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Rosebud: A Poetry Collection

Rosebud: A Poetry Collection by Nick Jameson is a book of poems that is characterized by its beauty and accurate representation of what it’s like to be alive. The poems presented are varied and highly relatable to the human experience, to something deep that lives inside of every one of us. Life, love, spirit and pain are some of the many subjects covered through the different poems, each of them painted in a beautiful manner that will resonate with the readers.

The moment I started reading this book I realized how special it was going to be. From the beginning it addressed relevant philosophical topics in a delicate and simple way. These themes came alive through every new poem, weaving a thread for the reader to follow and inspect within themselves the meaning and beauty of life. The narrative voice that Jameson uses is very comforting and soothes the soul. Even those poems that dealt with the pain and suffering of being alive illustrated their ideas in such a lovely way that the main feeling that one got from them was of being seen and understood, a reassuring and warm sentiment. By the end, Jameson had recreated through his poems a feeling and idea that is so profound to the human soul yet abstract and hard to describe. It is the feeling of being alive, of loving and of finding one’s way in this strange world that’s been given to us.

Through every page, each new poem speaks to the readers’ soul as an ancient friend would. It guides them and consoles them, painting a captivating picture filled with life and inspiration. The fervor to love and to live a spiritual life is felt along many of the poems, letting the readers reconnect with something important that lives inside of us. Here lay the utmost important ideas that have been forgotten in this modern world and are needed to live a fulfilled life. Expect to recur to the words written in these poems in times of worry and self-doubt.

The themes covered in this poetry collection are varied yet all intertwine in one way or another. There are many narrative styles used that help in conveying the ideas presented in an imaginative way. The result is a fantastic masterpiece that will resonate with the hearts of many. There are so many lines worth highlighting in this small poetry collection that will remind you of the magic contained in every moment, in nature, and the potential of living life with love and passion.

Pages: 152 | ASIN: B09YHD7BQT

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Peace in the Midst of the Storm

Author Kaleb Thompson’s Peace in the Midst of the Storm is a poetry collection that aims to inspire others, offering sanctuary to readers going through life’s crises. This collection is based on religious beliefs and seeks to glorify God and exalt the human spirit. The writer captures the universal experiences of despair, stress, and not knowing where to turn while offering religious-based solutions to navigating these dark times in life.

These poems contain powerful and evocative images; the opening poem describes a peaceful place “my life will soon leap into.” I feel, at times, these poems would benefit from being simplified. Some lines are so long that the rhyme scheme is partially lost or muddled. Nonetheless, there is a promise of healing within these poems through moments of original phrasing and Thompson’s positive, supportive messaging. One message that stood out to me is that we are not who we were in the past, our future can be different, and we have the power to change our lives.

The poem “Blame” really struck me. The lines “A mature young man in the midst of grown adults who don’t know how / and when to grow up is not only surprising, it’s disturbing.” I see this attitude almost every day, at work, in stores, and even at children’s sports games. How can children learn to live in a Godly way when the example set before them is the exact behavior they are told to correct?

This collection is for those passionate about their religious beliefs and who have a strong faith background. The poetry is religious; there are explicit calls to prayer, alongside a sense of owing life’s successes to God. Through God, readers will find a path to overcoming anxiety, fear, a broken and troubled spirit, and an uplifting message of hope. The uplifting energy of this collection and Thompson’s attempt to reach out to the downtrodden are admirable.

Peace in the Midst of the Storm is a collection of poetry that will help guide readers into the light from the darkness that has built up inside them. This inspirational anthology will give readers hope and encouragement to find the best inside of themselves with the help of God.

Pages: 88 | ASIN : B09PSTJPH8

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Our lives are shaped by our beliefs and experiences and how we approach each challenge that crosses our paths. Some of us just live these experiences, and others turn them into works of art. Author James Murdock has done just that with his collection of poems and unique narratives. From family relationships and commentary on religion, political situations and current events, Murdock gives readers some truly amazing food for thought.

Spirit, by James Murdock, contains just over 100 pages of short poems–some which rhyme, some free verse, and a few are written in a truly unique narrative form. Murdock’s poems cover a wide variety of topics and provide something for every reader to ponder. I was especially taken with his very honest and open takes on religion. I feel as though many readers who consider themselves religious but don’t affiliate with a particular church will relate to Murdock’s words. His words resonated with me.

I typically lean more towards narratives, but Murdock’s poetry fascinates me. I enjoyed the organization of the book and the way topics and lengths varied greatly from one page to the next. He offers readers brief reprieves from some of the more thought-provoking pieces and includes a nice amount of humor throughout the book. His extremely short commentary on Twitter made me laugh out loud and came at just the right time in the reading.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Murdock’s selections that veer from the typical rhyme and free verse. Written in a format that combines his own words and those from Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address,” his lengthier selection “Howie & the Gettysburg Address” takes the reader on a journey into one boy’s attempt to recite the renowned piece. Readers will feel every ounce of anxiety and pressure alongside Howie right to the poems quite abrupt and fitting end.

Murdock’s words are beautifully penned and provide a wide variety of topics that will fascinate readers of all genres. I highly recommend Murdock’s work to any reader looking to explore poetry for the first time. Spirit offers readers a spectacular opportunity to glance into the life of the author and at the same time empathize with a wide array of experiences.

Art of Telling Publications, LLC | ISBN 978-1-7348447-3-3

A Poetic Spanking

A Poetic Spanking by Anthony Toomer is a compilation of free verse poems that explore a variety of topics from faith, love, and contemporary societal issues that are occurring within the black community.

Toomer’s writing is potent and really opens the readers eyes to the power of prayer. The author also sheds light on many social issues such as the Black Lives Matter movement and the various injustices that African Americans face today.

Toomer’s poems are diverse and range from preaching the word of God, to poems of love, to poems that sounded like music lyrics. There is a fervor to Toomer’s words that is easily felt and makes each poem feel profound as well as spiritual.

While this collection explores spirituality, I appreciate that the author does not force his faith upon the reader and does not try to convince the reader to become followers of God. Instead the author shares his knowledge and his strength in his faith with readers through his poetry.

Author Anthony Toomer is an artist and this shows in his poems. While the poetry was stirring all on its own, I would have liked to have seen some imagery along with the poems; just something to break up the blocks of poetry. But this is a minor point for a collection that I heartily enjoyed reading.

The author’s acknowledgements before the start of the book allows readers to see the real Toomer as he shares a bit about himself. I was not sure how the title fit the poems, but after finishing the book I can officially say Toomer has delivered a poetic spanking.

A Poetic Spanking is an eloquent and thoughtful collection of poetry that I highly recommend to poetry lovers who are looking for an impassioned and inspiring read.

Pages: 160 | ASIN: B093B1PYGG

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From Dusk to Dawn

From Dusk to Dawn: The Vicissitudes of Life by Henry Krauss is a unique poetry collection that manages to merge marvelous depictions of natural phenomena, family life, personal dramas, grief, and loss. The short verses are accompanied by photography and illustrations that match each poem’s scenario. With a picture of icicles slowly thawing in winter, a picture of an elegant elderly lady, an ominous ICU ward, or a chirping bird together, they conjure a picturesque, almost bucolic aesthetic.

Perhaps this piece of literature’s most distinctive feature is the author’s remarkable universal knowledge. From chemistry to biological sciences, politics, and history, the author shows confidence in mixing elements of different areas of knowledge between the lines. Especially noteworthy are the In the Eyes of the Beholder and “Gennie” poems.

In In the Eyes of the Beholder, Krauss vividly describes a hospital intensive care unit that houses two patients. One patient likely has a benign diagnosis, and one who is likely terminal, showing himself to be quite knowledgeable in the field of medicine and familiar with such a clinical setting and its ambiance and the complications faced by patients in it.

“Gennie,” on another subject, touches upon the topic of slavery in America and its consequences that permeate time and still pose hurdles to people of color to the present day.

The author’s sensitivity in describing the female figure is also heartwarming. In the last poem of the anthology, Krauss presents his Aunt Esther in a homonymous work: she is described as a resilient elderly woman whose memory is held close by the author, a refreshing depiction of the feminine written by a male author.

From Dusk to Dawn: The Vicissitudes of Life is a thought-provoking poetry collection. With an expansive range of topics, readers from all walks of life will find something that resonates with them in this impassioned book.

Pages: 64 | ASIN : B09D7HCKWP

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A Life’s Tapestry

A Life’s Tapestry by Patricia Stanway is a collection of poetry pertaining to the lifelong pursuits and themes of sensuality, love, family, music, searching, loss and pain, discovery, and so much more.

This poetry collection was crafted in such a way that only someone who has lived life to the fullest can capture in words the deep emotions that are experienced and portray them in a manner that readers will connect with. A Life’s Tapestry was structured in a way to illustrate the different seasons of life. The seasons of sorrow and joy are interwoven together to tell a beautiful, fascinating, and complete story. In these poems, Stanway paints vivid imagery and writes poignant thoughts, detailing moments lived and imagined in order to fully captivate the reader, drawing them into the moment. 

The selection of poems that the author has chosen to include in this collection is exquisite in artistry and refreshing to read. When reading through the poetry, the themes that are revealed show Stanway has experienced much in her life. Her works of poetry act as a reflection upon those defining moments. Even people who are new to reading poetry will be interested in reading through Stanway’s collection by stepping into her shoes and experiencing life through the eyes. Readers will be delighted by Stanway’s insight into her life and the colorful wording of her pieces. Simply put, this collection of poetry is a work of art, highlighting moments of pure joy and sorrow, causing the reader to smile, cry, and laugh as they read through each entry. 

A Life’s Tapestry is a raw emotional collection of poetry that highlights the vulnerability and genius of the poet. The writing is thought-provoking and addresses many situations that all human beings experience in the journey of life. 

Pages: 134 | ASIN : B09B3CJG9L

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It Was A Return To Nature

Author Interview
John Guevin Author Interview

On a Fallen Wave is a collection of poetry about different places in the US, capturing a moment from each place. What was the inspiration for this collection of poetry?

The journey was the entire inspiration for the poems from people that I met to places that I visited. Everything revolved around reality.

How did you decide what cities and states to include in this collection?

Beginning in the east, it all unraveled west, natural as the course this country took in undergoing its creation. The decision was to stop down in Mardi Gras and then to tail it out west.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

There was a mention of fait accompli and some other material that stood out. More than anything, it was a return to nature.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am working on a collection of my smaller works that I anticipate will be available sometime next year.

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To Make The Crucial Link

Carl Hare Author Interview

Archer follows a Canadian actor/director as he tours an epic work on the history of Canada which takes him to Ireland, where he’s forced to confront dramatic changes to his life. What were some obstacles you felt were important to defining Archer’s character?

Archer lost his mother and father in an automobile accident and he has no other relatives that he knows of.  When he learns a startling discovery about them, it affects him deeply enough that he breaks down.

Women are powerfully attracted to him, but although he has had many liaisons, he has never truly fallen in love, which after the trauma of the revelation about parents, leaves him even further isolated.

He has always been a loner, although always busy and successful in creating events; one obstacle in truly connecting with someone 

His impulse to create an event about all of Canadian history and earlier involves much research and the need to see places and events across Canada even as he tours with his production of King Lear.

What were some challenges you set for yourself as a writer with this book?

To further, following the first two books of the epic trilogy, an understanding of our human nature and what continuities or changes have taken place over the centuries, given the initial shock that started the work:  Spenser’s creating an epic on the virtues  at the same time as writing a treatise advocating the extermination of the Irish people.

To become immersed in the societies within Canada and Ireland.

To find and portray the major characters who could live in these times.

To examine what women have had to live with in these societies, and what significance this has today.

To make the crucial link between what happens in the first two books and this one.

And the great challenge was in terms of the poetic nature of the books—what poetic styles would support the events, what adjustments, if any, would have to be made?  In all three the poetic style springs from the times and poetic styles suggested by each historical period, which in the case of this book covers several centuries. 

Now that the trilogy has come to a close and looking back, were you able to accomplish everything you wanted to with this series?

I’m sure that there is much more that could be accomplished, but I reached as far as I could over these many years.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

There are several that are in process. The first is Sleepy Wing, a collection of verses that I used to sing to my children and grandchildren while I drove them to places (six of these were set to music by Malcolm Forsyth).  It is waiting for the remainder of the paintings from a brilliant artist.

There are drafts of two others:

Clara: Life, Death, Love, a series of poems which in the first part examines the life which my wife and I led for fifty-eight years until her death; in the second, my dealing with her death; and in the third, the collections of sonnets and other poems I wrote for her birthdays and anniversaries.

Crannies of My Folded Days, my wife’s recollections and comments about her past as the daughter of a Norwegian family on a prairie farm, and about our time together.

I’m also working with an artist to write a poem for each of her paintings to be mounted beside each painting.

Author Links: GoodReads | Twitter | Facebook | Website

Fictional epic: three years in the life of Ray Archer.
Archer portrays three years in the life of Ray Archer, a fictional Canadian actor/director dedicated to exploring performance styles with his diverse company. Following a Canada-wide tour of King Lear performed in mask, Archer takes his new epic history of Canada across the country and to Ireland, where a strange encounter changes his life in ways he could not imagine. Written in both modern and traditional poetic styles, Archer is Book Three of the epic trilogy On the River of Time, which examines three figures―one mythical (Odysseus), one historical (Edmund Spenser), and one fictional (Archer)―and the links between them across 3,000 years
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