A Very Long Way

A Very Long Way by [Naomi Fryers]

A Very long Way by Naomi Fryers is a touching story of her life, detailing the various hardships she faced, all in candid detail. Not many people can talk about their life. Everyone has secrets and that is a fact. But Naomi not only unveiled those secrets in her book, she also has shown a lesson that everyone has to learn in life, one way or the other, to never loose hope, it will get better someday.

Born and raised in a loving family with great values and a great childhood, her downfall started when she enrolled in a prestigious elite private girls’ school. Not only did it socially boycott her but it was also mentally straining. The thing about mental health is that we never know what hurts the most. Is it something chemical? Neurological? Or are we simply inept to cope with something an average person can easily deal with?

Such was the case with Naomi Fryers. Theory after theory on how to cope and deal with it comes and goes. One of the major things I have noticed is the fact that in the science society, one of the least or on-going exploration is that of mental health and related disorders. Naomi was trapped in this whirlpool of information. Her struggles feel relatable, even if you didn’t face exactly what she faced, her writing ensures readers can understand and empathize.

For years, being on anti-depressants, anti-psychotics and a whole concoction of medicine, I feel Naomi might have felt lost in her life a lot. But, she kept moving forward, from rock bottom, to her loved ones. This journey is admirable and the way she conveys these life lessons in her book is engaging, eloquent and impassioned.

This feels like an authentic coming of age story, one that could be a fictional young adult novel, but this is real and raw and all the more impactful because of it. Naomi has written every incident in great detail and in a chronological way that is easy to follow.

A Very long Way  takes readers on a roller-coaster of emotions, with solid writing and a sophisticated perspective on life. This book is amazing for those who are battling their own mental health issues, or for readers looking for a stirring memoir.

Pages: 96 | ASIN: B09HQPTRVK

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