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Goat Song

In Dean Gessie’s captivating poetry collection, Goat Song, readers are treated to twenty-three thought-provoking poems spread across just over eighty pages. Each poem varies in length, with only a handful confined to a single page. The anthology explores a diverse array of themes, ranging from intimate personal experiences to pressing international political issues such as race, aging, mental health, environmental concerns, and the evaluation of poetry prizes.

Gessie’s work demonstrates an impressive breadth of reference, seamlessly juxtaposing elements from Ancient Greece with contemporary topics like the recent pandemic and the vernacular of social media. The acknowledgments section highlights an impressive array of accolades garnered by the poems in this collection.

Readers are advised to have a dictionary and search engine at the ready, as Gessie’s extensive linguistic repertoire introduces terms like “ectothermic” and “Apocrypha” alongside onomatopoeic expressions and colloquialisms. The experience of feeling lost in the text is not uncommon, and one might even feel a touch of illiteracy when confronted with the author’s superlative language. However, the glowing endorsements on the back cover serve as a reminder that the challenge is part of the journey, and readers are encouraged to embrace their role as intrepid explorers in the realm of this literary titan.

Gessie’s work may be described as postmodern, but it also possesses a unique quality that defies easy categorization. The collection contains poems that resonate deeply with readers, such as “A Mother Mulls Her Son’s Self-Injuries,” which presents a litany of personal traumas in search of a catalyst. The opening poem, “[sic]stemic,” implores readers to distinguish between the poet and the persona, as the line “I take my black skin out for a walk” comes from a Caucasian writer. The collection also offers moments of tongue-in-cheek irony, eliciting wry smiles as song lyrics intermingle with introspective prose lines that ponder the actions of the living after one’s demise.

Dean Gessie’s Goat Song is a rich and rewarding collection of poetry that invites readers to traverse a vast landscape of themes and linguistic styles. Embark on this journey with an open mind and a willingness to embrace the unknown, and you will surely be captivated by the powerful voice and keen insights that await within its pages.

Pages: 83 | ASIN: B0BV4CK6HN

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Life Experience And Imagination

Author Interview
Carla de Goede Author Interview

Like a Small City is an anthology of poetry sharing dark moments and a celebration of survival from those dark moments. What was the inspiration for this collection of poetry? 

While I think the collection as a whole, flows well together, I actually worked on the poems individually only writing the occasional poem in response or juxtaposition to a previously written poem.

So the inspiration for the individual poems was life experience and imagination blended together though not all poems have the same measure of both in them.

Also some of them come out of writing exercises or were inspired by reading other poems or observing things. For example ‘The crumpled people huddle’ was inspired by the rental crisis. While ‘Leaf City’ was inspired by the racial discrimination of dark skinned people.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

I suppose because I have a long history of illness and have experienced a lot of violence these themes naturally reared their heads up time and again. Also things about the art of writing popped in too.

But I also like to write a lot of character vignettes too and by doing this I hope to build greater empathy in readers while also exploring other themes in my work which keeps it more interesting for me as I develop as a writer. Which also means I’m not just stuck with my own history. I can explore other things.

What were some goals you set for yourself as a writer in this collection of poetry?

I guess the only thing I stuck too was to write regularly. I usually write two to three times a week. And each sitting, I usually write two or three first draft poems. And it’s amazing how it adds up. But not all the poems went in the book.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

While I’m still writing poetry, the next big project I’d like to do is a play. Hopefully this and another collection of poems will be available in about three years.

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Carla de Goede’s poems are poems of the celebration of survival. And they are a celebration, even the harrowing, the startling, the shocking poems. They celebrate the survival of the poet and the survival of her attempts to understand her world and to communicate her understanding to us.

Although most of her poems seem centred in an urban world, they are infused with an arcadian magic. Buildings, seen from a train, are ‘running like concrete emus’. Pedestrians walk past ‘like speeding skinks’. An abandoned house is ‘all dark windows / and skulking cats’. A white-coated scientist is ‘like a kite stuck in a tree’. The natural world is everywhere in her poems and refuses to be excluded.

De Goede’s poems are intriguing, unsettling, hopeful, and joyful. She writes of ‘scraping ink together / like I know what I’m doing’.

She knows what she’s doing.

Writing As The Spirit Leads

Joy Walker Author Interview

Poetry To Ponder is a heartwarming collection of poems that provides a unique perspective on the Christmas season, encouraging readers to examine themselves and their relationship with God. What inspired you to write and publish this collection?

“I have been writing poetry for several decades, reflecting on my journey through many trials and happy moments. I had so many poems related to Christmas that I wanted to share them. As I considered the dire condition of our society, I felt that the joy and promise of Christmas and the ultimate hope of redemption needed to be shared with the world. What good would these poems do just left in my desk drawers? It was my way of spreading the good news of hope through faith in Jesus.”

What is one thing you hope readers will take away from your book?

“Despite the moral corruption in our world, God is still Sovereign and His offer of mercy and deliverance for failing humanity still stands; there is a light in the darkness.”

What advice would you give to aspiring poets who want to use their writing to inspire others and share their faith?

“Keep writing. Look for opportunities to share even with one person and trust God to direct your path. There was a time that I was timid about showing my poetry to others. When I found the courage and began to share, I was blown over by the response and that encouraged me to keep writing. This is now my third published book.”

Do you have plans to write and publish more works of poetry?

“I already have two other books which I will soon send to you for reviews. I will keep writing as the Spirit leads. Producing a book is no easy task for me because of my visual impairment and the challenge of using adaptive technology.”

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This retelling of the Christmas story, through poetry and biblical references, inspires thoughtful meditation and joyful singing. Several poems can be sung to the tune of well-known Christmas carols and other songs. Reflections on the reason for Jesus’ birth remind us that we can still have hope for our broken world.The opening theme is the birth of Jesus, a miraculous display of God’s love for us celebrated at Christmas. However, Christmas is only the beginning. What follows His birth is even more astounding and life-transforming.The first part of the book resounds with joy and celebration at this phenomenal love-gift sent to us by a holy and loving God seeking to reconnect with his lost sheep. The celebration is not just because of His birth, but because He was born to die for mankind’s redemption from sin’s bondage. What is more praiseworthy is His resurrection, the foundation of the Christian faith. Because Jesus is alive, His power and light will always outshine the darkness. This is clearly a reason for singing.With the life of Jesus as our example, the remaining poems cover various aspects of Christian living: forgiveness, righteousness, justice, compassion for our neighbor and resisting temptation. Some poems cover controversial issues like the sanctity of life and the sanctity of marriage. They remind us that we are in a spiritual battle and must daily make choices between good and evil. We are exhorted to love God and obey His precepts in order to flourish. Loving and caring for each other are some of the daily choices we must make. Without that, our human society sinks into chaos.While the explosion of evil around us is frightening, we also struggle with our own personal weaknesses and failures and need reminders that Jesus will meet us in those struggles. Several of the poems are prayers from a burdened heart wrestling with the enticement of sin and the need to receive or grant forgiveness. Some are the expressions of grief and pain in moments of despair so common to mankind. Other poems are songs of praise and thanksgiving for God’s faithfulness in delivering from trials of various kinds.The book ends with poems of victory in anticipation of Jesus’ triumphant return to fulfill His promise to abolish sin and suffering. It is a time of rejoicing for those who love Him, but a time of fear and trembling for those who do not. The goal of this book is to point people to the God who sees all and who does not desire anyone to perish. His mercy is extended to all who would receive it.The biblical references that follow the poems will challenge the reader to a deeper dive into the very words of God to glean strength, wisdom and courage for daily living. These poems are meant to serve as a springboard to that end, and there is something here for everyone and for every season.

Experience That Rebirth

Mayra Almaguer Author Interview

Vivencias is a powerful and captivating collection of poems that truly captures the essence of human emotions. What inspires you to write poetry?

What most inspires me to write poetry is love, sensibility, and the necessity of human warmth. The ability to connect with others who have gone through what I have experienced or are currently going through it inspires me to keep writing as I wish to further understand human emotions and all the happiness, hurt and healing they bring.

“Karma” is one of my favorite poems. Do you have a poem that stands out to you personally in this collection?

“Angel Caido” is a poem that stands out to me personally because it is the culmination of falling down and having the strength to stand up again and allowing yourself to experience that rebirth.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this poetry collection?

Love, passion, betrayal, loneliness, pain, and bitterness were all themes that were important for me to explore in this collection because they were all the emotions I was feeling and wanted to release through words on paper. What was most important for me to explore in this poetry collection was bringing to light the human experience and the emotions that we all may feel but sometimes are afraid to talk about with others.

Do you plan to write and publish more works of poetry?

I am indeed planning on writing and publishing more works of poetry and continuing to explore human connection and human emotion through my own experiences.

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Amor, alegría, dolor, soledad, tristeza, amargura, desengaños. Estos son algunos sentimientos que en nosotros grabados están. Es lo que resumen las vivencias del ser humano.

Gentle Shadows Fierce Wings

Gentle Shadows Fierce Wings is a beautiful and thought-provoking collection of poems. Author Nikita Kapoor is ten years old and knows how to express herself clearly and naturally. She begins by saying how war is a wall that divides the world. Then, she demonstrates the need to let go of worries and negative emotions to cherish the calm moments. Among her verses are motivational comments. She even comments on the importance of sharing a point of view and, at the same time, the benefit of taking advantage of the right to remain silent if that makes us feel better. In addition, Nikita Kapoor reflects on hope and belief in oneself, and among all the beautiful thoughts, there are allusions to nature.

You can feel the love and care that Kapoor puts into her writing. The calming images are paintings that complement the poems perfectly. They have energetic colors and transmit a lot of emotion. The author shares a photo of her first poem, written at the age of 5. This inspiring image is one to applaud and admire. The author’s words are sincere and mature, which I would read repeatedly. Nikita Kapoor uses simple language with positive words making this a relatable read for many readers. I appreciated that the topics are positive and focus on the search for pleasurable moments and being oneself.

Nikita Kapoor successfully expresses her creativity and motivates the readers to do the same. I thought Gentle Shadows Fierce Wings was a fabulous book. The author is versatile in the topics she handles. It is a suitable read for anyone who wants to feel encouraged and motivated. This book is well-balanced in terms of words, images, and emotions. Gentle Shadows Fierce Wings is a reading that both children and adults will love, regardless of the level of knowledge about poetry.

Pages: 105 | ASIN : B0BN43KF4F

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21 Years…A Collection of Poems on Leadership

Vincent A. Watson’s collection of poetry presents a unique and innovative take on the art of leadership. 21 Years…A Collection of Poems on Leadership is organized into 27 chapters. Through the use of engaging rhymes and accessible language, the author emphasizes the importance of key human values such as courage, humility, and empathy.

Drawing on his experiences as a leader and head coach for a local youth track and field team, Watson has crafted a thought-provoking collection that will resonate with readers from all walks of life. Through his poems, the author delves into the nuances of leadership, exploring the idea that true leaders must be able to perceive their employees as individuals rather than just workers.

Watson’s insightful poems provide a clear roadmap for becoming a better leader, both in business and in everyday life. He emphasizes the importance of qualities such as patience, self-belief, cooperation, and active listening and shows how effective communication is the key to understanding.

This collection of poetry is brimming with Watson’s years of experience, and readers can feel it in every word. It’s a must-read for anyone looking to gain a fresh perspective on leadership and personal growth. As Watson says, “Put time and energy into your growth and becoming a better you.”

Pages: 76 | ASIN : B0BVY7ZFWV

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Embrace is the second book in Sonee Singh’s poetry collection. It is based largely on the mantra of the eastern part of the world’s take on spirituality – exploring the values of gratitude throughout its entirety, urging the reader to stop, reflect and embrace all that is around them. Singh has divided the book into 12 sections. It has been done so intentionally, for she believes it to be Twelve, a master number that deals with self-expression, representing cycles of life. It coincides with the opening poem ‘Cycles,’ a reflective interpretation of the role of the celestial forces and how they manifest on earth.

The illustrations are woven throughout, adding to the quality of the author’s writing. This is done by creating a medium of inspiration through splashes of watercolor and delicate line drawings – a backdrop of vividness adding to the flavor of Singh’s influential words, whether about exploring self-identity, transformation, or connectivity with the six senses. A particular focus on the decision to use certain colors for specific sections should not be overlooked; it is a strategic and well-executed play on the reader’s mind that associates color psychology with the messages delicately seeded throughout Singh’s work.

Embrace by Sonee Singh is an outstandingly powerful piece of writing. From its inception, a narrative is generated, oozing a unique sense of inclusivity that there is little-to-no chance of anyone picking up this book and not being able to relate it to their own life. The concluding poem ‘All There Is’ will leave you inspired and feeling like you are in control of your own life. Be kind to yourself and trust that the path you are on is exactly where you are meant to be. I Highly recommend this book to readers needing a gentle reminder to embrace their authentic selves and love themselves.

Pages: 236 | ASIN : B09WCZ73TT

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My Mother’s Life Story

Victoria Winifred Author Interview

From Peacock Lane: the Poetry and Prose of Emily Evans Volume 1 is a collection of evocative poetry and prose written by your late mother. Why was it important for you to share these works?

As her loving daughter, it means so much to me that my mother’s life story, personality, and perspectives will live again through these brilliant writings now accessible to the world. Publication of her work is the fulfillment of one of her dreams. I’m thrilled to announce that “From Peacock Lane” is already available for pre-order, and will be out in plenty of time for National Poetry Month in April.

What poem in this collection do you feel embodies who your mother was the most and why?

Emily told me that the last poem, “By the Door”, was written about me when I was going through a trying time. But I believe the piece better reflects her own fortitude because of the many serious difficulties she overcame throughout her life. In this poem, a small bloom of forsythia, serving as a metaphor, survives a cold, icy winter by holding onto its faith that spring will return. Here is an excerpt:

“A beleaguered blossom

brave as any lonely


on a ravaged moor”

What were some goals you set for yourself in publishing this book? 

Before her passing in 2017, my mom gave me three large envelopes of her writing, “in case you can ever do anything with it.” I also have many of her journals, which I will evaluate for publication after the first three volumes of her work are completed. Currently, the working title of the entire series that will include all these texts is, “The Essence of Emily Evans.”

The publication of “From Peacock Lane” will be the first step in bringing that essence back to the world in a meaningful way. My next goals are to promote this first book of the series and then complete the rest. As you might guess, it’s been an emotional journey putting this project together. As I proofread and organized her poems, I heard her “voice” and experienced her with me again in a way that readers and writers can understand.

When will book 2 be available? Can you give us an idea of where that book will take readers?

I’ve looked through the second envelope, and there are approximately 50 typed poems, numbered in the order she wished to have them shared (thanks, Mom!). These writings also cover the breadth of her life, but go further ahead. There is a disquieting pre-9/11 poem about the Twin Towers, and a fascinating account of her transatlantic vacation.  So, the next book, “From Deer Path Trail,” will also conjure up a gamut of emotions, with twists of humor guaranteed. The readers will continue to encounter both delightful and jarring metaphoric visions. After my own next book comes out this spring, I will start scanning the typed pages from the second envelope into text, handle the layout and proofreading, and will again engage the wonderfully talented Luisa Galstyan for the cover art and illustrations. Ideally, “From Deer Path Trail” will be available before the end of the year. Thank you so much for letting me share these details with you and your audience.

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“From Peacock Lane” is the first published volume of poetry and prose by Emily Evans (1925-2017). Chronologically organized by the locations where she lived, this symphony of intensely descriptive pieces begins with nostalgic and dramatic moments from her years on a farm in Ohio in the 1930s. It then moves through her years in the Cazenovia Creek area of Buffalo, NY onto Brooklyn, Greenwich Village, Cocoa Beach, Florida, and back to New York again. The collection is filled with lyric poems of nature, and thrilling, delightful, and sometimes wrenching images of her personal experiences.
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