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Shadows of the Trees

Shadows of the Trees is a collection of thought-provoking poetry and prose. The poems are chronologically presented based on the time of composition, which makes me feel like the poet wants us to follow his journey by following these pieces. 

If you start from the initial poems, there’s a free flow of raw emotions. The heavy influence of American Romanticism is evident throughout, but the poet also manages to express his own passions and insights through his writings. As we progress towards the later chapters, the melodies in the poems start to develop. Poetry enthusiasts can easily recognize this shift, both in terms of rhythmic quality as well as a gradual change in the poet’s perspectives. 

The poems are of varied moods – some are dark, while others carry a beautiful introspective quality. The poet not only looks inward, but also at his surroundings, and takes inspiration from life. The last chapters ‘1996’ and ‘1997’ have a somber feel, but it’s also where the melodies find maturity. Even though the poems sing of anguish and broken hearts, there is a hint of faith and hope pervading throughout them. Once you read the compositions, you would truly agree with what the poet said in the introduction – poems are “lyrics to melodies of the mind”. 

Shadows of the Trees can be an excellent gift for someone who enjoys reading poetry, or aspiring young adults who love to compose. These candid poems are short but potent, so they can be read in one go, but it’s better to read them leisurely, and let the feelings sink in as you ponder. 

Pages: 115 | ASIN: B09QFDYYNS

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