Hidden Antidote – Written By G Dhillon

Hidden Antidote

Dedicated to:

My beloved wife who is far away from me right now with the lockdown

My children who missed their mum

To everyone who is far away from their family at this difficult time

And to the world who is enduring the pain


Why are you doing this to my fellow humans
So much misery you have caused
My love, many miles away,
Our lives are now on pause.

You’re fearless,  discreet, like a predator in the night,
The old and young are now grieving,
Please listen to my plight out loud,
With you the whole world is now pleading.

Just go away, your work is done,
Don’t steal from us anymore!
What was first a joke for us,
Is now a joke no more.

You only arrived here a few weeks ago
So much misery upon us you have brought,
People sheltering in their home,
A true lesson to us you have taught.

We took, we stole, For our selfish needs,
We put our mother Earth up for sale,
We sold our mother to the highest bidder
It was greed on an epic scale.

Loved ones you have taken away prematurely,
My love is many borders away,
How dare you do this to my children’s mother,
For this one day you’ll pay.

I beg you for forgiveness,  for our past wrong doings,
I pray you leave us alone,
I swear we’ll change our ways for good,
Your mighty destruction you have shown.

We are not alone,  in these dark times present,
We must all come together as one,
It’s not I but us that will beat this virus
Our work has only just begun.

You’ve opened our eyes, to what’s important and what’s not,
Not wealth, not greed, or show,
But love and health and simple food on our table,
The only way for our human race to grow.

Let’s come together as nature intended
Reach out building bridges not walls
Show love and respect for all forms of life
And stay away from life’s pitfalls

To all the loved ones that are far away
Be strong and be bold,
The day is coming for us to meet,
You In my arms soon I’ll hold!!


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