The Helix Pearl: The story of the wine-dark garrulous sea

The Helix Pearl: The story of the wine-dark garrulous se (Kate-Pearl Book 3) by [Ruth Finnegan]

If you are looking for an interesting tale from a non-typical character’s point of view, you must pick up a copy of The Helix Pearl by Ruth Finnegan. If you have read her book Black Inked Pearl, you will recognize our dear Kate and her story. However, instead of hearing about her tale from the view of another human, we are treated to the view of the most mystical character: the Sea.

Having lived through the contents of the book before, it might seem odd to have a companion tale, quite long as well, on a story that has been done before. The beauty of shifting perspectives is that you can appreciate different aspects of the first story and see old passages in new light. The Sea is a non-human character and therefore will have different perspectives on moments in the story that might run contradictory to what a human would do. That is what makes the story fresh and intriguing.

Finnegan has taken an interesting approach to the way this particular book is written as it is not in the same style as your typical novel. The Sea thinks, ‘speaks’ and communicates its observations to us in the most fractured, slightly difficult way to imagine. The sentences are short and abrupt, they appear to jump around, and it reads more like rambling than clear. This is intentional because the Sea itself is a rambling body of water. Have you ever looked out over the ocean and thought that it was consistently smooth and easy to understand?

The Helix Pearl reads like a Shakespearean play which I think will appeal mostly to readers looking for an intense and cerebral read. While it is bold to write a tale from the viewpoint of the Sea and to include God and humans within the narrative, it is not an easy task. Ruth Finnegan has managed to weave an intriguing and engaging story.

Pages: 305 | ASIN: B07ZKQTRLY

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  1. Oh that IS nice! , thank,you. Very preceptive, and a lovely post to go to sleep on.

    Good night.

    Ruth 🙂

    Ruth Finnegan, OBE FBA FAFS FRAI, Emeritus Professor The Open University, anthropologist and prize winning author (fiction, nonfiction, fzsgvscreenplays) ________________________________

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