The Severaine

The Severaine: A Fantasy Adventure (Forgotten Legacies Book 2) by [K.J. Simmill]

Towns are being targeted by supernatural powers so all-encompassing that almost nothing can prevent their utter destruction. One after another, in a random pattern of devastation, horror, and complete madness, the world may, indeed, come to a terrifying end at the hands of Night. Perpetuating the onset of natural disasters meant to wipe out all civilization, the Severaine has been freed to begin the process. With the rise of the Severaine comes the determination of a group who has suffered tremendous losses of their own. Will this be their moment? Can they right the wrongs for which they, too, are responsible?

The Severaine: A Fantasy Adventure (Forgotten Legacies Book 2), by K.J. Simmill, is an epic novel of fantasy woven tightly with mythology. Throughout its beautifully written narrative, readers are presented with tiny glimpses into the stories of classic characters. Magic, intrigue, drama, and high adventure permeate the pages of Simmill’s work.

As with any text centered around classic figures of fantasy, there exist strong elements of good vs. evil, triumph over adversity, and tragic relationships as well as devastating events. Magic is an important underlying theme throughout Simmill’s work. From the very beginning, the notion of the city of Collateral as a refuge intrigued me. I found myself instantly caught up in the descriptions of illusive portals into and out of the city. Simmill takes readers on quite the adventure through the eyes of her characters as they search for the portal that will lead them to their ultimate destination.

There is a tone to Simmill’s writing that breathes new life into a genre that can be laden with sadness and tragedy. While addressing immense loss in the lives of her characters, Simmill presents Daniel, Eiji, and even Amelia as characters to which all readers manage to relate. I hesitate to say this is an easy read because it is lengthy and involved, but Simmill’s verbiage flows beautifully and appeals to readers across genres. There is just something about the way Simmill has written the character of Daniel that pulls on my heartstrings. He is determined yet fearful, broken while at the same time seeking hope. He is a character to be remembered.

Fantasy fans will find themselves swept into the mission to stop the Severaine from destroying the world. Simmill’s relatable characters threaded closely with bits of mythology make this an interesting read and, what I deem to be, a successful stand-alone second book in a series.

Pages: 629 | ASIN: B01KGP85FU

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