Being a product of the Boomer generation, the era before technology dominated family bonds, and witness to the massive movements of the 1960s, Perspectives by John William Nusbaum Jr. is both a memoir and a guide to leadership management, reflecting on seventy years of the author’s wisdom.

The book comprises seven sections. While the first section covers the author’s childhood growing up in the Kellogg Cereal City Battle Creek, Michigan as a Roman Catholic, in the second segment readers learn about his momentous career path. From an altar boy with devoted priestly dreams to a health system executive, this section is at the core of the author’s life. It explains the consequential decisions in the author’s life which incorporated in him the leadership skills he embodies into another significant section of his book. The author’s viewpoint on Spiritualism and Religion is displayed in Section Three, an insightful angle gained after seventy years.

Sections four, five, and six, provides readers with the author’s step-by-step guide to achieving Corporate Compliance Excellence, which the author learned and applied as a healthcare executive leader, CEO, and CRO in an illustrious thirty-year career. The last section contains an explicit and brutal expose of Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States. The section provides ‘the 50 shades of Trump’, exposing the personality profile which vastly polluted the U.S..

I appreciate the directness of the author’s tone, who expresses his views candidly. Nusbaum does not hide behind embellished language or religious and political views, I appreciated how he shares the reasons behind his consequential life decisions openly. The section on ‘Titan of Performance’, which depicts a hypothetical conversation between two titans of the 20th century, the psychoanalyst and father of management, is particularly fascinating to me. This provides unique insights into several aspects of personal and professional life that were thought-provoking and shrewd.

While I enjoyed the book overall, I felt the book could benefit from one more edit. The ideas shared in the book are astute and left me wanting more out of the definitions and discussions, but the conciseness of it all helps to deliver a more focused narrative overall.

As the title signals, this book provides the ideas, opinions, and viewpoints of John William Nusbaum Jr., with his overt viewpoints and the accumulated concepts collected over the years. For those who wish to gain a unique insight into the qualities of a leader who has accumulated years of experience, this introspective and intellectually-invigorating book is recommended.

Pages: 127 | ASIN: B09HHJHNTL

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