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One Hundred Fart Poems

One Hundred Fart Poems by [RickthePoetWarrior]

One Hundred Fart Poems is an unexpected amusement. Even though Rickthepoetwarrior certainly has more juvenile humor at times, which can be refreshing, this is truly the pinnacle. Simply a book full of fart poems and jokes. Not hidden criticism, no hidden commentary on the hypocrisy of the world of different socioeconomic situations, just breaking wind.

One of my particular favorites is the fart quotes poem which must be experienced in full. I also found the clever plays on words humorous as always such as the use of fArt which implies art can be made of such awkward situations as are described in the book. I also, as a lover of libraries, quite enjoyed the Ripping Out a Page from History poem.

This collection of fart poems is ridiculous but refreshingly so. Readers are sure to be cackling maniacally even while being embarrassed at their own juvenile laughter. But perhaps that is what makes this book so different from Rickthepoetwarrior’s other works is that it is simply pure joy with no hidden message that might remind the reader of what is exasperating about the world. I highly recommend reading this in conjunction with one of his more profound works as a braincleanser.

Pages: 124 | ASIN: B08WTH39D8

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