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evocronik 4star

Evocronik is set in the not too distant future where most people live in overcrowded ghettos. Crime and poverty are social standards and the human population is controlled through forced abortions and sterilization. The story follows a prostitute named Nina through the slums of Angel City, which is a poverty-stricken section of Los Angeles. She travels to Angel City from Texas making money as a prostitute. When she gets to Angel City she falls in love with a low-level drug dealer who gets her pregnant and gives her herpes all in one shot. Eventually she is abandoned by the same person and she is left to fend for herself against his criminally insane friends who torture her for days. She is eventually rescued (I believe she loses her baby) and is sent to live with an elderly lady who (I believe) teaches her how to be a prostitute in Angel City. Eventually she is hunted down by a gang called the Trogs, for reasons unknown. The Trogs are local gangsters that outfit themselves with upgrades (x-ray vision, night vision, etc.) to help them in their criminal activities. The Trogs corner Nina in the bathroom of a bar and (I will tone down the language here as the story gets disturbingly graphic) inject her with something (I believe it’s an embryo or some kind of genetic material) and she ends up pregnant. And this is the point of the story because we come to find out later that what she is implanted with will change the human race forever. Nina is helped by Reg who is a doctor that sells organs on the black market. He is given a task to bring Nina back from Angel City and deliver her to Quinn, where the book ends and will be picked up by the next book. The story was fast paced and entertaining the whole way through, but there are some graphic scenes described in the book. There is an adage that goes ‘there are some things that you can’t unsee’, well there are some things in this book that you can’t unread. But on the whole it contributed to the tragic life story of Nina and you really get the sense that she is a part of this demoralized, discouraged and oppressed society that she lives in. The author uses some future lingo in the story that was hard to understand. ‘wamchaka’ is something that Nina says throughout the story and it was hard to derive the meaning at first. There is a glossary of terms in the back of the book that details these words, but it would have been helpful in the beginning of the story. For example: in the story the internet is referred to as the ‘whore’. I spent the whole novel thinking that they were literally talking about a whore when they really meant the internet. It was humorous once I realized the error.  Here are a few quotes to show you my meaning.

“the whore exploded with news of the military’s attack on Angel City.”
“But underground the whore was buzzing about a biological agent stolen by Trogs.”

Overall this was a very entertaining read. It portrays a dark view into the gritty underworld of a possible future.

Available at: Amazon and Barnes and Noble
Hardcover: 162 pages
ISBN 10: 1484870263

J.C. Weatherby also wrote Outland Hotel also available on Amazon.

“A provocative fever dream relayed in lush visceral prose, JC Weatherby sends you into the depths of your psyche and beyond… Jonathan Peabody, one time author, henpecked husband, and financially distressed father, arrives at the dark and mysterious Outland Hotel through a portal of vivid recurring sex dreams, suffering amnesia and carrying his prized copy of John Milton’s “Paradise Lost.” Confronting an aged and stern hotel manager and an androgynous bellman who seem to have it in for him, Jonathan soon meets Jeoff, a fussy and obsessive hotel resident who takes Jonathan under wing, promising him an invitation to the hotel’s exclusive and illustrious banquet. As Jonathan stumbles through his unfolding nightmare, he encounters pieces of a mysterious life-or-death puzzle he must solve, and is joined by his wife Helen and two children. Slowly he realizes his newfound retreat is more bizarre and sinister than he can possibly imagine”

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