Press Release Service – FAQ’s

Question: What will be in the Press Release Distribution Report?

Answer: The Press Release Distribution Report will include icons that link to all 400+ news sites that published your press release. You’ll be able to click on each icon in the report and be taken directly to the page that your press release is on. You will also be given a link to see all of Google’s indexed pages for your press release.

Question: Where will the press release be published?

Answer: We provide you with a detailed report with links to the 400+ newspaper, radio, and TV news websites that published your news. We make sure your press release is published on a variety of media outlets. Your press release will be published on 400+ targeted and high traffic news sites that cover everything from small town news publications to large national television broadcasts and everything in between.

Question: Is my press release guaranteed to be published?

Answer: Yes. We will ensure the press release that we write is written in industry format and will be published. If, for some reason, we cannot publish your press release then we will provide you with a full refund.

Question: What can I send in a press release?

Answer: You can include anything newsworthy about you or your book. This could be the launch of a new book, a book award win, or an author interview you were a part of. A press release can contain any information that you want the media, and readers, to know about.

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