A Subject Of Wonder And Mystery

Biku Ghosh
Biku Ghosh Author Interview

How Did It All Start shares science facts and cultural history regarding the origin of life. Why was this an important book for you to write?

This has always been a subject of wonder and mystery over many thousand years. Currently we think we are beginning to understand some of it. It has been an area of fascination for me all my life and I have a sincere respect for our ancestors. Hopefully this book will generate some interest in those areas for the future generations including my grandchildren.

What is one surprising thing you uncovered during your research for this book?

How ancient societies around the world, separated from each other by vast land masses and seas, with no modern transports / communication had so much similarity in their concepts of our origin.

You provide a variety of creation stories in your book. What is your favorite creation story?

There are many but my favourite is the Tupi people’s story about How Jabuti (the tortoise) killed the Jaguar.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

Enjoy and try to preserve the wonders of our fragile planet, and respect different cultures around the world.

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How did it all start? What was there in the beginning? What exactly is the universe? The brilliant stars, distant galaxies, the sun, the moon and our planet Earth. Where did it all come from, and what is its future? The Big Bang is a cornerstone theory of modern cosmology. This book tries to give a simplified understanding to our curious readers.
Take a look at when and how life started and evolved? How, where and when did the humans arrive? What was the journey of humans out of Africa and peopling of the rest of the world like? What is the timeline?
Storytelling was important in most ancient cultures, and this book wants to share the tradition with our young readers. The universal theme of how our world was created was explored by our ancestors over thousands of years. Our inquisitive readers are given a glimpse of our ancient cultures through 48 fascinating stories of indigenous people from all six continents. These stories reflect a deeper understanding of the culture it arose from and its place in the larger human narrative.
The final part of the book explores Antarctica, the seventh continent. Apart from stating its importance in geology and our climate, the book tells exciting stories of semi-permanent human settlement in this remote continent. It then takes young readers on a journey through the continent’s wonders such as singing ice, blood falls and many others.

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