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What is the purchase and submission process like?


  1. After clicking Order Now you will be directed to an order form where you will be prompted to enter contact information, author name, book title, genre and a digital copy of your book.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after you order. The confirmation email will include download links for all the books in our service package.
  3. Once the review is published you will receive an email notification with a link to the review. The email will also include your author interview questions.
  4. Once you provide responses to the author interview questions, and send them back to us, your author interview will be published on our website.
  5. You will receive an email notification when the author interview is posted.
  6. All books reviewed through our Book Review Service are entered into our Literary Titan Book Awards. Award recipients will be notified via email. Awards are announced at the beginning of every month.

Question: Do you review fiction and nonfiction?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Do you review unpublished manuscripts?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Do you review audiobooks?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Do you review poetry?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Am I guaranteed a review after I submit my book and payment?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is the review posted on Amazon? 

Answer: Yes. Our review must be posted under the Editorial Review section on Amazon. This is a great way to highlight our review on Amazon and make it stand out from the rest. The Editorial Review appears before the Customer Reviews section on Amazon, and appears alongside your book’s description in the Kindle app. Amazon even uses keywords from the Editorial Review to know what type of content is in your book and uses that to decide when to serve up your book when someone is searching for a book in your genre. Step by step instructions will be provided to you once the review is published on the Literary Titan website.

Question: Can I use the review and interview to promote by book?

Answer: Yes. You can use it anywhere and in any way you want. The book review can be a part of your book page on Amazon, Goodreads, your website, etc. The book review is an essential part of your marketing plan. If you are quoting from the review, you’ll need to include an attribution. Example: “The best book I’ve read all year.” – Literary Titan

Question: How can I use the review to promote by book?


  1. Include the review in Amazon’s Editorial Review section
  2. Quote the review on your book cover
  3. Create several short quotes and tweet them to your followers
  4. Quote the review and include it in a promotional images
  5. Include the review in query letter’s to agents and publishers
  6. Include the book review on your author website
  7. Send a press release that includes a quote from the book review
  8. Use the review in marketing materials
  9. Add the review to your book’s metadata
  10. Include the review when requesting more reviews from others
  11. Print it, frame it, and display it for the world to see at book signings or in the office
  12. Include the review in queries to book stores and libraries

These are just some ideas. Get creative and leverage our review to your advantage.

Question: What is the turnaround time for receiving my review?

Answer: Stannard reviews are posted within 45 days for books under 300 pages, and 60 days for books over 300 pages. Expedited reviews are posted within 14 days for books under 300 pages and 15 days for books over 300 pages. The extra time is needed to comfortably read your book and write a meaningful review without being rushed.

Question: Do you accept physical copies of the book to review?

Answer: We only accepts e-books or digital copies of printed books in PDF, epub, mobi, or docx formats.

Question: Who will review my book?

Answer: All reviewers associated with Literary Titan have a deep passion for books and are professional writers and editors. We always use reviewers that enjoy books in your genre, this way you receive an impartial review from a reader in your target audience.

Question: Do you review books in other languages?

Answer: Only by special request. Please contact us first.

Question: I purchased a service, but haven’t heard back from you?

Answer: We always respond within 24 hours. Check your spam folder for the email confirmation and add to your trusted emails. If you have not received a confirmation email within 24 hours, use the Contact Us page so we can resolve the issue immediately.

Question: Will you guarantee that my review is positive since I’m paying for it?

Answer: All the reviews posted on this site are an honest opinion of any work submitted.

Question: Can I have my book review sent to me first before it is published?

Answer: Yes. You can select the option on the order form to have the review sent to you before it is posted. We will not post the review until you approve.

Question: What if I just don’t like the review?

Answer: We will correct any errors in the review, but we will not re-write the review to make it more complimentary. We are ethically bound to write impartial reviews. We do offer the option of not publicizing the review in which case the review will not be posted and simply emailed to you.

Question: Will my review include a summary as well as an opinion?

Answer: Yes. We write a short summary of your book and provide an unbiased opinion. Many authors often use our summary of their book to update their own. Feel free to do so. We aim to write a review that is also highly quotable to help you create those much needed pull quotes that will help you market your book.

Question: How long will my review be?

Answer: We aim for approximately a 400 word review that consists of both a 100 word summary and an 300 word analysis of the book. Because every review is different, some reviews will be a little longer while others will be a little shorter.

Question: How long will my review be on your website?

Answer: All reviews are archived on the Literary Titan website and will be searchable by title, author, star rating, and genre. Your book review page and author interview will start appearing in Google searches usually within 30 days.

Question: Where will my review be posted?

Answer: All reviews are posted on the Literary Titan website; other sites include (but are limited by the books availability on the site):, Barnes and Noble,,, The book image is also posted to Twitter and Instagram.

Question: What do you do with my book after you review it?

Answer: Your book will be deleted from our system.

Question: Is there a maximum length for the author interview?

Answer: A good length for an interview is somewhere between 1,000 to 1,500 words. If the interview goes beyond this word count we will trim it a little, but guarantee that it will still carry the essence of your response. This is just to keep the reader engaged. If your interview requires extensive editing, not a problem, we can work together to get it down to size.

Question: My payment was declined or is not being accepted. What do I do?

Answer: PayPal is our payment processor. It’s secure, fast and easy. You can make a payment without creating a PayPal account. If you’re having trouble making a payment try these troubleshooting steps.

Question: How are the Literary Book Award winners chosen?

Answer: Awards are given to books reviewed via our Book Review Service. Books that receive a 5 star rating are entered into our Gold Award Category. Books that receive a 4 star rating are entered into our Silver Award Category. Books are then review by a panel of judges consisting of Literary Titan’s Editor-In-Chief, Managing Editor, Assistant Editor, and the book reviewer. Awards are announced at the beginning of every month. Recipients receive a digital copy of the award and can order stickers and a custom Literary Titan Book Award Certificate.

Question: What is the award process?

Answer: We announced award recipients monthly. Your book is entered into the the awards in the month following your book review posting. For example; if your book review was posted in January you will be entered into February’s Literary Titan Book Awards. Awards are posted the first week of every month.

Still have questions? Fell free to contact us using the form below.