The World Between Us

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The World Between Us by Diane Farrugia is a story where our world is not the only one. A dimension exists with the dreams we all have dreamt. Who doesn’t want a world where magic really exists? Magic, elves and unicorns! It is a dream come true. Diane takes readers on a fantastic journey to Encantraalm, the land of magic.

The story starts with our main character, Kayla, who has suffered the loss of her parents. Orphaned in her teens, she is determined to sort out her life. Her depression, and the emptiness in her life is evident, yet she has picked herself up and moved to London to pursue her dreams of writing, when she is suddenly transported into the realm of magic.

The beginning of this story is absolutely riveting. The contemporary life she lives is interesting in itself, but when she is transported to Encantraal, she goes through a massive change. Although I enjoyed watching her character evolve I would have enjoyed it if a bit more time was taken to make that transition because I would have loved to explore it more in-depth.

From the start of this fantasy novel we’re given a lot of information right away. This is a story with a detailed and well thought-out backstory. We learn about the realm and history of magic, and how the Humaynraalm was separated and void of magic. The story has a light tone, and I really enjoyed the introduction of mythical creatures.

Declan, our hero, is an interesting character and with him readers get to witness love at first sight. An elf prince, surrendered under the rule of his selfish father. I thought Declan was a good guy, until he invaded Kayla’s thoughts and made her reveal her grievances and trauma. After that I felt like he had a lot more layers to his character, but this subtle character twist makes him much more compelling and the conflict I feel for his character speaks to the fantastic writing ability of the author.

I loved the characters and the races, and how the story unfolds especially the connection with Camelot, Arthur and the infamous Merlin! I have always adored those myths and therefore, found the book very easy to read. The book reminded me of A Court of Thorns and Roses or even Shadow and Bone, the famous fantasy stories.

The World Between Us is a riveting fantasy adventure story that will appeal to sword and sorcery fans. I look forward to the next installment in the series.

Pages: 465

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