Review: Sarah’s Spaceship Adventure

Sarah's Spaceship Adventure 2star

Sarah Talmaiz is an average teenage girl wanting desperately to speed off into space for a quick joyride in an expensive space yacht with her boyfriend. But her clandestine rendezvous goes awry when she discovers that the boy with the expensive space yacht is nothing more than a jerk and a rapist. The space yacht gets taken out by a meteor strike and an unassuming boy named Pall comes aboard for repairs. He is persuaded by Sarah to rescue her by taking her off the ship. He agrees, but Sarah doesn’t realize that she has unwittingly married the boy. Pall whisks her deeper into space far from her home and so begins Sarah’s Spaceship Adventure.

If you ever said to yourself ‘I wonder what it’s like to be a space trucker’, then this book is for you. It details the in’s and out’s of being a space truck driver and is meticulous in that respect. Sarah and Pall are brought together by a series of unfortunate events and one improbable micro meteor strike. Their ill-fated relationship builds over time as they fight about mundane issues. IE. Sarah and Pall argue over the price of shoes that they’re selling. There are lots of these kinds of banal fights. During and between all their arguments they wonder if they should be together. This is fairly accurate for real life, but it’s not the type of conflict that makes you want to keep turning pages. I enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek moments in the book, but there are several odd points of focus. IE. Several paragraphs are used to describe how the spaceship docks in different ports , and there is an overabundance of explanation of how goods are stacked inside the spaceship. Amidst all these extensive descriptions Sarah gradually turns from a simple teen on a big planet to a crew-person plying the space lanes. ‘Adventure’ is included in the title so I was expecting lots of wild and unexpected things to happen. Well, stuff definitely happened and they were certainly unexpected, but they were bland in their development and execution. Sarah and Pall go to trial for piracy, Sarah gets propositioned by a rich guy, Sarah gets taken by slavers, there’s a minor bit about Peter’s infidelity, and then there was a whole section about Sarah wanting to buy high heeled shoes, but mostly they go to different places and sell their goods while Sarah learns the rigors of being a crew-person. Slavery is mentioned early in the book and I felt that the book was heading in that direction, possibly Sarah and Pall get mixed up in that and end up fighting the slavers and ending slavery, but no. The story is all about Sarah and Pall falling in love as they become successfull space traders. At the books core is a love story about two young teens and in that respect it’s done well.

Pages: 297
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