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A View From My Bay

Vincent Green is a man that struggles to be heard due to injuries related to 9/11. A View From My Bay is his way of letting his voice be heard. There is often a mystery to men of greatness. A person can be considered great for the battles they win, the lives they save or the life they live. Vincent Green has done all these things in his lifetime. In his intimate memoir A View from My Bay we are exposed to Vincent, or Vinny, the man. Readers experience his humble origins and his journey to the heights of his career and personal life. This book is both inspiring and personal. Part autobiography part memoir, Vinny shares parts of his soul that made him into the man he is today.

Green has climbed from what many would describe as the bottom of the socio-economic ladder to impressive heights. Well respected and regarded through his law enforcement career he has shared his skills and knowledge with leaders from across the world. This illuminating biography shares his skills and his talents in fighting corruption like those heroes we all watched on television when we were young. He is more than an impressive male role model for young men and women. He is a human being with thoughts and feelings. He has granted us his grace in sharing those pieces of himself through this book.

A collection of styles are used by Green to share his emotions, thoughts, and ideals. These are pieces of his past and the incredible experiences he has lived. The first book in a planned trilogy, readers will get to experience the specific moments in time that helped shape Green into the person he became. The praises he attributes to his parents, the respect he gives to his dearly departed sister and the specks of his own soul.

A View from My Bay by Vincent Green is a humble and awe-inspiring glimpse into the world that shaped Vinny into the amazing person he became. These snippets and pieces are not inflated with hot air or selfish praises. These are beautiful portraits of a singular man who has risen from what others would call the depths. He does not deny his humble origins, yet he doesn’t attempt to make a ‘success’ story for himself out of them. He simply exists and shares his soul with his readers. And readers are better for it.

Pages: 278 | ASIN: B074R5FKTX

Not to mention, he’s a murderer.

Dave Matthes
Dave Matthes Author Interview

A Cage for the Wind is the story of a man who has been through a lot, done a lot, and most of all, gotten away with a lot. What inspired the idea of Jerry’s character and the life that’s shared in this book?

Originally, the book itself was simply going to be a new poetry collection to toss onto the stack of my previous collections. The poems in this book, however, started to take on a different sort of life of their own separate from what I’d written before. Eventually, I started filling in the spaces between the poems with little bits of story which in turn began to tell a tale of sorts of a man who would eventually become “Jerry”. I’ve written a lot of solid characters in the past, solid in that they have a very defined line, a route of progression, flawed, absolutely, but they’re mostly all very concrete; you can almost reach out and touch them if you thought about it hard enough. I wanted to write something different, not just a new character, but a new kind of character. Jerry is shattered, in pieces, and in probably will never be put together in a way that makes sense to himself or others around him. So the structure of the book reflects that, as it is written from three different points of view all centered around him.

Jerry is a provocative yet compelling character. What was the writing process like to create that balance in Jerry’s character?

Jerry’s evolution came about very, very slowly during the writing process, right up to the very last day before publication. I wanted a character that didn’t just leave the reader wondering more about and then shrugging off, but rather a character that had many different dimensions of possible existence. Jerry’s story is told from the points of view of three different styles and formats, but they are all “him”. My goal was to leave the reader having some idea of who or what Jerry is, while also in a way, having no idea at all. In that sense, Jerry can be whoever the reader wants him to be. The more people who read Jerry’s story and come to that realization, the more versions of Jerry will come into existence, and I think that’s an amazing thought.

What were some themes that came up in the book organically and surprised you when you were finished?

Flawed characters exist everywhere and are written every which way. I myself have never really gotten any joy out of writing a character who isn’t flawed or fractured in some way. But with Jerry, I wanted to create a character who the reader could sympathize with, maybe even empathize on some level, but couldn’t decide why, because he’s actually a pretty bad guy. He has his glimmers of goodness, but really, he’s a rotten, hole of a man with most likely no real light at the end of his tunnel. Not to mention, he’s a murderer. I think the main thing I wanted to get across, is that no matter how good or how bad someone is, they can never truly be 100% good or evil. I’ve seen a lot of this world try to argue with absolutes, and it makes me sick to my stomach to know that many people out there think so harshly and so absolutely about being “one way or the other”, or “if you’re not with me, you’re against me”, leaving no room to move either way. It’s sickening. And so maybe Jerry is more bad than good, but also, maybe there’s enough good in him to come back from all that darkness. Maybe. Probably not, but maybe. And that’s the point.

Have you pursued any other formats to tell your stories in?

A Cage for the Wind is the most “out there” I’ve personally gotten in terms of style and format. I’ll probably attempt writing another book I the future in a similar way with more tweeks and turns and twists, bending the ways a book can be read. I really like the idea of someone picking up a book and assuming one thing, then when they begin to read it they’re suddenly swept off their feet in a way they didn’t expect.

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Jerry is a writer, a box-truck driver, a desk-jockey, sometimes a murderer, but more often than not, he’s a liar, and no one in his circle of associates, acquaintances, or lovers can ever be sure when, and more importantly, if he’s telling the truth. But over the course of the next few days (or weeks, or months, or years, who can really be sure?) he will go on a journey, maybe, of self-discovery riddled with mind-transporting drugs, childhood-rooted romances, and ancestral malarkey. Or, maybe he’s returning home from a journey he can’t remember anything of. The only thing he can be sure of, is that he’s not sure if he’s leaving to or returning from, or if he’s even gone away in the first place.

In this story, Jerry’s life is told from three points of view of gradually-intensifying insanity. His melodramatic world is seen through his own eyes, narrated in the nameless voice of another, and finally, through anecdotal poems which serve as thoughts, musings, reflections, and more.

So come along, hop on board, join Jerry in his quest for… whatever. Maybe you can make sense of the mess, if, of course, there is any sense to be found at all.

To Understand Myself Better

Loreen de Kort
Loreen de Kort Author Interview

Notes on the Train takes readers on a journey of self-discovery through a collection of expressive poetry that explores the various struggles people face in life. Why was this an important collection for you to publish?

Putting my thoughts out was very important to me because I feel that if there are others out there with the same feelings and the same thoughts, they need to know there are others that share their thoughts and they are not alone in the struggle. It’s oftentimes the feeling of aloneness that is the hardest to bear.

I really enjoyed how eloquent and striking the poems were. What inspires you to write poetry?

I am inspired by my family whose unending support makes it possible for me to feel confident in putting myself out there in the ethos and letting my thoughts speak.

What are some themes you often find yourself gravitating towards while writing?

I find myself writing most often on feelings of aloneness and self-evaluation. As I work through the inner struggles I have on a day to day basis, I write my thoughts to understand myself better.

My favorite poem from this collection is ‘Hitting and Missing’. Do you have a favorite poem from this book?

In fact Hitting and Missing is my favorite poem also. I feel very strongly about being a mother and grandmother. My life has been enriched beyond descrption by having my children in my life and I wanted to capture some of what I was feeling in words.

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From a talking pigeon to a mirror that sees all, Notes on the Train brings you closer to the author’s struggle with depression and change through the landscape of life. Not all battles are fought with weapons of war. Some battles rage within the mind and soul and take no prisoners. This book is a collection of poems and prose written by the author on her journey of self-discovery.

A Cage for the Wind

A Cage for the Wind by [Dave Matthes]

To be fair, the reader has been warned that they will be “helplessly lost in an abyss of muddied and bitter confusion”. Jerry is one of the brave ones. He is brave for letting the reader see into his messy mind. He is brave for not attempting to hide the darkness inside him. He is brave for being exactly who he is, weird and disturbed as he may be. Perhaps the world would be a better place if everyone let others see them in their full glory.

Jerry has worn many hats and many masks. He has been the charming diner. He has been the office worker who does not conform or fit in. He has been the ‘jilted’ lover. He has been the unassuming courier enjoying the company of jazz on the lonely road. He has been the man who creates a marriage then goes home to a cat at the end of the day. Through his many faces, he has always been a writer and a murderer. This is the story of Jerry and all his different selves. It is the story of a man who has been through a lot, done a lot, and most of all, gotten away with a lot. Is it his upbringing? Is it his inborn nature?

When a book starts off with an oedipal confession then you know it is going to be a treat. In that moment, you know that Jerry is not going to be an ordinary person. Rarely do people come back from watching the mounds of their mother’s breasts peek out of the bathwater as she cries about something she never talks about.

Even when he does or says something particularly disturbing, Jerry is almost likable. Maybe it is because of the pity he inspires. He has a way of manipulating the reader into rooting for him despite his actions and character. He does nothing to be liked but somehow, he is. The writer does not describe him but a reader will know him. Jerry is the alter ego we all hide from the world and only allow him out in dark empty rooms. The crass narration of events is funny and abhorrent in equal measure.

The book ends just like it begins; in confusion. The writer often misspells the name ‘Agnes’. While it does not happen often, it causes a measure of distraction on the pages it does happen. Considering the type of writing in this book, any other errors will go unnoticed as Jerry keeps the reader gripped and their eyes stuck on the pages.

Ever gone by a gruesome accident with brain matter sprawled on the ground and limbs bent unnaturally as screams of agony fill the air? Ever found yourself staring, almost savoring the smell of hot blood and listening to the lull of fading pulses? That is what this book is. It is a hot but intriguing mess. A Cage for the Wind is daring. It is messy. It is the book you whisper about to everyone. Dave Matthes has executed a beautiful literary tangled web.

Pages: 152 | ASIN: B09D43RBRH

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Notes On The Train

Notes On The Train by [Loreen de Kort, Chandra Sparks-Splond]

Notes on the Train by Loreen de Kort is a thought provoking collection of impassioned poetry and prose. It includes dozens of poems about a range of themes such as hiding your true feelings for fear of being hurt, allowing others to affect or control how you feel, not seeing the good things about yourself that others can see, feeling unloved, looking outside of yourself for happiness rather than finding it within, not being seen for your true self, not fitting in, feeling lost, not being able to accept help from others, striving for a high goal that has not yet been reached, and questioning what is the meaning of life.

The poems in this book are heartfelt and stirring, and I enjoyed all of them in different ways. Although many of them have a darker theme, there were also many poems that were inspiring and uplifting, which were the ones that I especially liked.

My favorite poem was “Hitting and Missing”, which is about what a mother is missing by having children not outweighing what she didn’t miss–the precious moments with her children. Even as a reader who does not have children of my own, I could relate to this poem because it made me think of my own mother. I also liked the poem about puzzle pieces with each doll holding a different piece which represented a specific emotion or quality that was needed to make a complete whole, and not allowing the sorrow piece to take over. This poem was different than any poem I have read in other books, and I liked the uniqueness of it.

The poems varied in style with differing structures and ranged in length from a short poem with only four lines to poems that were a few pages. I liked this variety in the poems because it ensured that the book did not feel repetitive even though similar themes were used. This book is comprised almost entirely of poems, but I enjoyed the inclusion of the short story as well.

While I did not fully understand some of the poems, I still felt that the poems were stimulating and meditative. I felt that some poetic styles didn’t resonate with me, but I appreciated how the poems conveyed a variety of emotions, some of them dark but all of them were expressive.

Notes on the Train is a stirring poetic exploration of the authors emotions and the struggles anyone faces with depression and the myriad of struggles that life presents. A bold, candid and memorable collection of poetry.

Pages: 57 | ASIN: B09436WNLJ

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Drifters by Stuart Jay Silverman provides readers with a world filled with rich experiences. A beautiful collection of poems in which Silverman creates art, poem by poem, line by line. The selection of poems is broad and varied, something unique and wonderful waiting to satisfy the many tastes of poetry readers.

The poems presented by Silverman are unique and it is easy to get lost in them, admiring and trying to figure out the author’s creative ability. There’s not a specific theme unifying each poem, however, he divides them in four different sections, through which one can get a different view of the poems. The poems are not limited to a specific subject, which allows the author to cover a variety of sensations and experiences of life itself. There are beautiful entries about nature and varied animal species. There are also stories about human life and modernity. There is a little of everything, so readers will be able to find something that satisfies them and lets their imagination fly.

Following the way in which the poems are written, the author gives the readers the freedom to take the experiences that he presents in his unique, characteristic way, to transform them into a series of sensations that they can relate to and enjoy. The book offers a wondrous manner in which to see the world, where even the most mundane activities are given color with Silverman’s artistic brush.

Drifters offers a creative and immersive reading experience. It’s very easy to sit, relax and enjoy each of the poems, as one enjoys watching a beautiful painting or a scenic view. As the book progresses, a new piece of the world is unlocked for the readers to see, allowing the reader to experience a careful exploration of the world and the life that it contains. There is something fascinating in each of the four parts that Silverman unveils, and provides us with a new way in which to see what is around us to reflect upon. He makes sure not to dwell on a particular subject, varying constantly through different themes, topics and writing styles. This narrative decision makes Drifters a compelling and entrancing collection that will awaken the creative eyes of many.

Join the world that Silverman has carefully recognized and structured through poetic writing, as he builds part of the path towards the rich environment around us.

Pages: 128 | ISBN: 1639880607

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Embody by [Sonee Singh]

Embody by Sonee Singh is a rousing and inspired collection of poems exploring the common theme of healing, organized in the form of the seven chakras – Muladhara (Root), Svadhisthana (Sacral), Manipura (Solar Plexus), Anahata (Heart), Vasudha (Throat), Ajna (Third Eye), Sahasrara (Crown). The chakras are an ancient energy system having roots in ancient India, the birthland of Yoga. A blocked chakra can manifest itself in the form of several mental and physical diseases. Thus, Singh’s idea of classifying her poems in the form of seven chakras coincides with her overarching theme of healing.

The best feature of this collection of poems is that they are not forced and seem to be flowing from the inner self as any good poem should. As Singh mentions, while writing the book, she did not have the theme in mind, and it was only after finishing that she realized that they had a common theme and a hidden structure. The simple short poems flow easily and carry readers along with their easy-to-understand and straightforward form and a free-flowing rhyming scheme.

The book, in itself, is aesthetically pleasing and offers a treat to the eyes with its colorful water paint illustrations, white background and uncluttered, minimalist layout. I feel that the knowledge of Chakras is not well known, so one feature that I would have liked to have had in the book is a bit of an introduction about the focal point of the chakra and its manifestation.

Embody is a collection of simple poetry that I think will be very appealing to average readers as it contains thoughtful but stimulating poetry that is easy to understand and is powerful because of it.

Pages: 235 | ASIN: B09GP4GJ9K

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Excursions of the Mind 2

Excursions of the Mind 2: Stories Take Flight by J Kenzy is a collection of poetic short stories with the common theme of God’s love and country. Hailing from a small American town, her roots are reflected in her writings about the American Heartland. This book takes readers on a literary journey across the beautiful land.

This collection is appealing with a delightful creativeness and a simple yet pleasing nature and has a cheerful visual appeal with its oversized artworks. Some readers will appreciate the chaotic graphics, but it may be a bit distracting to others.

Added in with the wide range of topics, ranging from the Founding Fathers to a woman who escaped North Korea, the book is a treat for those who love global history. There is a wide range of topics, placed in no particular order, that will take readers in all directions. While I enjoyed the topics and found them intellectually invigorating, I would have enjoyed themed sections with a thoughtful arrangement of the poems.

The poetry in the book will appeal to average readers as I think the poems are more like poetic short stories rather than poems that convey nebulous ideas with strict adherence to poetic rules. The poems are more descriptive and take the reader to the scene, just like an actual story. While the poetry forgoes consistent rhyming schemes and themes, it instead has free-flowing poetry that dips in and out of formal rhyming structures and morphs from one poetic form to another.

Excursions of the Mind 2 is a collection of thought-provoking free form poetry that I recommend to readers who like global history, nature, spirituality and the American country. It is a light read with simple descriptive poems accompanied by artwork that is a treat to the eyes.

Pages: 218 | ISBN: 1728348900

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