Seven Steps to Heaven

Author Interview
El Alma Author Interview

Becoming Soul follows a soul that has journeyed to Earth to learn the seven lessons required in order to reach Heaven. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

My inspiration for the setup of the story came through my interactions with the lives of my clients over many years. As a counsellor I attempt to base the story on our essential need of survival. I believe the first five steps of silence, hope, suffering, loss, and survival that I refer to in the book are cyclical events that occur throughout all our lives.

The sixth step of ‘believe’ is dependent of our own point of reference and encompasses believing in a divine power or higher source that leads us to the seventh step of heaven and our eternal life as our soul. I was also inspired by my daughter when faced with her death. I questioned the purpose of life and queried death and what comes after death. I immersed myself in her life and in her passing to search for answers as to how to survive the suffering and loss and to uncover why we all must suffer.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Through the story, I explore the lessons the main character chooses to learn in this life as she meets each of the five steps. The story uncovers her self-condemning thoughts and actions and presents current self-help techniques, such as mindfulness, being in the presence of now, and silent and personal meditation.

At the sixth step the story develops the concepts of believing in freedom of choice, believing that our body decays and dies, that we are souls and we are eternal. At the seventh step of reaching heaven and becoming our souls, the main character chooses whether to live on earth as her soul or pass on to eternal life, with the choice of returning for another life.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from reading this book?​

After reading the book, my hope is that readers will come to their own questions of whether our lives continue or not? Whether our consciousnesses continue? Whether we are our souls? Whether we are eternal consciousness? And most of all, whether there are constant interactions between the souls in the afterlife and our souls here in their earthly life?

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?​

My next book is called Gentling Soul – A Legacy of Love.

I have used the main concepts I have uncovered in Becoming Soul, that of eternal life, and the eternal contact between souls on earth with souls in the afterlife to develop another fictional story taken from my own life with those who have neurogenetic disorders, who I describe as gentling souls. I am in the writing process of Gentling Soul – A Legacy of Love and the book should be ready for publishing at the end of 2022.​

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This story starts with the premise that we are not our bodies. We are our souls. Our consciousness live on when we leave the earth through death. It is only our body that decays and dies. We continue to develop our souls during each lifetime we visit the earth and then go back to being only consciousness. In choosing a new lifetime each soul knows there are natural earth stages we each must endure to develop new earth lessons.
There are seven stages that we pass through to arrive back to this eternal sacredness of ourselves. In each of us lies a quest to find our own soul’s purpose, and to find our way home by becoming soul again through Silence, Hope, Suffering, Loss, Survival, Believe, Heaven.
The story begins as a new Soul arrives on Earth to learn the lessons she has chosen for this lifetime.
As a child she experiences her steps by her Silence; in her Hope; through her Suffering; in her Loss; and throughout her Survival of abandonment, abuse, loss and her withdrawal into her Soul.
As a mother she experiences her steps of Silence, Hope, Suffering, Loss, and Survival as she comes to Believe her Soul, but she buries its profundity deep inside herself as she grieves the painful losses of her beloved ones.
Throughout the story of Becoming Soul she Believes she not only heals her own grief but travels through time and heals generations of grieving in those she Believes walks her journey with her.
She continues her own unique Seven Steps to Heaven by choosing to remain on Earth to guide others in their own journey through their Seven Steps to Heaven to Becoming Soul.

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