Lord Have Mercy

Mercy Aymes grew up in an environment fostered with care and love until five years ago, she found herself alone in the wake of her parent’s disappearance. The instance brought her to life inside Lincoln Boarding School, and from there, she encountered even more trials, particularly at the hands of the institution’s most notorious bully. Eager to escape the halls of her own hell, Mercy finds herself in a new one, even scarier and literal than the previous, as what were supposed to be fictional monsters revealed themselves in front of her. Along with it came an even more shocking revelation about her heritage and her significance in a world full of lightness and darkness. Mercy must choose what path to take, and she must thread it carefully, for her life and the entire world’s repair and ruin will depend on it.

Lord Have Mercy, by H.M. Mills, is an intricately made novel that brings old religious references into the modern world. This specification in the fantasy genre has always been intriguing for me, and to see religion get a much more paranormal and gothic approach is refreshing. Furthermore, the main character’s complexity due to her experiences helps readers understand that belief is not all black and white, making this novel a page-turner as one anticipates which side will triumph. The world-building was also well-written, and though the idea of heaven and hell is not new, its integration into the world created was clever, putting fantasy in mundanity.

The book immediately starts with an ever-familiar character hinting the main conflict and setting up the next events accordingly. This serves as a helpful guide to the readers as they navigate the sequence and relevance of all occurrences throughout the novel. Moreover, the explanation of every single detail in the action scenes was excellent, vividly portraying the violence and gore it entails. Though it added more pages to the book, the significance is justified, as it propels its readers to stick to the heated action and anticipate more. Lastly, despite all of the happenings, the author was able to add romance into the mix, which has also proven its importance not just in grabbing audiences but also adding another puzzle piece to the main picture.

With its jampacked story, interesting characters, and an overall message about good and evil, Lord Have Mercy will leave its readers thinking about what happens next. Mercy’s entire story is a great reminder that our lives are made up of choices and their consequences, and we must always try to choose for the betterment not just of ourselves but of others as well. I recommend this to anyone interested in merging fantasy and religion, as this book is definitely at the top of the list.

Pages: 403 | ASIN : B08Y5ZJ38F

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