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For Adventure And The History

Author Interview
David R. Kozlow Jr. Author Interview

Who Knew? is a collection of evocative poetry that is based on people throughout time in New York City. What inspired you to write this collection of poetry?

A feeling I got in the middle of the night to write the book.

What draws you to New York City and what do you think draws so many other people to the city?

I was born here.  I always worked here.  

Others are drawn to New York City for adventure and the HISTORY.  They heard about the city from others and said we have to go there.

My favorite poem from the collection is the one about ‘General George Washington’. Is there a poem that you are particularly partial to in this collection?

Oh yes!  The Slave

Do you have plans to write and publish more works of poetry?

Yes!   If it comes to me in my sleep and or a very strong inspiration while being awake.

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Who Knew? is a two-part poem that reflects on historical events in New York City by certain individuals that set the standards in New York City today. Read and reflect on our history from the perspective of a New York City policeman.

Corpse Beneath The Crocus

Corpse Beneath The Crocus by N.N. Nelson is a collection of poetry written about everyday moments of life, portraying what it means to be human. This provocative book beautifully depicts feelings of rage, loneliness, and anxiety while at the same time illustrating quiet mornings, the depths of love, and the power of silence. In writing about a wide variety of things, N.N. Nelson paints beautiful pictures with words and sheds light on moments and feelings, so many people are afraid to speak aloud.  

This emotional collection contains raw and vulnerable narratives of happiness, heartbreak, anger, wonder, curiosity, lament, and regret. Numerous times, N.N. Nelson depicts being present in the present– recounting details of intimacy and transparency.   Corpse Beneath The Crocus is a fantastic book for people looking to get in touch with their inner selves and process their deepest emotions. This collection of poetry will cause the reader to dive into memories and experiences of their own life while relating to the stories and narratives of N.N. Nelson. By going deep into their innermost thoughts and feelings, the author gives the reader a glimpse into moments and memories the readers themselves may have also experienced in a lifetime. 

Corpse Beneath The Crocus will captivate anyone who is a deep thinker, empath, or introvert. I believe this book would be a great resource for people going through difficult times to find someone to sympathize with and relate to. Readers will find this is a great addition to their poetry collection and depicts moments of everyday life with simplicity, imagery, and poise. I would highly recommend this book to everyone. Genuine and eloquently written, this book will be a joy to whoever picks it up off the shelf. 

Pages: 122 | ISBN : 1639887385

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The Mole Vol II

The Mole Vol II by Ron Raye is a book of poetry that takes an in depth look at both the perpetrators and victims of slavery and the lasting impacts of that institution. Raye doesn’t pull any punches as he dives into the sensitive topic, following the journey taken by many slaves and exploring both their individual stories and their collective pain. From the woman who is raped and beaten, to the returning character of Willem, who appears to “[serve] as one of the architects of slavery,” Raye manages to use a variety of characters and stories to convey the depth and breadth of the history he is dramatizing, and he does so without romanticizing, dehumanizing, or trivializing.

Some pieces seemed to end but not and vice versa, so readers will need to read closely. There is a repetition to some of the pieces and I can see the reason for that repetition being an illustration of the continued suffering of the characters and others whose stories are not told. However the sheer power of these pieces and the stories being told is captivating.

Raye does a fantastic job of bringing characters to life in a way that feels raw and real; these aren’t just caricatures of villains and victims, but engaging people and stories that connect readers to real struggles. His language is incredibly evocative, painting a picture that is so vivid and at times uncomfortable that Raye succeeds in not just making you hear what he has to say, but feel what he means you to feel.

Pages: 307 | ASIN: B0BBJVZGMX

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From Peacock Lane

From Peacock Lane: the Poetry and Prose of Emily Evans Volume 1 is a collection of evocative poetry and prose written by Victoria Winifred’s late mother, Emily Evans. It’s a unique and personal glimpse into the 1930s, featuring nostalgic moments in time, from fabric textures and living on a farm to more impactful experiences that can be unexpected and, at times, conjure a sense of fear of the unknown or sadness.

Evans does an exceptional job of creating a vivid atmosphere so that the reader is immediately transported to a cornfield with chirping crickets, to the scent of brewing coffee, city scenes, and the rugged countryside. Each poem brings a slice of the past to life, with just a few, vibrant words that ignite the imagination, painting a clear picture in the reader’s mind. I found the book easy to follow, with groups of poetry and prose divided into themed chapters, which flow smoothly from beginning to end.

Evans masterfully evokes a strong emotional response with a few, strong words and phrases in each poem. I enjoyed her work’s simplicity and the natural flow of one piece to the next for seamless reading. It’s a great book that deserves to be read in one setting, over a weekend at a cottage, or in a quiet location, where you can absorb the author’s scenery, tone, and message. It’s an easy book to re-read and reflect on the author’s experiences, feelings, and the historical setting, which I found intriguing, and kept me turning one page after another.

From Peacock Lane: the Poetry and Prose of Emily Evans Volume 1 is a wonderful collection and a very promising start to a series of poems and prose. It’s a fantastic book with a refreshingly simple but engaging style. I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more from the author.

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If I Knew You

If I Knew You is a stirring poem about parenthood, growing up, and family that is paired with beautiful watercolor artwork to create an emotional picture book that will be impactful to both kids and adults.

Although the book is short, it conveys the emotions and thoughts expectant parents usually have. I thought at first the poem would be about a mother wondering about the first few years of their child’s life, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the poem goes much further than that and explores the many different phases of life, and parenthood. The last few pages certainly touched my heart as I reflected on the same times I had with my children, and those times that are yet to come.

The poem is easy to follow, and lyrical, which will make it perfect for beginning readers. Young children will be glued to the pages as their parents read this wonderful poem to them as the mix of watercolor and graphic art makes for a vibrant picture book that is eye-catching. There are both boys and girls, men and women, all throughout the story so the book will speak to anyone, no matter their age.

If I Knew You is a memorable and evocative picture book that is a perfect gift for expecting parents, or as a book to read to children as it will inspire them to think about their life ahead.

Pages: 41 | ASIN: B0BQNZM7V6

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Who Knew?

Who Knew? is an eloquent collection of poems that capture the emotion of a person at a moment in time in New York City’s history. Each poem is short but impactful. I was astonished to find that each poem conveys a deep meaning with so few works.

Each poem is evocative and captures the person’s strife and uncertainty all with a single sentence at the end of each poem, ‘Who knew?’ Each poem gives readers a glimpse at the life of someone who lived, or lives, in New York City; an immigrant, a slave, a police officer, a firefighter. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a test at the end, which asks the reader to guess who each poem was about. Before moving on to find the answers, I found myself flipping back through the poems one more time to try and find out who they might be about. This adds a lot of engagement to the poetry, and made me want to read the poems more than once.

Poetry readers will enjoy the potency of each poem, and casual readers will be able to easily pick this book up and complete it quickly because of the brevity of the poems. Anyone interested in New York City history will also find this poems fascinating as they are intriguing artistic glimpses of what it meant to be alive in New York City to different people at different times.

Pages: 17 | ASIN: B08V1SH4QH

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Vengeful Strike

Vengeful Strike is an entertaining short story by author Jah-Femi Telewa. It is a tale of a soldier named Killsmani and how he struggles to serve his king. One day the fictional northern lands of Nottally receive visitors from their southern neighbors. Bearing gifts and riches for the king, they are welcomed with open arms. Killsmani then has a peculiar dream where his sword becomes enchanted with what may be a blessing or a curse. He goes on to fight many successful battles for his king until some unrest comes to the land. Killsmani’s decisions will impact Nottally for the years to come.

Vengeful Strike reads like a fable or fairy tale, with a moral lesson of choosing between right and wrong. The setting is medieval/fantasy, the characters are mysterious, and the feats are mighty. There are the bones of a good fairy tale here, but as it is laid out, the consequences are more matter-of-fact than cautionary, as one traditionally expects in a fable or fairy tale. Killsmani’s choices are thrust upon him, and he reactively responds to certain situations rather than thinking about the consequences. The other characters are there merely to prop up the tale of Killsmani and his plight.

The audiobook version of Vengeful Strike was quite entertaining. The production value was extremely high quality, included some pretty good sound effects, and the narration was lively. In addition, I thought the story, while predictable at times, was a pleasant tale.

Vengeful Strike will captivate fantasy readers and draw them into the kingdom of Nottaly. Readers who enjoy fables and folktales will really enjoy this short story. I also feel like this is an excellent outline of what could be a compelling full-length novel about Killsmani and his enchanted sword. I would also like to see more adventures in the kingdom of Notttally and the surrounding lands.

Pages: 26 | ASIN : B0BH36DRRJ

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Love Found In Jesus

Author Interview
Rodney Lyttaker Author Interview

Poetry to Heal is an inspirational and emotionally charged collection of poetry and songs. What inspires you to write poetry?

I fell in love with Jesus when I received Salvation through Jesus in 2012. I love to write to tell others about Faith/Hope and love found in Jesus. We all have stories to tell, I write to inspire others, to lift them up that when they read said poem they can relate to it.

What are some emotions you find your poetry often explores?

Uplifting as the readers/fans can relate to said poem and it touches them, when they are feeling down. When said poem is read they feel peace and love of Jesus Christ through them.

What challenges did you set for yourself as a writer with this collection?

Hopefully one day the right reader/producer will read my book and want to turn some of my poetry into a movie. One day a band will see my lyrics and want to work with me to put music to my lyrics and hopefully they will get airplay for the World to listen to.

Do you have plans to write and publish more works of poetry?

Yes I’m working on my 3rd book that will be a mixture of song lyrics and poetry.

This is a book of Poems, a couple songs written. These Poems and songs are written to Inspire and give joy to the readers.

The Poems are Christian based, also about letting go of a loved one.
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