A Climate Of The Heart

Introspection, various levels of metacognition, and a good hard look at the human mind as a whole permeate A Climate of the Heart: Only Relatedness Can Save Us by Ian Mills. From cover to cover, the author takes time to explore each and every aspect of life, our identities as human beings, and the way in which we relate to the world around us. Readers are treated to an intense examination of thoughts, feelings, interrelatedness, and reactions in our everyday lives. A Climate of the Heart: Only Relatedness Can Save Us takes readers on a journey via probing questions, astute observations, and a breakdown of the author’s every thought.

I was thoroughly impressed and, to a certain degree, overwhelmed with the level of reflection detailed by the author. There is an unmistakable level of genius conveyed with each of the chapters in Mills’s work. Readers are taken on what can only be described as a roller coaster ride into the mind of the author as they see, feel, and hear his every thought and the way in which he interprets each of them. Right out of the gate, Mills explains to his readers, in no uncertain terms, that he is about to take them deep inside his own mind—and he does that and more.

Interestingly, Mills has chosen a writing style so intricate and involved that it is hard to discern if it is more reminiscent of prose or poetry. Interspersed throughout Mills’s explanations of his innermost thoughts are seemingly poetic and poignant lines that drive home his ideas and offer a break from the prose heavy with soul-searching commentary.

As far as organization of thought is concerned, I did find the book difficult to follow overall. While Mills gives us a breathtaking glimpse into his understanding of his own thought processes, the flow of the material and the framework of the text lacks a certain level of organization. I felt, at times, as if I were listening to the thoughts as they occurred straight from the author’s mind. A virtual avalanche of ideas seemed to come tumbling upon the reader simultaneously through most parts of the work.

A Climate of the Heart: Only Relatedness Can Save Us is filled with beautiful thoughts on everything from relationships, friendships, and ethics to intricate explanations of self-examination and self-awareness. Readers seeking a book rich in introspective thought will find Ian Mills’s work a welcome read.

Pages: 326 | ISBN-10: 0975094416

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