Floating On Secrets

Floating on Secrets by [Bensko, Tantra]

Flair is a small-town girl clashing with the normalcy she hides behind. Her routine consists of attending psychology classes, working as a bartender, and in her spare time floating in a sensory deprivation tank. Flair uses her time floating as a way to explore her mind, utilizing what she learns in class to discover the far reaches of her psyche. The tank provides an escape, a place to truly be herself. Until one night when all she perceives as real comes crashing down. A stranger visits Flair while she is floating, literally the man of her dreams.

His mother’s float business has a thief, Austin follows Flair suspecting her of the crime. Brought together by shared interests and the mystery of who stole from Addie, Austin and Flair unite in common goals that bring them closer together.

Floating on Secrets is a psychological suspense novel with an emphasis on psychology. It is also a love story with two characters whose everyday thoughts do not adhere to the mindset of their surrounding peers. Their desire for love outweighs the abnormal encounter of how they first met. Flair and Austin are well-developed characters that slowly unveil themselves as the story unfolds. Tantra Benskoillustrates her characters with vivid and compelling descriptions, they are all well rounded and authentic and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about them.

The theme of neo-psych rock plays heavily into the story. Music shapes the feeling and thoughts of Flair and builds a foundation of commonality between her and Austin. The actual words “neo-psych rock”, I thought, were used one too many times within the first few chapters. But once the plot begins to take shape the word wanes. Looking past my qualms with the word choice, fans of the genre will certainly appreciate the attention to detail Bensko puts into describing the music.

The mysteries that make up the essence of Floating on Secrets drew me in and kept me guessing. After the story picks up and the characters are established the author truly shines in delivering a well-crafted suspense novel. I thought the inner monologues were interesting and added some character depth, but sometimes the inner dialog was overused. However, the overall plot is interesting and goes beyond the typical mystery story premise of predictable characters and events. Tantra Bensko has created an intriguing crime novel that any reader would find enjoyable.

Pages: 366 | ASIN:  B07PXFWH9X

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