Pumpkin Pies & Potions

Pumpkin Pies & Potions (Melting Pot Cafe Book 1) by [Polly Holmes]

Evelyn, a graduate witch, lives with her Aunt, helping manage the Melting Pot Cafe. When Harriet finds Camille’s dead body and becomes the prime suspect, it is up to Evelyn to save her best friend. Together with Jordi, a shapeshifter and Tyler, the computer nerd, they try to solve the murder case. As the focus shifts from their friend to Vivienne, owner of a pumpkin-themed restaurant and a close friend of Aunt Edie’s, they discover that black magic was involved.

The story is well-paced with a slow build up of suspense, light-hearted romance and several paranormal events, in keeping with its genre of a cozy mystery, but what makes it special is Evelyn’s unwavering love and support for her friends. She never hesitates or leaves any stone unturned when it comes to helping her friends. While she has no extraordinary skills, she is pretty intelligent and handy with her magic spells. Although she can be easily overwhelmed, she remains alert and aware about her surroundings.

Towards the end, there is an interesting development leaving readers on a cliffhanger about a mysterious unidentified man at the celebratory party and the unresolved story behind Camille’s key, which could be taken up again by the author in the sequels. One might also notice the two possible love interests as Evelyn admits feeling attracted to both Eli and Tyler. But unlike common love triangles, this one doesn’t seem incomplete or competing with each other for attention. In fact, it is the theme of friendship and trust that occupies the central role in this novel.

The character of Aunt Edie provides a thoroughly enjoyable tenderness that is at once endearing and reminiscent of a familiar trope of the ‘wise old guardian’ who guides the hero (here Evelyn) on their journey. The Melting Pot cafe, with its magical setting and quirky costumes makes for a perfect hideout for witches to gather and discuss their plan of actions. While I heartily enjoyed the novel, I felt that novel seemed to be dragged out a bit, making Evelyn’s reactions feel repetitive.

Pumpkin Pies & Potions is an enchanting mystery novel laced with humor and full of intriguing personalities. This is a spellbinding book that is the most charming supernatural story I’ve read this year.

Pages: 366 | ASIN: B08DRQFCF2

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