Waiting ‘Round To Die

A man who is a bit rough around the edges and is reaching the peak of his life, for better or for worse, is found in the pages of Waiting ‘Round to Die by Chris Grant. Our protagonist is a man who has reached the peak of his life and is found wanting. Throughout the chapters readers are treated to his history as well as his present situation. He combs through the events of his life in an effort to find out where he had gone wrong, what he had done right, and where he was going in the end. The book takes readers on a thought-provoking character exploration of a man and the demons he faces as he tries to give meaning to his life. A so-called ‘mid-life crisis’ has reared its ugly head and our protagonist must find a way to soldier on.

Author Chris Grant is an observant and sharp writer. You can feel the misery of the protagonist and you can feel his dissatisfaction with where he has ended up and his unhappiness with the life he has made for himself. The wife, the child, the house, the job. These are supposed to be the quintessential “American Dream” milestones. But there is something nagging at our protagonist, so he leaves it all behind with nary a word to anyone and takes to the open road. I really enjoyed how well the emotional weight of these moments were captured and carried throughout the narrative.

This is an emotionally resonant novel that will appeal to adults that are struggling to find meaning in contemporary life. This book will also appeal to readers looking for a heartfelt and introspective story that’s propelled forward by a compelling protagonist that asks questions that we have all asked at one time or another. Those who find themselves trapped in a seemingly perfect life and yet are left wanting. Those who want the freedom that the open road offers.

The novel explores a variety of topics though a man that is, like everyone else, imperfect and his thoughts and actions color this novel. The authors exceptional writing makes the self-pity throughout this novel bearable as well as the moments of selfishness.

If you, like our nameless protagonist, find yourself wondering what else is out there, then you should pick up Waiting ‘Round to Die by Chris Grant. This is a charismatic true-to-life coming-of-middle-age story. While the protagonist searches for the meaning in his life, perhaps you will find the meaning in yours.

Pages: 281 | ASIN: B0B9YN2TQT

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