Video Ad FAQ’s

Q: How does this work?

A: If you’ve ever watched a video on YouTube, you’ll notice that sometimes an advertisement plays before the video you want to watch. This is where we place your video. We promote your video to targeted audiences that show an interest in your books topic. Your video can also appear as an advertisement in apps or on websites.

Q: What is the Google partner network?

A: The Google partner network is a collection of thousands of websites and apps that show advertisements. The partner list is always changing, but they include large and small websites and mobile apps. This is the largest advertising service on the internet, ensuring your video will be seen on YouTube and beyond.

Q: Why do you measure view count instead of book sales?

A: The view count of your video is something that we can control and measure. We can guarantee that more people will watch your book trailer or video, but we can’t guarantee that they will buy your book.

Q: How can viewers buy my book after watching the advertisement?

A: When purchasing our service you will be asked to provide a link to a website where users can buy your book, usually the Amazon book page. Anyone who clicks on your advertisement will be taken to the website you provided to us.

Q: Why can’t you guarantee a certain view count?

A: Advertising is fickle. Things change constantly and there are a lot of variables involved. Rest assured that we do our absolute best, utilizing our years of experience and newest tools, to ensure we maximize views using your budget, but we can’t guarantee a specific view count. The view counts offered are estimates.

Q: Will anyone be able to view my advertisement?

A: Yes. But we do our absolute best to target people that enjoy books and are interested in your books genre or topic. We setup your advertisement to appear in front of people who are more likely to enjoy your book and want to buy it.

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