A Monopoly on Knowledge

Daniel G. Vintner Author Interview

Some Mistakes of Darwin and a Programmer’s Theory of Life explores through science the theory of evolution that Darwin started and explores the birth of genetics and molecular biology. Why was this an important book for you to write?

When in my youth I was confronted by pure accident with a criticism of evolution I realized that science could not support the theory as much as it was supposed to. This led me to research the subject and I’ve ultimately reached the conclusion that evolution was most likely not true. Given that I’ve never had to question my beliefs before or after, this event has profoundly shaped my views and I wanted to share with others a little bit of that experience.

What were some ideas that were important for you to share in this book?

The most important chapter in my book I believe is the one that discusses microbiology for the simple reason that life is far more interesting than any debate about we may have about its origin. In regards to my own ideas, sharing the views from software engineering of evolutionary arguments against design is I believe would be my most important contribution, as many of the claims about design are factually false, but not many know about if or why that is the case due to a simple lack of general knowledge of programming.

Did you find anything in your research of this book that surprised you?

The data my evolutionary algorithm produced was almost the same as the Long Term Evolutionary experiment. I did not expect such a strong correlation, although in retrospect I probably should have.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

The most important thing is to question our beliefs and advance science if we can, and that nobody can or should have a monopoly on knowledge and truth.

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The evolution debate has been raging on the outskirts of academia for two centuries, and the sides have never been further apart than they are now. “Science versus religion” and “evolution versus creationism” was what the audience heard for a long time. In the twentieth century God was brought down into the fighting pits of scientific society, and for the longest time it seemed he had lost the fight for good. In recent times, though, God has put his gloves back on and seems to have managed to insert himself back into the debate.

Or has he? Has anything really changed in this debate? Did evolution change, or science, or God himself? What is true from the grandiose claims of those who claim to have resurrected God by virtue of their arguments? And what truth is there in the words of the scientists who claim to have buried him?

Some Mistakes of Darwin goes back to the beginning and verifies the claims made by Darwin and his successors. It travels from the birth of genetics and molecular biology, through the advances in software engineering, to the far ends of space and time and beyond, arguing from science, not from scripture, for a new theory of life.

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