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Dead Man’s Pose

Mario went to yoga class like any other day. He definitely didn’t leave in better shape than when he arrived. Mario, as it turns out, left in a body bag. Elaina’s yoga class was certainly not the place anyone expected to find a dead body. Shortly after Mario’s fateful visit, things begin to take an even more frightening turn for Elaina. She needs answers, and she wants them quickly. When she makes up her mind, very little stands in her way. With more than a  little help from a friend, Elaina sets out to solve the mystery and get her life back in order.

Dead Man’s Pose, by Susan Rogers and John Roosen, is a fantastic mystery filled with rich characters and the perfect mix of action and suspense. Set in Australia, the culture is evident and much of the dialogue includes terms and phrases specific to the setting. I enjoyed the premise of the story immensely. Rogers and Roosen have created a truly unique series of books centered around yoga studios. The Yoga Mat Mysteries are appealing on many levels.

Main characters Elaina and Ric are the perfect team. From the moment they start their mission to solve Mario’s murder, their chemistry is ideal. I enjoyed the exchanges between the two. They give readers a really wonderful pair to watch throughout the story. Rogers and Roosen provide readers with a great mix of dialogue and narrative. I am easily turned off by books that have an inordinate amount of dialogue or far too much narration. The authors have made Dead Man’s Pose a true pleasure to read with fast-paced exchanges within a great dynamic.

The whole yoga studio backdrop is actually kind of amazing to me. It provides a wonderful sense of peace and calm compared to the chaos around the main characters. I found myself breathing a sigh of relief when everything circled back to this place of zen. This is a truly unique background for a book in the mystery genre.

I highly recommend this installment of the Yoga Mat Mysteries to any readers looking for a new author to explore. I am a big fan of Agatha Christie’s work and voraciously read any mystery set outside the US, so I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Elaina and Ric and look forward to more books in this series.

Pages: 331 | ASIN: B09SYJG1YP

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