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One Hundred Fart Poems

One Hundred Fart Poems by [RickthePoetWarrior]

One Hundred Fart Poems is an unexpected amusement. Even though Rickthepoetwarrior certainly has more juvenile humor at times, which can be refreshing, this is truly the pinnacle. Simply a book full of fart poems and jokes. Not hidden criticism, no hidden commentary on the hypocrisy of the world of different socioeconomic situations, just breaking wind.

One of my particular favorites is the fart quotes poem which must be experienced in full. I also found the clever plays on words humorous as always such as the use of fArt which implies art can be made of such awkward situations as are described in the book. I also, as a lover of libraries, quite enjoyed the Ripping Out a Page from History poem.

This collection of fart poems is ridiculous but refreshingly so. Readers are sure to be cackling maniacally even while being embarrassed at their own juvenile laughter. But perhaps that is what makes this book so different from Rickthepoetwarrior’s other works is that it is simply pure joy with no hidden message that might remind the reader of what is exasperating about the world. I highly recommend reading this in conjunction with one of his more profound works as a braincleanser.

Pages: 124 | ASIN: B08WTH39D8

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Victoria by Deceit of the Pants

Victoria by Deceit of the Pants by [RickthePoetWarrior RickthePoetWarrior]

Victoria by Deceit of the Pants showcases yet more of Rickthepoetwarrior’s biting wit and sarcasm while once again enlightening the reader on important issues of the western world. This book focuses on the inherent issues of modern society in Victoria, Canada. The author frequently comments on a characteristic of modern so-called progressive society, that there is an illusion of being progressive and moving forward, when in reality, there is no care behind it and the populace turns being “woke” into a fashionable thing without putting any action behind their words and at the same time, sweeping issues under the rug.

Rickthepoetwarrior does this adeptly and with style, albeit his own very unique and humorous style. One of the poems that stuck out to me the most was “They’re Fixing The Empress Hotel” which discusses the ugly past of this land in Victoria which is now being renovated, symbolically attempting to forget the horrific past of abusing First Nations people. The author also uses “book bombs” to help tie in poems from his other works to highlight societal problems that are connected. As always, the author offers his unique commentary and whimsical humor that is worth reading and considering as we try to navigate modern society.

Pages: 97 | ASIN: B08WPCTM8J

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U.S. ‘A’ Today ‘b’ Tomorrow

U.S. 'A' Today 'b' Tomorrow by [RickthePoetWarrior RickthePoetWarrior]

U.S. ‘A’ Today ‘b’ Tomorrow is an in-depth discussion of United States society during the era of Trump and his administration. The poem anthology covers topics ranging from the US elections to foreign policy to racism to class to gun violence.

As an American reading the work, it was infuriating mostly because being reminded of such events makes the brain hurt, but Rickthepoetwarrior handles the difficult situation with his usually clever, yet puerile humor. While I was extremely frustrated by the topics discussed in the book, I suspect by design, there were many poems that had me guffawing such as “What I Wish for Donald Trump’s Hell”.

Because the book is written by a Canadian author it does offer an international perspective on the events of the past four years which is quite interesting to read. The snappy poems that often include plays on words or interesting charts and diagrams hold the reader’s attention and make for a dynamic and quick read. Readers will be crying from both anger and laughter while reading this anthology, but it is oddly inspiring in a way. It motivates the reader to attempt to improve their world and the world of others. For that, I highly recommend and commend Rickthepoetwarrior.

Pages: 127 | ASIN: B08WYVMSWJ

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Some Terrorible Company To Keep

Some Terrorible Company To Keep by [RickthePoetWarrior RickthePoetWarrior]

Some Terrorible Company to Keep is a collection of poetic commentary on the nature of living in a corporate capitalist world and the complications of a prioritization of profit over people.

Rickthepoetwarrior’s creative methods of offering social criticism are wide-ranging and truly unique. The author has created a dictionary of words that facilitate puns, plays on words, and double meanings that emphasize his arguments and viewpoints. He discusses everything in this work from the corrupt industries of diamonds to the false way corporations pretend to care about their customers through customization when in reality, it is a ploy.

This in-depth collection of poems is both funny and oddly heartbreaking as the reader realizes the never-ending control of corporations and the prioritization of large corporations by the government over the people. The people are treated as cogs in a machine with few choices and the author finds infinitely creative and at times funny ways to illustrate this. There is a lot of complexity contained in this work including the often-racist nature of large corporations and lack of opportunities afforded to people of color. It is well-worth a read, particularly because the somewhat depressing content is balanced by the humor in the poetry.

Pages: 213 | ASIN: B08WY88N4Y

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Kind A SLOw In the Kootenays

Kind A SLOw In the Kootenays by [RickthePoetWarrior RickthePoetWarrior]

Kind A SLOw In the Kootenays is a fun poetic anthology that focuses on a small town and its charms and issues.

While this work clearly maintains Rickthepoetwarrior’s sharp wit and sarcasm, it is a softer and more friendly piece. The scenery of the town is depicted beautifully throughout the book as the reader gets to know more about the town and its residents and struggles.

The poems contained within carefully craft the image of a small town that is a little too conformist and has the illusion of a typical progressive Canadian town, but fails to live up to its own expectations.

Kaslow Kind A SLOW in the Kootenays is half criticism and half ironic traveler’s guide with its simultaneous recognition of the beauties of a Canadian small town such as the views, the ferry, and its friendly inhabitants and fun events. However, in the same breadth, as Rickthepoetwarrior is wont to do, he criticizes the hypocrisy and lack of real progress the town experiences through its treatment of First Nations people, racism, and the environment. As is the case with all of the author’s works it will both elicit laughs and sighs of frustration at the seeming lack of sense on the world. I highly recommend it.

Pages: 84 | ASIN: B08WPT72RY

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The Computer Part e-

The Computer Part e- by [RickthePoetWarrior RickthePoetWarrior]

The Computer Part e is Rickthepoetwarrior’s commentary on the digital age and the age of the internet and all of the issues or positives of this era. The quote from Stephen Hawking at the beginning of the anthology is particularly poignant in this volume and helps the author reinforce his ideas. It has really stuck with me, especially after reading the work. I also appreciated the amusing dictionary the author included to help understand his plays on words and puns that ultimately make the poems quite humorous and his arguments more impactful.

In terms of the actual commentary on modern internet issues, Rickthepoetwarrior touches on many subjects that are becoming more and more prominent in modern society. In particular he does an excellent job of pointing out the nuances of isolation that the internet and computers or smartphones can cause, both because it takes away the need for socialization, at least in popular culture, and because of the constant stream of self-centered content we see online.

The book also heavily discusses the way the internet and automation continues to objectify women and marginalize them in his poems about a real device that reduces women to sexual objects. Overall the book offers a lot of unique perspectives on the internet age that are worth considering and evaluating, both in ourselves and society at large.

Pages: 319 | ASIN: B08WY9QKY9

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COVID19 SCENE Seen by [RickthePoetWarrior RickthePoetWarrior]

Covid19 Scene Seen is yet another of Rickthepoetwarrior’s sharp and comedic takes on modern problems, specifically the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on global citizens.

The author employs part laughter and part serious warning to get across his arguments to the public. This anthology helps bring a little light in the dark when it is so difficult to maintain a positive attitude or look to the best in these times.

Covid19 Scene Seen expresses issues that have been exacerbated by Covid-19 such as the wealth gap and lack of access to healthcare. The book also brings up the crucial idea that pandemics happen partially as a result of humans meddling in the wild or with other species we should not contact. The book includes anagrams with funny meanings, yet an insightful conclusion which is a unique form of delivering poetry but certainly brings the reader’s attention to Rickthepoetwarrior’s arguments. The book also gives warnings to readers to remind them to be safe while poking fun at the situation and conspiracy theories surrounding Covid-19. This book is great for some comedic relief about the current global predicaments and for that purpose, I highly recommend it.

Pages: 81 | ASIN: B08WXCZ4V3

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Aural Gynecology For The Layman

Aural Gynecology by [RickthePoetWarrior RickthePoetWarrior]

Aural Gynecology for the Layman is a uniquely formatted series of poems and short commentaries that offers a new look into simple egalitarianism.

The author cleverly pokes fun at the way both men and women deal with and understand sexism and discrimination. The collection follows the general themes of sex and the interactions between men and women in daily life. The poems use plays on words and brilliant allusions to express that at times, it seems far too easy for women to be objectified and lose autonomy, particularly as they are portrayed as sexual objects.

The book is humorous and cheeky but tasteful in its wit as opposed to being vulgar. Although the anthology can be quite silly sounding at times, the author does an excellent job of capturing some of the modern-day issues facing society at large and how men tend to think about them. All of these issues are equivocated with much laughter and amusement on the part of the reader. I highly recommend this collection of poems for those looking for a laugh about contemporary problems that can seem difficult to solve, it is a refreshing break from seriousness and complete cohesiveness.

Pages: 77 | ASIN: B08WPX58YZ

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