Cobra Pose

Elaina Williams is off to Brisbane. Any other time, she would look forward to this trip–relaxation, time away with Ric Peters, and a little reprieve from her job as a yoga instructor. This, however, is not her ideal vacation. Elaina’s father is missing. It’s been a week since she last spoke to him, and the last message from him is cryptic and filled with clues that something is very wrong. Elaina’s fears are confirmed when she asks Ric to listen to the message and use his skill to analyze her father’s voice. One quick listen is all it takes for Ric to realize that things are definitely not what they seem, and their mission begins.

Cobra Pose, by Susan Rogers and John Roosen, is the second installment in the thrilling Yoga Mat Mysteries series and centers around Elaina’s fight to find her father and bring him to safety. Ric Peters, her love interest and partner in all things mysterious, is by her side throughout her search, lending her his skills and support. The two make a phenomenal team, and their energy and rapport are unbeatable.

This is the second book by Rogers and Roosen I have read, and I found myself fully invested in the storyline each time. This writing duo knows how to hook readers in the first chapter. One of the things I love most about their writing is the intriguing cast of characters present throughout their works. It goes without saying that Elaina and Ric are standouts, but the secondary characters who appear throughout the book are equally as fascinating and give their books a well-rounded feel. From homeless Broady to Priya, ever sassy and in charge, Rogers and Roosen know how to add fabulous layers to their cast of characters.

I enjoy a well-planned mystery and often have a difficult time finding one that is not steeped in narrative and lacks rich dialogue. That is never an issue with Rogers and Roosen’s work. The banter between Elaina and Ric continues in this second book in the series and expands upon the relationship that began in book one. These authors have hit upon the ideal mix of action, romance, and comedy.

I highly recommend mystery fans give Cobra Pose a try. Nowhere else will you find a better-developed cast of characters and a more engaging plot. Fans who appreciate a blend of genres in their mysteries will become instant fans of Rogers and Roosen.

Pages: 343 | ASIN: B0BTJV4V1H

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