The Sand God

In The Sand God by Jan E. Housley, Andy Bling is a journalist reporting as the Indian Desk expert. His job is to report on Indian-related stories around Albequerque. So when Andy is asked to look into a missing woman, Carmelita, in the small town of Bullsnort, he is eager to take the opportunity.

What happens in Bullsnort is the last thing Andy expected. While digging into clues on what happened to Carmelita, strange things start to happen. The more he looks into her disappearance and the closer he gets to solving the mystery, the weird occurrences become more frequent. But is it all in his head? And by questioning authoritative figures in the town, is he putting his own life in danger?

The Sand God caught my attention right away. Housley does a great job of drawing the reader into the story. From page one, you are left wondering just what happened to Andy and why nobody believes the things he’s gone through. As I continued to read, the book became even more page-turning once Andy set off on his assignment in Bullsnort. Almost immediately, he starts to experience unexplainable things that make him feel like he is losing his mind. However, Andy also feels something is off about the town and is determined to find out what it is. So, despite being a self-proclaimed coward, he digs his heels in and sets out on his mission of solving the Carmelita mystery.

I especially loved the relationships that Andy started to make with the people of Bullsnort. Being a small town, everybody was close-knit. Although he was sized up initially, after he began befriending people, the others started treating him as one of their own with a willingness to help. I liked Rosalie’s character and how she was both tough and sweet. She knew how to stand up for herself and be playful and fun.

I also really enjoyed Ms. Hernando’s character. She was always willing to take the time to talk with Andy and answer any questions that he had. It almost felt as if she took him under her wing during his stay in Bullsnort. She seemed like somebody that would be easy to befriend and trust.

As Andy’s stay in Bullsnort extends longer and longer, he is introduced to more people who have the same goal. They want to find Carmelita, and if the outcome is what they fear most, they want to bring justice to her. How everybody comes together in the small town is touching and is a reminder of what can be accomplished when everybody gets along and works towards one goal.

One of the things I appreciated was the short chapters. I found that I always had time to read just four more pages, wanting to know what happened next. Somehow, reading four 4-page chapters at once seemed like less of a time commitment than, say, a 20-page chapter. No matter where a chapter ended, though, I always found myself wanting to continue on.

The Sand God has suspense, mystery, and just a touch of romance when it came to Andy and Rosalie. The ending was not at all what I was expecting, but I enjoyed how Housley wrapped up the story. I felt like loose ends were tied up in the best way Andy knew how considering what happened to him. While I’m not sure if a sequel is planned, I can see there being room for one should the author choose.

Pages: 316 | ASIN: B095GNVR2W

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  1. I’m on my way to Albuquerque.This sounds great.Thanks!


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