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Review: *Untitled* by Antony Farana

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On a stormy night a family reads to pass the time, enjoying each other’s company, when there’s a noise in the garage. The father goes to investigate and what he finds will change his family. Truths will be told, emotions will run high and quiet nights at home will never be the same.

This short story was a quick read, but it took me a while to get used to the grammatical structure that reminded me of stories I read in college. While I thought the prose was collegiate it reminded me of the writings of Oscar Wilde. True to Oscar Wilde’s form the story takes on a bit of morbidity, describing images of corpses and blood that break up the stories abundance of internal turmoil. While the tension is built steadily through the story the ending is somewhat anticlimactic as it seems that the emotional turbulence of the characters end up being products of their own imaginations, fears and insecurities. But the level of tension achieved in the story with just character insecurities is well done. Lastly, the story is untitled which made it nearly impossible for me to find the book online through any search engine. I would imagine that anyone that wants to find and buy the book would have a hard time. So if you want to find the book you can just follow these link for your Kindle.

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