Review: Magno Girl

Magno Girl 4 Stars

Magnolia is a little known super hero flying above the streets of New York fighting petty crimes when she hears that someone just killed Joey the Round Man down at The People’s Pizzeria. She has suspicions that this is part of a larger plot and asks her friend Ron to help out by infiltrating the home of Thaddeus Stone, the founder and CEO of Americamart. Ron and Magnolia attempt to unravel a mysterious evil plot while encountering dangerous villains along the way. Magno Girl’s fame increases with every bad guy she takes down and every evil plot she foils. Now she must avoid the paparazzi, endorsements, and movie deals all while dangerous super villains plot to destroy her. Will Magnolia and Ron save the day? Even when the good guys are working for the bad guys, and the bad guys control the materialistic masses.

First thing, if you’re going to take this book seriously, you’re not going to enjoy it. But if you’re in the mood for a lighthearted and whimsical super hero story then this this will be a fun read. The writing is quick and the wit is sharp. The action scenes are cheesy, but it works because it’s supposed to be cheesy. The dialogue is quirky and silly in a way that makes it endearing:

He’s been burned and covered with pizza dough. They turned him into a man-sized Stromboli!” My jaw dropped. “Those dirty bastards.” Most of my family was in the pizza business, and while Joey was not a relative, I hated to see a good tomato soldier go down.

The writing was good, the jokes were decent, and the story line was entertaining, but what I really couldn’t get through was the interspersed moments of bickering between Magnolia and her mother. It really dragged the story for me. It was good enough the first time to show the relationship between her and her mother, but then it’s replayed over and over again through the story to the point where I literally felt Magnolias frustration. This is really the only disappointing element of the book. The world and back story are well built. The world, or at least New York, is filled with super heroes that fight crime, sometimes alongside the police, and star in commercials and sell their merchandise. There are low level heroes and famous super heroes. Magnolia doesn’t care for fame, but Ron does and they’re constantly fighting the urge to make easy money and stay true to their core belief of doing good for the greater good, not to cash out like many of the archetype super heroes. The story and it’s characters were absurd, but that’s where this book shines. This is a genuinely fun book to read. Don’t take the book seriously, go in ready to laugh and you’ll have a good time. I guarantee it.

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